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Stole My Heart: A One Direction Fanfic- CHAPTER 12

March 27, 2012
By alyssabeliebs21 PLATINUM, LaGrange, Illinois
alyssabeliebs21 PLATINUM, LaGrange, Illinois
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     Kelley reached over with a relieved smile and gave Anya a greeting hug. "I'm so sorry, I know it's late but I was on stand-by for HOURS..."
     "Kell, it's great to see you, don't get me wrong but- how did- why are you-?" Anya didn't know which question to ask first.
     "I came for Liam," Kelley interrupted. "I went upstairs first but no one answered, and this was the only other address I had for you guys."
     Anya paced into the den, taking Kelley's bag from her, but suddenly getting this bubbling irritation in her stomach. Although Kelley was one of Anya's closest connections from back home, she was also the one who'd been putting one of her closest friends here through unbearable heartbreak. "Kell, does Liam know you're here? You haven't been answering his messages or calls, and he's been really broken up about it."
     Kelley sighed, "Oh God, that's exactly what I was afraid of. I lost my phone a few weeks ago, and had to get a new one-I didn't have anyone's numbers. I've been trying to tweet him, 'cause that's all I could do but he hasn't been seeing them- I mean, I can't blame him..." She rambled on and eventually trailed off, obviously just as bent out of shape as Liam had been, but atleast everything was beginning to make sense. 
     "So... You just hopped on a plane?" Anya asked.
     Kelley shrugged. "Basically, standing here took my entire summer salary..."
     "Wow," Anya breathed. 
     Kelley looked down at her hands and smiled sheepishly. "I wanted to make sure Liam was okay. When I see him, it'll make it all worth it anyway."
     Anya smiled stupidly at the sweet simplicity that Kelley could make of hers and Liam's completely complicated situation. It also panged at her heart a little, reminding her that she no longer had that. "He's going to be so happy to see you."
     Kelley pushed her hair behind her ears, blushing, and giggled, "I can't wait to see him."
     The yawn that escaped Anya's mouth reminded her how late it was and how early she had to get up. "How 'bout I get you settled in the guest bedroom, then?"
     "Thanks. I'm really sorry about, like, forcing myself on you- and so late- My flight back is on Tuesday-"
     "Don't worry about it," Anya laughed. In fact, this was almost exactly what Anya needed- a little piece of home to walk through her door. It reminded her that not everything in her life was falling apart at the seams.

     Fingering through her hair to finish drying it, Anya sped around the kitchen, juggling her tablet, phones, and coffee in her arms. Unlike usual, she was running late. Most mornings she was reminded to wake up by Liam's early-morning clamour throughout the flat. Peeking into Kelley's room, Anya saw she was still completely passed out after last night's long venture across the pond. Anya scribbled a short note of where she'd be, when she'd be back, and both of her numbers for when Kelley finally rolled out of bed, and bolted out the door.
     In the back alley downstairs, Anya spotted the security guard, Paul, loading the boys into the sleek black van. Zayn was the last to climb in so he spotted Anya and waved her over with a smile.
     "Can you hold these? I need to button my coat." Anya shoved her cellphones and coffee off to Zayn, still breathing heavily from her rampid race from the apartment.
     "Good morning to you, too..." Zayn replied, following her into the farthest backseat of the van.
     Anya buckled up in the seat behind Harry, who turned around and shot her a half good-morning, half how-are-things? grin. Anya reciprocated with the same smile and darted her eyes to the first row of seats. Niall was sitting in front of Harry, bundled in a heavy sweatshirt with the hood snapped over his head, little tufts of blonde hair poking out the front. Liam sat beside him, trying to engage him in small talk every once in a while, but it appeared Liam was only getting head nods, shakes, and one-word answers in return.
     "He's having just as much trouble with this as you are," Zayn murmured quietly to Anya. "I woke up to pee last night at, like, three and his lights were still on- pacin' around."
     Anya furrowed her brow. "If he was up so late, how come he didn't answer the door?"
     Zayn looked down at her, confused. "Did you come to the door last night?"
     "I didn't, but-" Anya suddenly stopped herself. She should wait to tell the boys about Kelley's arrival. "No, nevermind."
     Zayn locked his eyes on Niall but still spoke softly to Anya. "If anything, he might be handling it worse. He misses you."
     Anya shyed her face away to the window and watched the cars flash by in speedy blurs. "The feeling's mutual," she responded.
     Zayn tugged Anya closer to him by her arm, plucked one of his Dre Beats earbuds from his ear and handed it to her. Anya placed it in her ear and recognized it to be All Time Low by The Wanted.
     "Hiding won't hide it
     Smiling won't hide it
     Like I ain't tried it
     Everyone's tried it now
     And failed somehow..."
     Niall dropped his head against the window, the rising sun casting a beautiful silhouette on his face. The light caught his eyes to reflect a crystal shimmer on the bright blue of them.
     "And if you know
     How do you get up from an 
     all time low
     I'm in pieces
     Seems like peace is
     The only thing I'll never 
     How do you get up..."
     Anya shook her head and pulled the earpiece out, handing it back to Zayn with the slightest attempt at a smile. "I'm not gunna wallow in it."
     Zayn cracked his adorable crooked smile amd flicked her chin with his finger. "Good idea."

     It was nearing the end of the signing and Anya's iPhone vibrated in her coat pocket. A text from an unfamiliar number popped up on her screen and she opened it. "Its kelley- ive been up and ready for about an hour but just found your note, see u soon", it read.
     A forceful shove pushed her from behind toward the entrance. "Out to the van, let's go," bellowed Paul, who guided Anya and the boys through the suffocating mob and out back to the van, where they hustled in and manouvered out of the lot as quickly as possible. When they got back to their building, the six climbed the back staircase and the boys started to depart to their floor, when Anya snapped back around. "Liam, wait!"
     Liam backed around the corner. "What's up?"
     "Come with me for a sec." Anya waited outside her apartment door and Liam showed up a few seconds later looking mildly puzzled. Without saying a word, Anya unlocked the door, forcing herself to keep from grinning. Liam entered after Anya, who still remained silent.
     "What-" Liam began.
     "Anya?! Is that you?!"
     Kelley appeared from the guest room. Liam's words were caught in his throat and an instant glow cast on his face, which was mirrored on Kelley's at the same moment they locked eyes. Anya didn't think it was just the right light hitting Liam that caused the glistening on his brown eyes, but possibly tears of pleasant shock and elation that mounted in his smiling eyes.
     "Kelley," he barely breathed  her name and almost ran to her beaming face, embracing her in the biggest hug Anya had even seen dealt.
     Kelley pulled back to look at his face, lightly gripping the collar of his blue plaid button-down, and giggled, "I've missed you so much."
     Liam planted little kisses on her smiling lips and pulled her back in for another long hug, as Kelley half-laughed and half-cried of happiness into his broad shoulder.
     Anya realized she'd been grinning ridiculously at the reuniting couple, who also realized soon after, and Liam invited Kelley downstairs to reconnect with the other boys. "You comin', Bon?"
     "No thanks, I've got a lot to do, actually." It wasn't a total lie- Anya hadn't unpacked the remaining two shirts she'd picked up last night. "Maybe I'll catch up with you all later."
     "Okay, just text any of us," Liam added before taking Kelley's hand and leading her out the front door. 
     Anya stood in the emptiness of her apartment before deciding to curl up on the couch in front of the T.V. She clicked the first channel to pop up on the screen and some reality show came on. For an hour, Anya stared blankly at the television, close to regretting not leaving with Liam and Kelley. The picture became more and more unclear as Anya's weary eyes started to succumb to sleep, when a single knock rang through the flat, triggering Anya's deja vu. She dragged herself to the door and opened it. Her breath was caught short- on the other side was the only person she'd been waiting to see.

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