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Halo 4: War games 1

February 12, 2013
By Miniterror GOLD, Yuma, Arizona
Miniterror GOLD, Yuma, Arizona
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Fifteen minutes. That’s how long we have before the building explodes. I toss my last grenade around a corner and count to three. My hit is marked on my HUD and I level my rifle as I turn the corner. I press the trigger for a short burst on my M8-5B assault rifle and an enemy is down. I glance at my HUD, 12 minutes. My motion sensor indicates an enemy behind me and I switch to my Jackhammer missile launcher as I turn. A Spartan clad in red armor turns the corner and I fire. The rocket hits the ground at his feet and he goes flying back out through the doorway he just came from. I reload my Jackhammer as I run towards the exit. I turn into a large room filled with crates and see an exit on the other side. Two more enemies come around the corner of the doorway and open fire on me. I use my heavy weight thruster pack to quickly get in cover behind a metal crate and wait for my energy shields to recharge. The meter fills back up and I ready my Jackhammer. A grenade warning forms next to my crosshairs and I jump forward to avoid it. The blast leaves my ears ringing but does not dent my shields. I sit on one knee and fire a rocket launcher at one of my opponents. He somehow manages to dodge the missile and I’m out of rockets. I throw away the launcher and open fire with my assault rifle. My shields pop and my HUD begins to flash red. Suddenly I see a flash of blue armor and an explosion. One of the red Spartans falls and the other is tackled from behind. My teammate quickly pulls out his shotgun and shoots the red. He stands up and signals for me to follow him. He tosses me a few grenades as I look at the timer on my HUD. Five minutes. I pick up an MA-6C Battle rifle from one of my fallen opponents and put it on my back. We run out the door and a sniper round zings by our heads. I thrust into cover behind a rock and my teammate pulls up a hardlight shield for protection and quickly walks to cover. Another round passes by us as he powers down the shield and crouches next to me. His visor goes from gold to transparent and I see his face. He mouths the word ‘flank’ and his visor turns back to a gold color. I sprint out from cover, jump, and burst my thruster pack. Two rounds pass behind me as I run. I take cover behind another rock and pull out my Battle rifle. I put my hand out quickly and pull it back before another round almost tears through it. I look at my teammate across the wide open area and give him a thumbs up. He stands and fires at the sniper hiding in a sniper tower. A round passes by him and I stand and fire. We continue to switch until the sniper stops firing. We both run into the open and I trigger the zoom on my HUD. I can see the barrel of the rifle leaning up against the corner of the tower. I check my timer, thirty seconds. We turn to our left and run full speed away from the building. Another teammate joins us and we just manage to take cover behind another boulder before a massive blast knocks us off our feet. I poke my head out from behind our makeshift cover and see the fire from the newly formed pile of rubble about a quarter of a mile away. A blue eagle forms itself on my HUD and the word ‘VICTORY’ forms under it. I sit down and wait until I wake up in a small tubelike chamber. I push on the glass over me and it gives way, I watch as the rest of my team does the same. War Games are over for today.

The author's comments:
This article is based off of the multiplayer experience of the well-known Xbox 360 first-person shooter Halo 4. Please enjoy. I am going to make a series of this, so come back regularly for more stories.

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