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Word on the Street

November 11, 2019
By alliparish BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
alliparish BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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 Word on the Street

    It’s October 22, 1969, and I’m walking down the street, when I hear all this commotion and talk. The ‘word on the street’ is Ozzy Osbourne’s album; his new release of Rock n’ Roll music is changing music and people around the world. As a lover of music, I decided to give his music a chance and pick up a copy from the nearest store. 

    The native British singer and songwriter, Ozzy Osbourne, also known as John Michael Obsurne, is an inspiring Rock n’ Roll artist. His release of Led Zeppelin has turned the tables in the United States. I took the copy home and put it into my cassette tape, turning the volume all the way up. Since the release of his first song, my taste in music has drastically changed. I’ve never heard of anything like this before. Ozzy Osbourne has released a genre of music that the world has yet to hear a lot of. I am lucky to be able to witness this major turning point in the history of music. 

From the standpoint of a small town girl, who is a lover of music, my life has been changed by the power of his music. The music I’ve listened to before the release of his album consisted of blues, folk, and pop. I haven’t heard anything like Ozzy’s music before; upbeat, heavy, high energy and deep base. It’s almost like a different genre that has developed and brought upon deeper stories and higher levels of energy. Besides myself, businesses and individuals all across town have been talking about it-- from newspapers, letters, and announcements over the radio, Ozzy has made a hit. 

Newspaper articles have come out into the streets and let the public know all about it. A brief section of a newspaper article states:

At the end of the 1960s, Ozzy, known as John Osbourne, has become a vastly known rock n’ roll artist from Aston, Birmingham. His, spunky, thrilling music quickly captured the ears of rock fans that didn’t even know they were rock n’ roll lovers. His success is hitting the streets everywhere and it has blown up more than anyone could have ever imagined.

His band, Black Sabbath, released their first album, which rang of monolithic sounds. They are turning the tables and defining heavy metal and rock n’ roll music during this whole process.

Ozzy and the boys are coming in as the underdogs, but their popularity is favoring more success in the near future. Rolling into the start of the 70’s, it is sure that they are going to gain more respect and fans because of the confidence and uniqueness of their music. They even are reaching the top of the charts with copies sold, and fans gained.

    From the moment I had listened to Black Sabbath's music, I was captured a fan from the start. The vibe of their music is hardcore, yet rythmitic. Not knowing that their music would evolve into the most famous genre of the time with the most copies sold, I was there from the beginning.

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This piece is about Ozzy Osbourne

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