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second Task- Survival- Part 2

March 3, 2014
By HermioneHainsworth PLATINUM, Leeds, Other
HermioneHainsworth PLATINUM, Leeds, Other
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The girls walked on and then collapsed by a tree. Surely there wouldn't be any more dangers, enough people had died in this task, enough innocent lives had been taken. After thinking about this for a while, Hermione turned around to tell Ginny that everything would be OK, but she decided not to as Ginny was already asleep beside her, and she wasn't going to wake her up, there'd be time to tell her tomorrow, she thought as she, too, drifted into dreams.
Hermione woke early the next morning to hear a hissing sound somewhere near her. She squinted around to see a large snake about a metre away from the still sleeping Ginny. Hermione carefully, silently nudged Ginny to try wake her. The enormous snake getting closer. Ginny suddenly opened her eyes and turned to Hermione and started complaint about being waken up;
"Hermione! I was aslee-"
Hermione tried to shush her but it was too late. The snake lunged at Ginny sending its enormous, poisoned fangs into her arm. Ginny’s scream was deafening.
The snake disappeared in a flash leaving Hermione with the poisoned young girl who was now struggling to breathe. She threw herself down next to her trying to hold back tears but failing, sending as many healing spells at the dyeing girl.
Ginny's eyes stared at the sunlight coming through the trees as she thought of her parents, her brothers, her friends and Harry. A single tear slipped down the side of her cheek as the figure casting spells above her went blurred and then...
Hermione begged her to wake, hopeless at her side. She'd promised she'd protect her, she was her little sister, one of her best friends but now she was alone. She slipped Ginny's wand out of her hand, put flowers around her and covered the wound. There, now she could be sleeping. She finished by putting an unbreakable protective charm around the body, looked up to the sky and raised her wand. Not only for Ginny but for her family.
At the burrow it was chaos. That's all there is to say. Ginny... Gone.
Hermione staggered on, her eyes were blurred from tears and her hands were covered with blood and poison. But she had to keep going. She had to win. She had to win for Ginny now.
Little did Hermione know her spells had worked, they just took a little longer than she thought.
Ginny's eyes flickered open and squinted at the sun, was she in heaven yet? No, she was still in the place where the giant snake had attacked her. It was actually quite familiar, waking up from the dead after a giant snake attack, kind of like her first year, except harry wasn't there. No one was.
'God, I HATE snakes!' Ginny said aloud.
She got up and walked on. After about ten minutes of walking she heard someone sobbing ahead of her. She sneaked up on the sobbing girl ready to strike, but luckily she didn't. It was Hermione. She sat down next to her silently, Hermione didn't notice.
"Don't worry, I don't like it here either."
Hermione swung around to see Ginny. She flung her arms around the younger girl and started to cry again. Ginny hugged Hermione back and then stood up. They'd been there too long, someone would find them. They had to keep going.
They kept walking, and walking and walking. But finally, as the girls fought their way through metres of nettles and thorns and they spotted a fence just ahead. The girls gathered the last bit of strength they had and sprinted towards it. They clambered over it and there was... another field. The girls, overcome by disappointment and despair, sat under the hedge to try and escape the now scorching heat. They lay down and closed their eyes. The field was another corn field, but this time with no bails but a tall hedge on the girls' left.
As Ginny lay their listening to the birds singing around them, she reached out for the water bottle but found it was empty. But as she turned to tell Hermione there was a pop and the older girl flickered disappeared. 'Oh no' thought Ginny and jumped up in the air, calling Hermione's name. Without hearing a response, Ginny looked frantically around her, shoved the supplies in the bag and started to carry on along the path. She was scared. Alone.
As the girl looked around again she saw something move in the corner of her eye behind the hedge. She walked closely to the hedge and peered through the branches. It was Hermione. The older girl, silenced by the string silencing spell, gestured for them to keep walking onwards. The hedge would have to end somewhere. The worst thing to do now was panic.
And so the girls walked on and after about half an hour the hedge still hasn't ended but suddenly, Ginny saw Hermione flicker again and suddenly the older girls was stood next to her.
"Well that was weird…" said Hermione, "and defiantly not normal."
The girls sat down again and started to talk...
"I think I’ve worked out what the arena is about" exclaimed Hermione. Ginny gave her a 'well carry on then' look.
“Well, Lucia was known for her love for nature. She died being attacked by Butterfly mutations." Ginny gave her a quizzical look.
"The oldest Richardson brother was killed by eating poisonous berries, he was known for his greed. And his younger brother was known for his curiosity, he was taken god knows where by a port key. And we, well I have no idea what would of happened to us if we had gone anywhere near the fake corpses, we're known for our friendships to the boys. Therefore, the arena is using our weaknesses!" Ginny was surprised she'd understood any if that at the pace Hermione had been talking! But still she carried on.
"But what I don't understand is how I suddenly kept appearing on-"
She was cut off by a crackling in both girls ears and then...
“‘Mione? Ginny? Can you hear me it's Ron, erm, well I'm not sure how to tell you, hang on I’ll pass you on to Harry."
The girls looked at each other in surprise.
"Hi guys, hope you’re alright, I haven't got long so I've got to be quick. You know muggle video games? Well you're kind of in one. Hermione, I'm controlling you and Ginny, I hate to say it but Ron's got you. You can't tell anything but don't worry, we'll keep you safe."
Harry’s voice started crackling.
"I've got to go but your doing so well girls, we know it’s hard, were not in a great position either but we've got to go, we love you both, your nearly there, stay safe.
Silence filled the air. Tears slipped down the girls cheeks. They fell asleep thinking of home.

When the girls woke up they weren't where they had fallen asleep, they were in their sleeping bag, in the tent. The boys had done it!

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Harry Potter/Hunger Games continued...

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