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For a Daughter

November 8, 2016
By EyyItsDesi PLATINUM, Spencer, Massachusetts
EyyItsDesi PLATINUM, Spencer, Massachusetts
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Her dreams are finally coming true. There she was, standing looking up at the building that would turn her world around. At the age of seven she was going to meet her favorite youtubers, Markiplier and Jacksepticeye. She new everything about them from the reason for their channels names to what their favorite pet was. She was with her whole family. Her mother, father, older sister and younger brother.


When she finally stepped foot into the building pass, strapped around her neck, all doubt leaving her mind, she saw them. There they were in all their "greatness". She saw Mark laugh as Jack slapped him on the back. She felt the excitement bounce within her as they jumped in line. The line was surprisingly short so they would only need to wait an hour.

The time pasted, eyes wide like it was Christmas day. She walked up to Mark who was laughing, then he looked at her. She gave him a hug and handed him a picture she drew for him as he signed her notebook. It was different with Jack they really talked though he had a weird look on his face. They hugged and she got his signature. As she was walking away Jack tapped her on the shoulder and with his cute Irish accent asked;

  "Have we met before?"
  " No I don’t believe so..."
     " Oh, Nevermind" She tilted her  head and laughed as she walked away.

She walked around and got signatures from other Youtubers and buying their merchandise. She thought nothing could ruin this day.

Her mother sent her to her car to grab some more twenties. They were parked right across the street. she reached into the center console and grabbed the money. That’s when it happened. She heard screams coming from the building when she turned her head she couldn’t believe her eyes.

Screaming people bolted out of the building and surrounded it. She dropped the money and ran screaming;

"Mommy! Mommy NO!" when suddenly someone grabbed her from the waist. "No let me go! Mommy! Please!" she shouted as she looked up at the man who had stopped her. It was Mark, her eyes were big and tear filled. Finally she gave in and planted her face in his chest. Mark knelt to her height and hugged her as the sounds of sirens drowned all the other noise.


   It was all over the news, it took hours to stop the fire.

  " Jack we need to get her outta here... Jack...Jack?" no one had come for her and it had been two hours. but the whole time Jack just stood there looking into the blaze, hands placed on the back of his head .
  "She's in there."

  "Oh god Jack, I'm, I'm so sorry..." Jack's girlfriend had come with him this year. His heart was broken.
  "Come on Jack, dont, dont look at it. Let's go come on." Mark lifted her up and carried her to the taxi. As he looked back he realized how few people made it out.

As they walked into the hotel room Mark's phone began to ring. " Hello... Yes this is he... yeah... okay... what time?... Noon... we'll be there... okay bye" he hung up and turned to Jack, “That was the uh police station they are trying to call as many people as they can to see who is, uh to go there tomorrow.”

“Why” Jack asked pushing his green hair back with one hand.

“ I think they are trying to get you know a count or something.”
“Oh…” Mark turned to the little girl whose hair long and brown was draped over her face which faced her knees.
“ We are gonna go to the station and try to find your family too, okay.” He tried to sound reassuring but he wasn't very good with this kind of thing. Usually it was Jack who did this kind of thing, but he wasn't in a good position to do so. Mark didn't know what to do or say.

“Okay” said a soft sweet little voice. Mark sat on the bed next to Jack and signaled her to join. Slowly she stood and walked over. He placed her on the bed and she laid her head upon his chest under his arm. Mark began to rub Jack’s back. Startled he sniffed in and looked at him with a sorrowful smile. His eyes seemed to be bluer because of the tears that had stirred up within them.

“I loved her… So much” he breathed in trying to hold back the tears.

“ I know, I know you did” He began to rub his back a little harder as he tried to think of something. “ You guys hungry?” Jack laughed a little, for only Mark would be thinking of food. 
“Sure Mark” he said a tear rolled down his face which Jack wiped away with his fist.

“What about you?” Mark asked, his head tilted to look at her. She shrugged, rubbing her nose. Mark grabbed a tissue off the nightstand and wiped a tear away from her blue eyes. And tapped her nose with a smile. She half smiled back.

“Hey, there’s a smile.” Mark said picking her up as jack opened the door. They went to Applebee's which was right across the street. When they got their food mark looked at the girl questioningly.

“So what’s you're name?” he asked. She just stared at him.
“It’s okay” Jack reassured her.
“Aurora… Aurora Morgan.” She stuttered quietly.
“That’s a very pretty name. Like the princess right?” Jack commented.
“Mhmm” she hummed in response.

“Say, we met earlier, you drew those pictures.” She nodded. He laughed and smiled at her innocently. The rest of the meal was just small talk. All feeling of sadness had seemed to be lifted away. On their way out Mark reached his hand out for Aurora. She ran up to him and grabbed his hand as they walked back to the hotel. 


“Uh, So the couch turns into a bed, there’s extra sheets blankets and such in the closet.”

Mark began to rummage through the closet till he found what he needed. Jack and Aurora sat on the edge of one of the beds watching him go back and forth.

“Okay, now the bed.” He removed the cotton woven flower cushions from couch and pulled the bed out with ease.
Aurora walked over to him sheets in her arms. The sheets covering her face Mark took them from her as the put them on. When they finished Mark planted his face in one of the pillows. Suddenly there was a knock on the door.
“Huh?” Mark said shooting his head up off the pillow. He boosted himself up, walked to the door, and without hesitation opened it. “ Wade?”
“ Oh God you’re okay!” He looked into the room “Is Jack with you?”
“Yah!” Jack hollered.
“ Are Bob and Mindy okay? Have you heard from them?” Mark began to question.
“Yah they are uh driving back.”
“That's good would you like to come in?”

“No thanks I'm gonna head to the hotel. Just wanted to make sure you guys were alright”
“I'm sure Jack's been better. No one's seen or heard from his girlfriend.”
“Jesus really, man” he sighed looking in at Jack who was playing patty cake with Aurora.
“Yah thing have calmed down since.”

“That's good, well text me if you need me”. Wade waved and began to walk away.
“Okay bu bye” Mark said softly waving back.

Mark turned around to see them still playing patty cake and for a moment he just stood there and smiled on the inside watching her smile. Then she looked up at him and laughed and he looked down at her and smiled.
Late that night Mark was awoken by someone shaking him. He rubbed his eyes to see it was Aurora. The clock said 1:37. “What's up?” Mark asked.

“I had a nightmare can I sleep with you?” Mark felt awkward about it but the scared look it her big eyes made it impossible to say no.

She hopped into the bed and got under the covers. Mark closed his eyes and rolled to his back. Then he felt pressure on his chest. Aurora lay under his arm, eyes shut. Mark opened one eye sighed but smiled and put his hand on her head.
“Goodnight Aurora”

When Mark woke up the next day he noticed that Aurora wasn't there, neither was Jack. He shot up and grabbed his phone. “10:55 S***!” He had a half an hour to get ready. He took a quick shower and when he got out it was 11:15.
“Mark where's your shirt? We have to leave.” Jack asked helping Aurora put her jacket on.

“Uh… Here it is.” He threw it on over his head, threw his shoes on, and they were out the door.

As they stepped into the taxicab Mark noticed the worried face Aurora wore. “It's gonna be alright, one way or another.” He smiled but she didn't. Mark sighed and slowly brought her small fragile head to his chest. When they got to the building they stood there for a moment. They looked up at the two story brick police department all with startled nerves. They stepped into the building which was filled with noise. Whether it was crying or just talk, everyone was frantic still. Just as they walked in a tall man with a five o'clock shadow steps in and stands with his hands behind his back.

“Everyone please settle down now.” He paused waiting while the noise slowly came to a halt. “ my name is lieutenant Spencer, I work for the fire department here in Boston. We want this to go by quickly and peacefully so everyone missing someone please go to the left and everyone who is not please go to the left.” The room parted like the sea upon his words.

“Wade, What's up?”
“Not much. Man poor Jack he must be devastated.”
“He's actually holding up pretty well.”
“Who's the kid?” Wade asked pointing to Aurora.
“Oh that's Aurora her family is, well could have, you know.”
“Damn she looks so young”

“Name” the lieutenant started at a women who seemed to be in her mid twenties.
“Natalia Marie Fitzgerald” she looked down and started to toil with her yellow sundress.
“Who are you missing.”
            “My son Ben Joseph Fitzgerald.” She continued her voice grew more high pitch the more she spoke. “Age 5.”
             He moved on to Jack “Name sir.”
            “Sean William Mcloughlin I'm missing my girlfriend Signe” then he looked down at Aurora.
            “And you young lady”

She took a deep breath and held it for a moment. Jack knelt down to her and gave her the okay. She let go of her breath and began “ my name is A-Aurora Elizabeth Morgan, I'm missing my mommy Jillian Lee Morgan, my daddy Corey Michael Morgan, m-my sister Michelle Jo Morgan, and my brother Josh Neil Mor-Morgan.”  Her little fragile heart broke, she felt her stomach turn with every name she said. She wanted to fall to the floor and crawl into a little ball, but instead she just stood there eyes bright with tears.

“Shh… okay, okay” Jack hushed her as he picked her up and held her close. “You did a great job.” The lieutenant patted her back and moved on. Three hours passed until they were able to leave. Jack walked through the crowd of people to find Mark.

“ but before people filed out the lieutenant said one last thing. “ please return tomorrow between the hours of 5 and 6 pm if you do not receive a call tonight.” Mark put his hand on her back, her arms were wrapped tightly around Jack's neck, in one hand she held a chunk of Jacks shirt in the other one she gripped onto her arm.

“Let's go” Mark said with a hand gesture. Jack started walking and Mark followed behind him. He put his hand on jack's back then on Auroras arm. She lifted her head and sniffled. He winked at her and smiled, she wiped her face and gave him a little grin.

            “Wake up Mark! Come on. Mark!... Jesus Mark get up.” Jack hollered.
            “Huh… what?”
            “Time for sleepin’ beauty to get up.”
            “Thank you I know I'm beautiful.” Jack laughed at his remark. And threw a pillow at his face. Mark caught it and instantly threw it back. Mark sat on the edge of the bed and pulled a shirt out of his suitcase and threw it on. Then he stretched flexing his muscles and got up to his feet. He stood in the mirror toying with his red hair for a minute. When he was finished they all headed down to the lobby for breakfast.
             “So are ya gonna come with us”
             “Yah of course Jack.” The meal was silent except for the clinking of forks to the plates.
             Later they decided to go out and explore Boston. They had received no calls all day around 5:30 they went to the station again. Mark put his hand on her back and looked at Jack and him shook his head. When they stepped in they were escorted to the same room as yesterday. The lieutenant looked at the crowd “I would like the children to go into the other room please.
“Go with her” Jack said.
“Are you sure?”
            “ yah I know what I got coming” Mark slapped him on the back and hugged him. Taking aurora's hand they walked into the room. In the room were three other kids, a ten year old with possibly his father, and two little girls who were holding hands. Jack tried to listen in through the walls but had no luck, they were sound proof.
When the lieutenant walked in he went to everyone separately, starting with Aurora. “Hello, uh… Aurora right?” Aurora agreed with a slight nod of her head, her heart racing out of her chest. “ I am afraid to say that…” he paused, uncomfortable with the fact that he had to do this “your family has not yet been identified.” Aurora kept a blank expression not quite sure how to feel, she just stared at him. “Also since you seem to have no other records of family we will have to take you in for foster care.” He turned and walked on to the next person.
They walked out to find Jack. The room was quiet except for some small whimpers. On there way out the Lieutenant stopped them, “Excuse me sir?”
“Yes” answered Mark.
“Is she family or a friend.”
“ ‘Fraid not.” Jack intervened.
“Well then we are going to have to take her in.” Mark felt his heart stop, He had attached himself to her. They couldn't separate them he thought. “Please don't make this more difficult than it has to be.” Mark slowly got down to one knee and looked at her. He opened his arms and she jumped into them. He felt a tear run down his cheek.
            “Are you leaving me?” Aurora whispered. Mark just hugged her tighter.
            “I don't want to. Don't worry I'll get you back.” A female officer came over and pulled her away. Kicking and screaming she tried to go back to him. Mark fell to his hip feeling hopeless.
            “I'm sorry” the lieutenant said monotone and simple as he handed Jack a card. Jack helped Mark up and hugged him.
            “We’ll get her back.” Jack told him. “We’ll get her back.” Mark felt like he could just fall back to the floor, but Jack held him up. The sound of her screaming his name, people stopping to stare, the world had stopped to see this one moment.
They went back to the hotel room silently not a word said to one another. As they sat on the bed side next to each other Jack looked down at the card Mark was holding. “What's that?”
“It's the number to the foster care place.” MArk answered still trying to pull himself together.
“We’ll drop by okay?”
“Yah, okay” Mark smirked keeping his gaze at the card.
“I love how you can push all your problems aside to help someone else.” Jack blushed putting his hand on the back of his head.
“Nah it’s nothin’ really.” his cheeks turning a lovely shade of pink.
“No it’s more than nothing Jack, I… I’m so lucky to know you.” He hugged Jack which made him blush even more. Mark wanted to tell him more but was afraid of how Jack would react.
Later that day they went to the address printed on the card. “Here it is” Jack said pulling the snapback off his head then back on, looking at the building, brick, like most of the buildings in Boston, and two stories high.
“Hello” greeted the women at the desk, blonde hair and brown eyes. She wore a nametag that said ‘KIM’. “Are you looking to adopt?”
“Yes, uh her name is Aurora Morgan she was suppose to have come here.” she began to type, her eyes moving back and forth on the screen.
“Ahh, here we are, Aurora Morgan, age seven. Right?”
“Exactly.” Jack said.
“How much would it cost?”
“Well i'm not going to sugar coat it. It would be between $2,200 and $3000.”
“Okay thank you.” They left the building and sat outside on a bench. Mark sat with his hands over his head which was between his legs. Jack put his hand on his back. Mark didn't know if he was sad or angry.
When they got to the hotel again mark began to pace the floor. “I don't have that kind of damn money!” Mark just kept pushing back his hair. “ I mean i have my saving at the bank… i got like… 5… 1… 12 hundred.” Jack just watched him worrisome, his eyes followed his movements. “I could ask Dee but…”
“Look Mark i could give ya some.” Mark stopped and looked at Jack. “I got 500 € which is like 550 dollars in America.”
“No, No i don't want to make you pay.”
“No I wanna help ya.”
“I… I don't know how I could ever repay you.” Jack walked over to him and slowly got closer to his face.
“Like this” then he laid a kiss on his lips. Mark's eyes were wide with shock. Not so much that he had kissed him but because he felt the same. Jack laughed, he couldn't believe he did it.
“Okay” Mark smiled and wrapped his arms around him.
“Anything for you” he whispered putting his arms around Mark’s waist. 
Mark called his stepmother Dee. It took a little persuasion, but she finally gave in. Of course mark would have to pay her back though. “Okay so 12…” then he pointed at jack “...17…” then to the window “...23. Yes this is gonna work. I’ll call the bank.”
“Oh, don't forget to push your flight back.” Jack added.
“That's right.”

It took many long days ‘til they had what they needed. They filled out all the legal papers and made sure he was suitable to be a father. All these things were passed to the court house. It was after a week that he finally saw her again.
“Are you here to take me back”
“Yes” he said grabbing her hand “Ready”

“Aurora I am honored to say you are now a Fishbach.” the judges stated shaking their hands as they stood up, then left. They looked at each other and smiled. The courthouse doors opened and Mark walked out with Aurora in his arms. Jack stood on the sidewalk waiting. Mark put her down and hugged Jack and Aurora joined.
“Thank you, so much.” Mark said squeezing him half to death.
“It was nothin’” jack said gasping for air. When Mark let go they both laughed.

The plane ride home was smooth and quiet. Jack had decided to go to LA with Mark for a little while. Aurora slept for most of the flight. Mark thought now would be a good time to record something to post to his channel since he hadn't uploaded in awhile.
“Hello everybody my name is Markiplier and i'm sorry for not uploading sooner, but as most of you i'm sure know there was a huge fire at Pax East. I am fine, and have big news. I met a little girl who lost everything in that fire. So I, uh,” Mark laughed under his breathe hearing himself say it had the reality of it all hit him. “I adopted her. Her name is Aurora. She means everything to me and I would do anything for my daughter.”

            “Mark, we need to talk.”
“Yeah Jack, what's up.”
“I have to go back to Ireland sooner or later.” Mark’s at first happy smile slowly faded into a frown. He hung his head, for he knew that he had to go back sooner or later. It has been 3 weeks since he was suppose to go back but kept pushing it back to stay with Mark. “Please don't be upset.”
“No, No I-I understand.” Mark stuttered Jack knew him too well, he knew that he was hurt. Mark held back the tears, he didn't want him to go, for he would have to wait until next year to see him. “I’ll be back.”
“Mark, Mark…”
Mark had went to clear his mind. So he got in his car and began to back out of his driveway. In an instant his world changed. The sound of screeching tires enveloped the air. Jack and Aurora bolted to go see. Surely enough he was hit. The whole front end of his car was totaled. All they could see was Mark struggling to remove his seatbelt. In the other car a female around 24. She stepped out with a frustrated look. Suddenly smoke broke out from his car. Jack began to freak out and Aurora ran over. Jack tried to stop stop her but she slipped from his grasp.
“Aurora go back to Jack, Now!”
“Not without you!” The door had been knocked clean off leaving him sitting in the seat. She began to tug at the belt, nothing. On the ground lay a chunk of metal, sharp. One that may be able to cut the belt. She grabbed it and started to saw at the belt. “Come on…” She used all the strength she had. Slowly it started to cut, every little inch.
Finally he had been broken free and he jumped out and grabbed her hand. They tried to run to the crowd that had formed around them, but Aurora slipped and fell. Mark looked back to see her, she tried to pull herself to her feet. That would be the last time he would see her awake. For the fire that had boiled up in his car blew. The explosion was big and people tried to hide behind other so they wouldn't get hit with the metal and other materials that were flying through the smoke filled air, and she was caught in the middle of that explosion. As the cops arrived they began to talk to Mark, but he was distracted by the paramedics checking Aurora.
“Look I'm sorry sir but that's my kid, I need to go to the hospital with her.” He felt a little annoyed by the officers unsympathetic nature, the officer then waved him to go. Mark got in the ambulance with the medics and sat with his hands over his face as they put needles and respirators on her. She was still breathing, but Mark felt like he was losing her. The sound of her heart beating slowly, the sound of the respirator, the medics conversating on where the needle needs to go. It would take twenty minutes to get to the hospital. Only God knows what was going to happen to her next.
Later that evening Mark lay asleep in one of the waiting rooms, he had been in there for three hours, when he was awoken by Jack. “Mark, Come on wake up.” Mark began to open his eyes and stretch. “The doctor says we can see her now.”
“Is she awake?” Mark questioned yawning and setting himself up on his feet. Jack looked down and began to scratch the back of his neck. “What, what's wrong with her?”
  “She's not awake, but I mean she's not sleeping either. She's in a self inflicted comma. The doctor said that the pain she went through paralyzed her and she put herself into a comma.”
“Oh... well lead the way.” Mark hung his head as he dragged his heavy feet to the room. The room was dark and cold. A small breeze came through the window. He slowly stepped over to her bedside and knelt. He gently touched her forehead, it was warm her skin soft. He stared at her, so peaceful so unaware of what had just happened. Stuck in sleep. Jack walked out of the room to give him some space.
Mark climbed into the bed sitting on top of the covers. He closed his eyes and listened to the continuous sound of her heart beat. He began to dose and before he knew it he was asleep. Jack had returned to the room to find him holding her in his arms. He laughed a little walked over to them and he kissed them both on the forehead. He climbed into the chair and that's where he laid his head to rest.
The sun shown through the two windows waking Mark up. Jack wasn't in the room with them so he called him. Suddenly a noise from the hall rung out and with that noise came Jack. “Hey, you're up.”
“Oh! I brought you breakfast.” Jack smiled as he held out the tray. Mark stood and walked over to him. Instead of taking the food he hugged him. He looked him in the eyes and caressed the side of his face.
“Thank you.” Mark said kissing him on the cheek.
“Ah it's nothin’. Figured you’d be hungry since Ya didn't eat much yesterday.” He started handing him a warm bagel.
           “Well if you're selling I'm buying” Jack laughed as Mark grabbed the bagel and took a bite out of it. They sat in the cold metal seats and munched on whatever Jack had brought.
“I think i changed my mind.”
“Oh, about what.”
“I want to stay here in LA with you and Aurora, but i do have to go back and get my recording stuff and clothing,and..”
           ”Damn I have to go record.” Mark cut him off. “I don't wanna leave her, can you stay here and when I'm done you can go?” Mark tried to work it out so they could both get their work done on time. Jack had been recording at Mark’s since he was there.
            ”Sounds like a plan” Jack put a thumbs up to him and hugged him before he left. Mark wanted to refrain from his fans knowing about this but it was hard when there was people recording the explosion. He didn't tell them too much. It wasn't that he didn't trust them, it was that it was extremely hard to talk about and it was a bit more personal than other things. So he did the usual recording, a game play of Happy Wheels, then he played Uncharted 3.
            Weeks went by and she still laid asleep. She seemed to have just forgotten her life here and now lived there. This was hardest for Mark who ended up telling everyone what had been going on. Which in truth made him feel better. His fans would follow him to the end and they along with Jack were helping him with it. All was good with Aurora, she was stable. Or at least they thought. One day as she lay mindless, her heart rate shot to 230 bpm. Mark ran to the door, screaming for someone to come. A nurse darted to him trying to get him to calm down. Aurora's heart rate still rising. The nurse saw this and immediately called for a doctor. Mark was kicked out of the room. He heard every word from within. All except the heart monitor. He leaned up against the wall and banged his head against it. He seemed to be praying something he never did. He felt he had to do something and that was the only thing he could do. Slowly he raised his head, a tear rolls down, and he begins to say under his breathe “Please, please, please, not now.” All he could think about was how he lost his father all those years ago, holding his hand. He held his breath and listened trying to hold back the tears. Of all thing to hear he hears the words “we're losing her!” And he just lets go he couldn't hold it back. He texts Jack to get there fast. He subsides to the floor slowly, phone in one hand and the other over his head which rested upon his knees. Ten minutes of harsh work in her room the doctor came out and looked down at Mark. Some five minutes later Jack came bolting down the hall and stopped out of breath wide eyed and scared. He looked down at Mark face red and wet with tears. The continuous sound of death rung in her room. Jack put his hand through his hair and looked back at Mark. He stood up and hugged him tightly sniffling.
            ”No, heh, yo-you're joking right she's not she can't be.” Mark looked down at him and embraced him back in his arms. “She was doing so good, I-I I don't understand” tears streamed down one after another. He was in such denial. Stuck in this horrid moment they walked into her room and gazed down upon her still warm body. Mark placed his hand on her head and kissed it, Jack did the same. The doctor suggested that they go home and inform others to mourn.
              As they walked out they heard a beep, then another and another. They paused and the doctor looked at her amazed. Aurora looked up at the doctor in fear. Mark ran to her and held her. She hugged him back tightly purely out of fear. She had no idea where she was or why Mark was crying.
            “Mark, Mark what's wrong? Where am I?” Mark was to filled with confused emotions to answer her.
            ”You were in a bad accident dear. You were in a comma for a good while.” The doctor explained still in a little shock. “How are you feeling? Does anything hurt at all?”
            ”My legs. I can't feel them.” The doctor walked over to her and started to poke at her legs gently.
            ”That's weird can you feel this.” She shook her head no. “Oh dear, can you move them?” She shook her head again. He pulled Jack and Mark aside away from her. “I'm afraid she might be paralyzed from the waist down. Jack and Mark look at each other and back at the doctor. “It might just be, um, something else. A, a sort of aftereffect of her coming back to life. We have to run some test on her to see which can be done today if it goes good she can go home tomorrow.”
            ”Okay.” Jack responds arm around Mark to comfort him. They took her in two hours later for testing. They banged her knees to see if she had reflexes, nothing showed. For she was paralyzed from the explosion. Incurable she would be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.
            She went home the next day, which was the first of many more struggling days. This was hard to adapt to for all of them. School would start in a week and they wanted her to be ready for it.
            ”Ready, one, two, three” Mark lifts her up out of her chair to the bed. She fixes herself to feel comfortable. “You excited for tomorrow?” Mark questioned. Her first day of school in LA was tomorrow. She was a bit nervous, not of school itself but the kids. She didn't want to be made fun of for her legs. “Hey, they're gonna love you.”
            ”You really think so?”
            ”Of course I do” he kisses her forehead and walks to the light switch and turns the lights off. His silhouette in the doorway he says “goodnight.” As he walks to his room.
            Jack was sitting in the bed facing the wall on Twitter unaware of Mark's presence. So quietly Mark walked over to him and slammed his hands on Jack's shoulders. He jumped and laughed as he put his head up to see Mark looking down at him. Mark laid a kiss upon Jack's lips, then another. Mark jumped on the bed and lay on his back staring at the ceiling fan going around and around.
”Tomorrow's the day huh.” Jack started
”Yep, her first day at school”
”Is she scared?” Jack stared at Mark who kept his eyes on the fan.
”Yah I think so but it's understandable. A new school, her legs, mean girls.”
Jack laughed “Did you just say mean girls”
“Yeah, so!” Mark yelled jokingly.
“No reason” Jack laughed at him. “I'm sure she'll do fine.”
“You think so?” Mark questioned looking at Jack.
“Of course I do.”
“By the way I wanna say thank you for staying.”
“Anything to stay with you.”


            Then the day came. Mark drove her up to the school and kissed her forehead after placing her in the chair. They had designed it with pink paint and stickers a few days prior. She began to push herself to the ramp. When she got there she felt even more scared than before. When she got into the doorway she was greeted by the principal.
“Well hello there” she began.
“Umm, hi.” Aurora said her face down.
“A shy one I see, well that's okay making friends here is easy I promise.”
           Then the principal stepped out of the way to let her by. The halls were filled with kids first grade all the way to fifth. She took a deep breath and sighed. She got to her classroom room 315, Mrs. O’Brien’s room. She wheeled her way in and looked in at everyone. Some kids were reading, some of the girls were talking in a circle of desks, and a bunch of the boys were in the corner sitting on desks or standing. She made her way to a desk and began to lift herself to the seat, when a little girl came in. Brown hair and green eyes, she wore a jean jacket with black shoes. She looked directly at Aurora, but when Aurora saw she directly looked away. This didn't stop her though. The girl walked up to her and smiled.
“Hi!” Said the girl. Aurora looked up at her.
“Um, hi” she whispered.
“Why are we whispering” said the girl kneeling down to her “ My name is Sarah”
“My name is Aurora.”
            “That's a pretty name” they laughed together. “So you're new here right?” Sarah said in a regular tone.
            “Yeah.” They talked a little and the entire time her legs nor her chair was mentioned. She knew she he found a good friend.
            Back at the house Jack and Mark were playing super smash bros. Jack tried to move mark’s controller but failed. Then Mark moved in front of him. “Hey!” Jack yelled “that's cheating” he laughed.
            “Coming from you! Yes!” Mark yelled after Mark made the finale blow.
“Aw come on!” Jack screamed
“It's not my fault you're bad at this game.” Jacked laughed at his remark.
“I call a rematch.”
           “Okay if you wanna.” They restarted the game and began their battle. Jack had a plan though, when his Health began to get low he leaned over and placed a kiss on his lips. Jack then began to beat up mark’s character.
“Ha! I win” Mark laughed at him
“Yep definitely a cheater.” Everything that year went perfectly Sarah and Aurora became best friends and Mark and Jack were happy together. They went through all this For A Daughter.

The author's comments:

I tried to put is as a novel but it wouldn't allow me so...

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