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The Last Black

October 29, 2010
By CaraBlane BRONZE, So. Whitley, Indiana
CaraBlane BRONZE, So. Whitley, Indiana
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" Well... I guess even bad people have good endings."

I heard the knock at the door and when I opened it, I saw a toad-faced woman standing there.

“Hello darling. Is your daddy home?”

“No,” My dad wouldn’t be coming home.

“Do you know when he will be?” I could hear the frustration in her voice as she talked.

“After they let him…” Before I could finish my sentence, my godfather, Remus Lupin was standing behind me. I looked up at him and he looked very pale and even more gaunt then before.

“Faith, can you go up to your room?” I knew something was up because Remus never sent me to my room unless I did something horrible.


“Please, and maybe we will have some ice cream later,” he whispered. I nodded and headed up to my room.

I went over to the windowsill and waited until Remus said I could come back out.

The main reason that I lived with my godfather and not my parents is mainly because my mother was killed when I was three and my dad is in the England wizard prison called Azkaban.

Nobody in this place knows who I am. Remus told me that everyone was supposed to think I was dead for my safety. When I was three a really messed up wizard named Voldemort killed my mother. He killed her because Voldemort knew most of the Black family thanks for most of them being apart of his scheme to take control of the Wizarding world. Voldemort wanted my mother to be a Death Eater and join him, and when she refused, he killed her. Before anyone could figure out what had happened, Remus came and took me out of the house to live with him. When the Aurors got there though, all they found was my mother’s dead body and nothing else. No one knows that I exist. Everyone thought that my dad didn’t have any children.

Remus always said it was a good thing that I looked like my father mainly because no one remembers what he looks like. I have his same grey eyes and wavy black hair. Remus even says that sometimes I even act like him. The only thing that I have left of my mother is a strand of light blonde hair that runs through the side of my hair.

I am different then most of the people here. Remus thought it would be better to stay out of the country until this whole thing with my mother and father cooled down. So, he took me to America and I spent most of my time learning things that any normal American kid would know. The only difference is, is that once a month I have to distance myself from Remus mainly because of his transformation with the full moon. You see, Remus is a Werewolf, but every month he takes a potion that helps him not turn into a fully fledge wolf.

Just this year we moved back to England so that way I could maybe be sent to Hogwarts instead of the American wizard school. I was excited that next year I would maybe have my letter to attend.

There is something else about me that only Remus knows. I am an animagi. I can turn into a wolf and back again. It is really kind of fun just to sit outside the house and see all the weird stairs I get from people.

After about an hour, Remus came up and opened my door. He looked down at his feet and not at me.

“Remus? What’s wrong? Who was that lady?”

“ She is apart of the Ministry. She is going to be checking up on you every month to make sure that you are safe from harm.”

“What harm?”

“Me. If she sees any scratches or marks on you, you will be taken away and I will have my wand snapped.” I looked up at him confused. He took so much precaution to not harm me, I didn’t see how he ever could.

“That will never happen and I know it.” I said, getting up and hugging him. He wrapped his arms cautionaly around me. Remus was a dad to me and nothing would ever change that. Even if they took me away from him, I would still find a way to see him and a way to get to him. Nothing could ever separate us.

“So, how bout some ice cream?”

The author's comments:
Faith is the only thing left in his life. Why would he get rid of it?

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