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Glistening Noon Chapter 23

August 2, 2010
By CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
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I swung my arms around his neck and kissed him. He pushed me off and I was on the wall with his hands on my arms pinning me to it. He looked at the ground and not me. Maybe he didn’t want me to see what color his eyes were. I bent my head to look but he growled and snapped at my arm. It started bleeding and I screamed. He dropped my arms and I fell onto the bed. He still wasn’t looking at me but he was staring at my hand. He growled again and I could feel a tear running down my cheek. The door opened and we both looked up at it. I smoothly hid my hand under the blankets and he looked at me with confusion. My eyes flashed to the door and so did his. Dakota and Debbie were both in the doorway. I felt my hand burning and I looked at it. Kai followed my gaze and looked up at me. Both our eyes flashed back to the two women in the doorway.
“Debra, Dakota.” It was odd how he spoke so formal to my mother.
“Why are you here Debbie?” Wow that came out rudly.
“What have you done to my daughter, Kai?”
“Nothing now leave.”
He softly growled at them and they walked away locking the door behind them. Kai grabbed my arm and flipped me on the bed.
He grabbed a sword and slashed me at my arm. I got on top of him and pinned him down grabbing my stinging cut. I pinned him up to the wall and I reached for a gun. I was on my knees now, in his lap, pointing the gun at his neck. He was up against the wall with the sword across my throat. The door opened and we both turned to it. Again Debbie and Dakota were in the doorway but this time more shocked. Me and Kai looked down at ourselves and the position we were in. I dropped the gun on the floor and he dropped the sword next to it.Debbie walked over to us.
“What are you doing?!”
“He started it mom.”
“Shut up Claire.”
Kai turned to my mother. “Your daughter is a surprisingly good fighter.”
“You would know wouldn’t you.”
“Debra loose the attitude.”
“She’s my daughter. I don’t want a sword about to go into her neck. I don’t want her bloody and dying on the floor. I want her safe and I don’t think that is possible with you around.”
“So what are you going to do about it?”
“I’m taking my daughter.”
“How about no.”
“Yes,” She looked at me. “Claire lets go.”
“I want to stay with Kai.” Even though he has tried to kill me a lot of times and is Bi-Polar I love him. This may be a mistake.
“Find then. Stay with your father.”
“He’s not my father.”
Kai looked at me aggravated. “And I’m not your boyfriend either so don’t say I am.”
“Wasn’t thinking about it.”
“Yah you were.”
“Maybe I was?”
He looked back at our mothers.
“You two can leave now.”
“Rather not, Kai.”
“Dakota shut up.”
Everyone quickly grabed a gun. Dakota’s was pointed to Kai and Kai’s at her and mine was also on Dakota. Debbie looked lost and confused and like she was going to rip me and Kai’s heads off because I was holding a loaded gun.
“Claire?” Debbie could barely talk.
“Why…where…what…how?” She couldn’t find the right words to use to yell at me.
“Don’t get an attitude with me miss.”
Kai loked at me out of the corner of his eye.
“Claire Juliet listen to your mother.”
“How about…NO.”
He dropped the gun and grabbed my arm flipping me onto the bed. I dropped mine and took my knee to hi schest again flipping him over. I was able to pin him up to the wall but he flipped me over again and pinned me down. He grabbed the gun and put it to my head. He held me to the wall by my neck and I started clawing at his hands because I couldn’t breathe.
“Next time you should listen to me.”
“Please let go.”
He dropped me and I fell down hitting my head on the edge of the bed. I screamed and kicked Kai but he didn’t move. I held up my arms and he pulled me up setting me in his lap again. Isn’t that how this all started? Debbie looked at me shocked and at Kai like she was about to shoot him with a gun.
“What have you done with my daughter? She’s not a punching bag, Kai Pattinson!”
“Never said she was, Debra.”
“Well that’s how you treat her!”
“You just came in at a wrong time.”
“If I came in at anytime I’m sure it would just be worst.”
“Or better. All you think about is the things that are bad in life.”
“I do not!”
“Uh, yah you do!”
“Give me my daughter back. You are not to see her, touch her talk to her. She is to do the same with you and you are never to make contact with her.”
“I don’t think you should decide her life for her.”
“And I don’t think she should be beat to death before her eightenth birthday.”
Debbie grabbed me out of Kai’s lap and dragged me out of the room. She dragged me down the steps and all the way to her car outside. She threw me I the backseat and I started cussing her out.
“Sit up straight and put your seat belt on. We are going to the town.”
“That stupid dog camp?”
“It’s not a stupid dog camp, Claire.”
“To me it is.”
I slouched down and didn’t put the belt on. Debbie rolled her eyes and drove off. When we got out of the car at the so called ‘town’ everyone just stared. We started walking though the streets and I hid my face from everyone. I tripped on a rock and fell flat on my face. I heard people laughing at me and I could fell my cheeks burning.
“Debbie, where are we going?”
“I am going to your grandpa’s house but you are going to interact with some of these kids your age.”
A couple of guys came to me and Debbie walked off. They turned to wolves then turned back as if to show off.
“You change?” Some guy asked me and he stepped forward. He had cropped black hair and almost looked Mexican with his caramel skin that was tanned.
“Physically impossible.”
“Think about being a wolf it’s easy.”
“No. It really is physically impossible for me. I have a spell on me. I can’t change. It was an added addition to a different spell.”
“Well you don’t know what you’re missing. I’m Jesse.”
“You mean the Claire? You’re like a legend here! Wolf at heart but live with vampires and doesn’t have a problem with it. All the girls here think of you as a hero and probably hate you because they are so jealus.”
“That’s great. More people that hate me.”
“I heard your life is rough.”
“Yah have to try not to die and make people happy.”
“You should come over to my house.”
“No thank you.”
“No really you should. We can find out why you don’t change and how you can.”
“I already know why I can’t and I don’t want to turn into a dog.”
“Dog to me.”
“Wolf to me.”
“I can kill you.”
“Go ahead dog.”
He turned to the sparkly blue dust then a wolf. Light browns and dark browns were mixed into a sandy colored fur background. He launched at me and I was on the floor bleeding and crying. A cold hand grabbed me and Jesse backed up carefully. The cold hand turned onto my neck and made circles on it with a finger. I turned around seeing Kai bent down over me and growling.
“Yes, darling.”
“How did you get in.”
“That fence isn’t high and this place is surrounded by trees. Take a wild guess.”
“I’m not a good guesser. Remember the Joker thing and the spy.”
“Of course.”
Jesse turned into a human again and walked towards me slowly but he stood right in front of Kai.
“Who are you?”
“Her father.”
Jesse stiffened up and looked down at me then my arm which Kai was sliding his hand across lighting all the bite marks.
“Why would you bite your daughter?”
“You don’t know how much I had to do and you probably don’t want to.”
“She’s your child you aren’t supposed to hurt her.”
“Kid, how old are you?”
“I’m twenty one and a whole lot stronger than you so just shut up.”
“She’s your daughter.”
“Not exactly. I was almost her father. Some things just don’t seem as important to some people as to others.”
“So you aren’t her dad?”
This was getting annoying.
“Listen up Jesse because I’m only saying this once. My mom hired him to kill my dad so she could marry him. When it came time to see who would be my guardian the judge appointed my mother because Kai’s murder was on his criminal record. He kidnapped me and took me to Brazil and some how got me adopted so then I was his. We moved back to California and I lived with him until I was probably six. Then everything else I don’t know except that he calls himself my dad but I would much rather have boyfriend and that he can kill me at any time if needed.”
“Wow big life story.”
Kai looked down at me confused.
“How did you figure out Brazil?”
“I saw the adoption papers upstairs.”
“When was this?”
“The night you said you loved me.”
“Why are you here?”
“To take you home.”
“My mother can take me.”
“To my house not your mother’s.”
“Mother will be mad at you.”
“You think I care what she thinks? If I didn’t care years ago when she was your age what makes you think I care now?”
“Are you in love with my mom?”
“I was a long time ago.”
“Are you in love with me?”

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