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Wofgang Chapter 15

August 2, 2010
By CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
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“Kai! Kai!” I screamed but quickly went back in the darkness.
Gaining consciousness I was in the front room on the couch in Kai’s arms. Everyone was around us and James had his hands rubbing his neck. I could see the purple marks where I bruised him. I had a flashback of the alley and screamed. Kai grabbed me and rocked me back and forth smoothing back my hair before I had a tantrum.

“I’m scared.”

“It’s ok.”

“I tried to kill him!”

“You didn’t mean to.”

“Yes I did! I tried to kill him! I wanted to kill him!”

“Claire you didn’t mean to.”

“I tried to choke him to death like I did to the man in the alley!”

“Claire calm down.”

I blacked out but woke up soon after. I was biting Kai’s chest and there was blood pouring down his shirt. Logan tried to pull me off of him but I growled at her and she quickly dropped me. Kai grabbed my nose and squeezed it to where if I wanted to breathe I had to let go of him. I released my tight grip but blacked out and was chewing on him again.

“Carnivore.” James whispered to himself but I could clearly hear him.

“I’m not a carnivore, parasite.”

He growled and I growled back. I let go of Kai but griped my nails into his skin and I could feel how deep they went in because I could fell the blood flowing on them and digging into the muscle. He pulled my nails out of his skin and I could see them drenched in onyx.

“Claire I want to kill you so badly right now but I’m not.”
I didn’t pay any attention to what he was saying because I was licking one hand and peeling at his skin with the other. He slapped my hand away though and I cried but stopped so he couldn’t call me a child.

“I can’t help it.”

“Well learn to.”

I got up, aggravated, and walked out of the room and out the backyard. A cold hand was placed on my shoulder and I turned but know one was there. I looked beside me seeing Maria staring at me with wide eyes.

“What do you want?” I growled.

“I thought you would like some company.”

“That’s the last thing I want right now.”

“What is bothering you?”

“Did you not just see what happened back there? I tried to kill James, I chewed up a couch, I bit Kai! I mean what is wrong with me?”

“Have you ever considered that some of these things are happening to you because of who you are. I mean sometimes I honestly think that you believe you are a vampire.”

“I’m smart enough to know that I’m not like you all.”

“You don’t act like it.”

“Why don’t you hate me like everyone else?”

“Why would I need to hate you?”

“I kissed your husband.”

“Love doesn’t last forever, I was raised by that rule.”

“Why does everyone else hate me then?”

“Well some of them are just jealous because we all know you have favorites.”

“I do not have favorites! I love you all the same.”

“Don’t even lie to yourself. Everyone knows that you like Kai and Logan the most.”

“I love you all the same.”

“Lying is bad.”

“Fine, I may have favorites but that’s only because they treat me the best.”

“No one hates you, Claire.”

“Paige does, Will does, Cynthia does, James does, everyone does.”

“Nothing will get through to you will it?”

“See this is what I mean! Now you hate me! I can’t help what’s happening to me! I can’t help anything that’s going on right now!”

“It’s ok, no one knows what is happening to you. We’ll figure it out soon.”

“Do you know why I’ve been blacking out?”

“There have been some theories.”

“Like what?”

“Like you are afraid of what is happening so each time you do something wrong you black out so you don’t have to believe what is happening.”

“That sounds logic.”

I turned around seeing Paige looking at the bites on Kai’s chest. She looked at me with a grim smile then she turned back to Kai.

“What are you staring at?” Maria asked me turning back to the window.

“I hate Paige. Do you know anything about her?”


“Like what?”

“She lost a child.”

“I know that.”

“Who told you?”


“What else did he tell you?”

“That Cynthia was raised by cats.”

“Never mention that to her she’ll go insane.”

“I won’t.”

“Why don’t you like her?”


“Paige.” I could hear the pure curiosity in her tone.

“Have you seen the way she acts around me? I’m seriously afraid that she’ll slit my throat when I’m asleep.”

“She can not. You sleep with Kai.”

“Good point.”

Then something sank in.

“You mean to say that she would slit my throat but because I sleep with Kai she can’t?”


“That is something to be afraid of.”

“She wouldn’t dare. Kai would never trust her and that’s all she really wants.”

“Kai’s trust?”

“Long and complicated story.”

“Do I have Kai’s trust?”

“Yes but I think your losing it quickly.”

“For what! I mean I haven’t done anything wrong other than bite him and growl at him.”

“Have you ever came to think that that is why?”

“No. He loves me.”

I turned back around to the glass door wanting to see what was happening. Everyone was at the table with serious looks on their faces except for Paige’s grim smile. Again Maria gave me the confuse expression and I turned away.

“What are you looking at back there?”

“What are they talking about?”

She stood up and I followed her to the door. She opened the sliding glass screen at a human speed.

“Where is Clide?” She asked Kai.

“Building something extremely unnecessary.” He replied in a aggravated tone.

She walked into the front room. A medium sized cage was in the front room. A pink blanket was spread on the floor with a pillow that matched the one on the couch. A strange sense inside me made me feel that the cage was for me.

“We are leaving in half in hour so I’m putting you in this.” He told me.

I ran back to the table in the dining room, wrapping my arms around Kai’s neck.

“Your brother is trying to put me in a cage!” I complained.

“You are staying at your mother’s house.”

“What if I hurt her like I did James?”

“Then you will stay here by yourself.”

Everyone was in the front room and Clide grabbed me putting me in the cage. Kai gave me a worried look while Paige gave me an amused one. They all walked out the door and I paced around the cage nervously. Finally I gave up and sat in the middle eyeing the interior of the cage. The pink blanket was spread out like carpet while the pillow was in the middle now. A cell phone was in the corner next to a bone that if you look closely resembled a human’s. A water bottle was in the opposite corner of the bone and a few of my favorite book were stacked up in a pyramid.

I laid down setting the pillow on my stomach watching it go up and down as I breathed. I drew designs on the ceiling with a pencil I found. Drawing eyes, fangs, hearts, and stars. I blacked out but I could feel my arms moving and my jaw as I tore and bit at something. I gained consciousness again and I saw the shocked faces of many vampires staring through me.
“How did you get out of that? That was titanium and concrete bars.” Clide seemed a little too surprised.
I looked around seeing the broken cage. I was sitting on the couch staring him in the eyes with my pathetic-innocent look.

“I’m sorry.”

“How did you get out?”

“I don’t know! I blacked out again!”

“Well learn to stop.”

“I can’t.”

He growled and walked off leaving me facing Kai. He sat on the couch and I instantly bit his shoulder, tasting the honey and mint combination that I loved.

“You taste like honey and mint.” I informed him.

He looked a little confused at my taste comment but he didn’t pull me off. I started chewing on him and I could taste the flesh in my mouth. He pulled me off grabbing his shoulder. Spitting out the flesh in my mouth I gave him my pathetic look of apologies.

“Control yourself” He growled.

“I can’t.”

“Have you tried?”

“Leave me alone.”

I walked up the spiral steps to my bedroom, locking the door behind me when I was inside. I laid on my bed stretching my legs just realizing how much they ached. Grabbing my handheld mirror off my vanity I looked at myself wondering what had happened to me. Deciding to take a nap I dozed off , teeth and legs aching. I woke up to the morning sun going downstairs carefully. The cage was gone but replaced with a small circle almost a playpen. I didn’t eat no feeling like throwing up first thing in the morning. Going into the front room I sat on the long couch next to Logan.

“I’m upset.”

“About what?”

“Everyone is concerned about you so I most likely won’t get my wedding.”

“What if I asked Kai to give you a wedding?”

“You would do that?”


Going back into the kitchen I asked Kai but he just replied with a nod since he was writing something down. I started running around the table he was sitting, surprised when the ache in my leg left. Running around the whole house twice I ended in the front room out of breath but quickly ran around again. There was talking in the kitchen and I went to go investigate. Kai and Dakota were looking down at the phone in Dakota’s hand that she was holding out to Kai. He slowly took it and she nodded to him.

“What’s going on?” I asked, ruining the moment.

“Nothing lets go outside for a minute.” Dakota was already grabbing my arm and pulling me out the door.

I looked back occasionally at Kai talking on the phone. He swiftly put it down on a counter. I was already on my feet though it seemed like I did one of Kai’s blinding fast movements. I guess he noticed it too because one eyebrow was raised at me. I shrugged and I was at the door in one step though it should of taken at least six.
“What’s going on?”

“Go take a shower and get dressed in something decent.”

I walked up the steps at my fast speed suddenly feeling too hyper to take a bath. But he grabbed me, gently putting me in the tub. I jumped back up though and he grabbed me again. We did this about six times before he grabbed me roughly throwing me in and checking his watch. I washed myself upset that I couldn’t move sense he was holding me down. He wrapped a towel around me and I quickly ran for it. I ran down the steps and I could hear him yelling at me though it was hard to hear from my loud laughter. I ran into something and was locked in a tight grip before it loosened and I was in another set of arms. I looked up seeing Kai obviously angry at me. He slipped a strawberry color silk night dress on me. As soon as it was on I ran for it but Kai was holding tightly. I kicked and growled, biting Kai on his arm though it was no use. He just ran me to the couch in the front room where everyone was and sat me in his lap.

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