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3. The second task- survival- Part 1

March 3, 2014
By HermioneHainsworth PLATINUM, Leeds, Other
HermioneHainsworth PLATINUM, Leeds, Other
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"Hurry up Hermione!" Ginny hissed in the older girl’s ear. The second task started in 10 minutes. They were still packing their supply bag:
2 Blankets
Limited foods
Bottled Water
Hermione shrugged the rucksack over her shoulder, they left the tent and set of down the track.
"It'll be ok, Gin." Hermione broke the silence.
"I know." Ginny kept her eyes straight ahead. She was already nervously shaking and they weren't even in the arena yet! The silence took over again. The two girls, now practically sister, linked pinkies. They swung the gate open. The cannon fired and a winding track through a thick wood was revealed. The girls started walking, unaware of the dangers ahead.

They kept their eyes peeled at the thick wood around them, the youngest girl’s knuckles white from gripping her wand, the older girl feeling the pressure of protection for her best friends little sister. They heard a yelp only metres behind them. A boy yelped and another cried out. Harry? Ron? No. A younger boy, probably Ginny’s age. He was knelt over an older boy, probably just a year older than Hermione, tears streaming down his cheeks. The older boy was sheet white, dead. A handful of berries were on the floor next to him. They were brothers. That could have been them, the girls thought. The girls struggled but resisted the temptation to go back to the boys. They were the enemies, no they weren't, not really... They couldn't afford to think like that. They were meant to of killed the younger boy, the game makers won't be happy. They'll want revenge.

The girls carried on through the wood, stopping for a drink or something to eat every now and then, swapping who carried the rucksack. After about 4 peaceful hours of walking the girls thought they heard a noise in a thicket. Hermione went to investigate. Ginny was left alone on the track. Her eyes met an old, brown boot a few steps ahead. Cautiously, she started walking towards it until she stopped in her tracks as she heard twigs snapping behind her. She dived amongst the trees where she last saw Hermione. She thrust the rucksack down beside as she shushed Hermione who had come to see what was happening.

They peered out from a tree to see who was now walking up to the boot as Ginny had done only seconds before. They immediately recognised the boy, the younger brother that they had just crossed. The girls watched in confusion as the boy reached out, picked up the boot, screamed in agony and disappeared.

The girls stared at the spot where the boy had just disappeared in shock. Something wasn't right. If the Game makers wanted to kill someone, they'd do it in the arena.

That's what the Games where about, the entertainment- or that's what people said.

The girls kept walking, desperate to get through the task when ahead they say someone hanging from a tree, hung. A boy. Harry. As Ginny was about to run up to the hanging corpse when Hermione grabbed the back of her T-shirt.
"Stop! Ginny stop!" Hermione screamed, something wasn't right.
"Hermione let go!" Screamed Ginny, trying to pull from Hermione’s grasp hysterically. "It's Harry! Please Hermione, we need to help him!"
Silence fell as the girls spotted another corpse hanging just ahead. A boy. With ginger hair and freckles. Ron! Hermione gritted her teeth as tears rolled down her cheeks as she dragged Ginny on past the corpses. After the corpses were out of sight Ginny collapsed on the floor in a ball, crying uncontrollably. Hermione sat next to her, she too crying but she wiped her eyes and stroked the younger girl’s hair.

Something wasn't right, Hermione thought, why would someone hang them? Maybe cursed or stabbed them but not hung them! It wasn't them, she thought, it was a trick. After Ginny had stopped crying she looked up at Hermione with big, red, swollen eyes.
"It's OK Gin, it wasn't them. It was just a trick, a trap, probably another port-key. Come on, we need to find shelter, it's getting dark." Reassured Hermione. Both girls got up, turned their wands and torches on and walked on, both yawning and shivering. The girls tried to take their mind of where they were by talking about the Hogwarts exams they were to face after the games;
“You’ll do fine Gin, I got an 'O' on my transfiguration OWL last year, I'm sure you'll do great!" exclaimed Hermione.
"I know but that's YOU Hermione! Remember what Ron got!" Argued Ginny.
"Oh yeh, but your-" Hermione was cut off as an arrow flew past her ear.
"Run!!!" She screamed. That's just what they did, but the boy chasing them was much faster. A knife sunk into Hermione's shoulder as she let out a yell of pain before falling to the ground. Ginny, who was slightly in front of Hermione spun on her heel just in time to see the boy disappear into the thick woods laughing.
She ran towards Hermione who was now on the floor, her shoulder with the arrow still in. She did what Hermione told her to: pulled the arrow out and immediately put as many healing curses on the wound as possible, Hermione sighed in relief. But Ginny also saw how pale Hermione was and both girls agreed they should get some sleep.

Hermione fell asleep immediately, exhausted from the amount of blood she'd lost. Whereas Ginny could not sleep as easily, she missed her parents, her other brothers, her friends and home.
She looked down at Hermione sleeping peacefully next to her, she barely looked alive. Ginny slipped the wand out of Hermione's hand, laid it next to her, got the blankets out and curled up beside her. She should stay awake on watch, bit she couldn't, soon sleep took over her
Back at the Burrow, the Weasleys watched in horror as, what Ginny didn't know, if you took a wand of a witch or wizard it meant they were dead.
The whole wizarding world thought Hermione Granger was dead. Ginny would have no chance without her. An easy target.
Until the Hermione got up in the morning, many of the witches watching fainted at the sight of the thought to be dead girl awake and walk about.
The girls woke up in the morning as the sun streamed through the trees above them. Hermione's shoulder was almost fully healed and so the packed up ate some breakfast and carried on. As they strolled across the track, everything was peaceful, the sun shone, the birds sung and the gentle breeze blew. If only the boys were here, the girls thought.
But then suddenly a piercing scream echoed the wood, a young girls scream. The girls immediately looked at each other, it wasn't them...
They ran forward to see the youngest contestant of the games being attacked by... Butterflies? The girl, Lucia Sempris, was but a year younger than Ginny, she was known for her innocence and love for nature. She'd never of hurt a fly. But now she was bruised, blooded and crying out for help. Hermione shot a spell which made the insects disappear. The girls rushed towards Lucia and knelt beside her. The sight made the girls feel sick, the wounds deep and ugly, impossible to heal. Hermione stroked her hair as Ginny whispered calming words into her ear. There the young girl died. When the wounds were finally covered by flowers; she looked angelic. The girls left her, an angel had just escaped from hell.

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Following on from 'The first task'. Harry Potter/ Hunger Games

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