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A Forgotten Letter

July 27, 2014
By HermioneHainsworth PLATINUM, Leeds, Other
HermioneHainsworth PLATINUM, Leeds, Other
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A tear hit the camp bed pillow. And another. And another. I didn't bother wiping them away. I let them fall.
A sob makes it way out of me. And another. And another. I let myself cry.

Then suddenly I freeze. Footsteps. But I just lay there, in the shadows, as tears stream down my cheeks.


I stay quiet. I know who this is. Let him see me cry. It won't be the first time. "Are you in here? Ginny? Is that you?" I see him walking towards me through the darkness. "Lumos." I hear him say.

He looks at me, not saying a word, he walks towards me and wraps an arm round my shoulder, pulling me close.

"He'll be back. I know he will. You know he will. They all will."

I shake my head.

"I don't know anymore Neville. I- I just don't know." I say as more tears fall. Why am so weak?

"Don't say that." Says Neville, pulling me closer. "He'll be back with hermione an Ron. Maybe it's good we haven't heard from them... That means you know who won't know where they are!"

"I- I just wish I could see him again... Or even just speak to him... Just to know he's- he's ok." I say, muffled against Neville.

"Maybe you can!" He says suddenly. "Wait a minute!" He says, getting up carefully before running out.

After an hour I'm still laid there. Waiting for his return. Maybe the Carrows got him! Maybe Snape got him! Maybe-

"Sorry I'm late!" He pants, slamming the room of requirement doorbehind him. "Filch nearly got me!"

I almost cry with relief as I run and pull him into a hug. He hugs me back but then pulls away. "Hey hey!!! You'll crumple it!" He says, handing me a piece of parchment, quill and ink.

"What's this for?" I ask.

"Ill leave you to do this. But write to him. You believe in him. You love him. Tell him." He said pushing them closer to me. I look at him. I throw myself at him again.

"Thank you! Thank you so much Neville!" I kiss his cheek and pull away.

"Write to him, let him know you

given up on him."

"I will, oh I will!"

"Good. Night Gin." He says, climbing into the opposite camp bed.

"Night Nev." I say, climbing into bed and sitting crossed legged as I straighten out the parchment and dip the quill into ink:


Dear Harry,


Now what?? Why do I say?


How are you? I know it's I stupid question but I wish with all my heart and more that the answer is Ok, or at the very least 'alive'. Also, how's Ron and Hermione?

The Carrows have taken Hogwarts, Snape is Headmaster and Dean and Luna never came back after Christmas. Neville, Luna and I... We set up the DA again. We're rebelling the best we can. Last term we tried to get the Sword if Gryffindor... But we got caught.

I hope your having better luck with.. Whatever you three are doing.

Please stay safe, I beg you.

I miss you Harry, I really do. With all my heart and more. I wish you were here now. I cry a lot. Neville and me, we have to sleep in the Room of Requirement as the Carrows are after us.

We hope you get back soon as we're not sure how much longer we can last.

I hope you receive this. Then you'll know we still believe in you. I love you Harry Potter and, I haven't given up.

I never really gave up on you.

Stay safe and stay strong,

All my love,

Your Ginny xxx


I jumped if the bed and unlocked Errol's cage. I clipped the letter on and opened the window.

"Go straight to Harry. Don't stop until you get there, understand? Go find him.. Wherever he is." I tell the owl as it flew into the darkness.

I climbed into bed and pulled the covers up.

"Goodnight Harry." I whispered, before letting sleep take me into a nightmare filled sleep.


Later that night, Errol was shot down amidst a death eater attack. The letter was lost, and very soon, became

The forgotton letter

The author's comments:
I really love Harry and Ginny's relationship and I write a lot from her point of view...

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