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The Reaping (Harry Potter/Hunger Games)

February 18, 2014
By HermioneHainsworth PLATINUM, Leeds, Other
HermioneHainsworth PLATINUM, Leeds, Other
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1. The Reaping
As the year four trio marched down the main, grand stair case of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with the rest of the pupils. Harry caught Ron's eye which made Ron trip down a stair and cause a disturbance, but no one else seemed to notice.
Like everyone else, Ron's face showed how petrified he was, it was highly amusing. But then Hermione’s face showed the same serious concern- which was worrying.
Four names would be drawn, just four out of the whole of Hogwarts. It wouldn't be Harry or Hermione or Ron or any of the Weasley's. It couldn't be.
As they marched into the hall and stood in their lines; girls at one side boys at the other. Harry looked around at everyone he knew, most shaking with worry, his stomach flipped as he thought, what if he was picked, or Hermione or Ron or Fred or George or Luna or Neville?
A loud boom came from the front of the hall where a small, plump woman stood speaking into her wand. Harry turned his attention back to the speaker and focused on the epicenter of everyone’s dread. By now the woman's speech was over and she pulled a name from the bowl.
“Ronald Billius Weasley.”
What? Oh no. He tripped out of line and stumbled to the front. Not Ron. Oh no.
The second name was read out.
“Hermione Jean Granger.”
This can't be real! She strode up to join Ron. He knew what was coming now. And he was right. The third was called.
“Harry James Potter.”
As he walked towards the front he heard people whispering around him but he couldn't make out what the whisperers were saying. As soon as he stepped next to Hermione the final name was read out.
“Ginerva Weasley.”
He felt Ron tense next to him, Hermione gasped and he saw both Fred and George leap out of their seat and attempted to reach their little sister before a strong spell sent them flying backwards.
Harry thought he must feel like Ron feels, Ginny was like his little sister, he'd known her 3 years now, spent 2 Christmases with her and played quidditch with her numerous times- she was good.
Ginny stood up and walked slowly next to him, as she stood there she grasped his hand. At first he tensed but then gave her a reassuring squeeze. She looked up at him, her big brown tear-filled eyes, in danger of leaking- but Harry also saw a determination. A determination to survive.
But when the audience were asked to clap their four fellow students they didn't. The entire of Hogwarts raised their wands to them, to the four now chosen to fight to the death. Hermione must of realized this quicker than Harry, she fainted on the stage.

The author's comments:
Harry Potter and Hunger Games. What more is there to say?!?

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on Mar. 13 2014 at 4:10 pm
HermioneHainsworth PLATINUM, Leeds, Other
23 articles 0 photos 15 comments

Favorite Quote:
"There's always another book to read, and if not, write one."-me ;)

thanks :) It was only a bit of fun really, i normally just type them of the top of my head onto my I-pod but thanks for the advice :)

on Mar. 13 2014 at 11:11 am
Delaneyreaderandwriter SILVER, Pittsfield, New Hampshire
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"Good things come to those who wait."

Can't wait to figure out what happens. Only thing I would say is to slow things down a little bit with more discribtions. Things seem to go a little fast. That is just my little opinion. keep up the good work!