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jasper whitlock ,hale, cullen

October 19, 2011
By brenda27 GOLD, Georgetown, Kentucky
brenda27 GOLD, Georgetown, Kentucky
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it was mid December 1954 wind blew past my hair drifting lavender into the air . i looked across the world. i see and stop to blond curls and deep blue seas, up ahead a smile shined and before i knew it , it was gone beautiful like the shine that my mornings time after time. so close to see the face that one day stole my heart and like the wind blew past by. perfect lips soft pink as rose peddles cold as the the snow that falls from the heavens all of that in one. when his gentle lilac smell hit my face a new sensation arose. sweet as candy can be but never wears out . then a voice fell upon my ear , a southern taste to what i hear . twang sweet but cold to the gentle touch upon the tone. when he speaks , a shiver runs down my back leaving wantings in its place , but only a second and i wake where am i ? standing alone on a midnight summer dream. sweet but cold like the kiss upon my check.

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