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2. The first challenge- Strength

March 3, 2014
By HermioneHainsworth PLATINUM, Leeds, Other
HermioneHainsworth PLATINUM, Leeds, Other
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The doors swung open and the cannon fired. The games had begun.

The two girls looked around their corn field. The boys were gone. An unknown tracker buzzed in the youngest girls wrist. They looked at each other in horror, until they heard the enchanted bears growl behind them. They sprinted towards the first hay bale, tripping over the hay stubbles as they ran.
Hermione fell, Ginny yanked her up, they carried on.
They reached the first bale and started what would become a well used routine. Hermione pulled herself up and pulled Ginny up after her. They sat on the bale gasping for breath. They were scared, confused and stuck.
The bears clawed at the lower bit of the bale, hungry for flesh.

Hermione sat there thinking, they had no wand, their best friends (in Ginny's case older brother) had disappeared and they were about to get morled to death by bears.

"RUN!" Hermione screamed before leaping off the bale and sprinting towards the next, Ginny and the bears hot on her heals.

The next quater of an hour was the same, running from bale to bale, hot, thirsty and gasping for breath whatever chance they got.

But suddenly, the girls' surprise the bears vanished into thin air. The young girls took the moment and sat on a bale in the now peaceful field, they took the moment to take in their surroundings. They were 3 quarters of the way through the stubbled corn field, an innocent muggle campsite were they were to fit in between challenges lay ahead.

They hatched a plan to roll a hay bale from now on, Hermione sat on the bale to try work out were the boys were and try an ancient method of making wands from grass and hay whilst Ginny pushed the bale and keeping it from rolling too fast.

They heard a bang behind them and got in their positions. As Hermione glanced behind she let out a gasp. It was the creature Harry had fought just the year before: a Hungarian Horntail. Ginny too let out a gasp as her hand started bleeding from the harsh straw. But this just made her grip the bale harder. They had to survive for her parents, her brothers, everyone at Hogwarts... Harry.

After about two minutes of dodging the dragons fire, Hermione finished the wand and without hesitation screamed her first killing spell at the dragon:
The dragon collapsed. Dead.

They left the last bale and sprinted towards the gate which was blocked by a numbered keypad. Hermione pulled out a slip if paper from her pocket and quickly typed in 3796. The gate swung open and the girls fell through.

By the time Hermione got up Ginny had her ear to hedge next to them. Hermione joined her and they heard familiar voices at the other side. They listened as they in horror as they heard their two best friends frantically trying to escape a pack of enchanted wolves. They threw them at the hedge which turned out to have numerous protective charms upon it. They sat shaking, defeated and helpless on the grass until the noise stopped. A deafening silence met their ears.

They heard the boys talking. Out of breath but alive. They shouted through the hedge but whenever the boys shouted back, only muffled sounds met the girls' ears. They had no choice, they left the boys and went to their tents
Utterly helpless, defeated and vulnerable.

The audience now waited in anticipation for the next task.

The author's comments:
Continuing on from 'The Reaping', still Harry Potter/ Hunger Games

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