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Out of many, One

September 6, 2023
By jr0381285 BRONZE, Pasadena, Texas
jr0381285 BRONZE, Pasadena, Texas
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 Boom! A comet seemed to have hit the city. The comet was actually a deadly bomb that wiped the whole city without mercy. Luckily, Asher was not in Bremen when that bomb dropped. Asher was in Poland not knowing he was a big part of the Holocaust. While he was thinking about what happened to his family, he was suddenly dragged by the hand by a Nazi. He was thrown into a teleporter built by Hitler’s craziest scientist. The teleporter was meant to travel to California & get futuristic weapons to help them win the war.

 Once teleported, Asher woke up in a bed followed by a woman standing next to him. He tried to speak but the woman knew he was mute and went to the pharmacy to get medicine. The woman told him to stay where he was then she left. As soon as she closed the front door, he got up and wandered around the house. He walked up to the living to see vintage bright colors, oranic shapes across and leopard prints across the furniture. He saw the kitchen and ran to the fridge for him to eat snacks, fruits, & drinks since he was starving. When the woman came back she saw him chew on what was left of an apple. She shoved a pill into his mouth then introduced herself as Loretta. 

 At the time, Asher was 12 years old so Loretta took care of him until he became 22 years old. As time passed by, Asher understood what had happened in 1942. He needed to return to his time but he didn’t have a teleporter. Loretta thought of something wild but not impossible. She thought of traveling at the speed of light. They could build a car with the capability to travel in time. Asher looked at her in a confused way. They could ask if they could borrow the car from a mad scientist called Dr. Hans. Loretta met him in college, became best friends but got into an argument about time traveling not being possible and that ended their friendship. She still wanted to try to reason with him and drove to his home. When they arrived, they knocked on the door but there was no sound coming from the other side. Loretta knocked again and this time someone answered. Loretta was confused to see an old lady open the door and asked where Dr. Hans was. Before answering the question, the old lady looked at her surprised and as she hasn't seen her in a long time. The old lady said she had no idea & that they had gone to the wrong house. Loretta was very certain that it was his home but ended up leaving. After closing the door, the old lady took out what looked like a pen out of her pocket and pressed a button that uncovered the real person behind her. He took a deep breath and walked slowly to his garage. Being there, he took down the covers of his car and stared at the bright lights coming out of it.

 Loretta did not give up and thought of doing a car out of scratch. She still had the note Hans gave her in college. In the notes, it explains possible ways of building a car that can time travel. But the thing was, how will they get the supplies needed to build it?. Only one man knew but he seemed to have vanished. The notes only had the possible combinations but not the supplies that are needed. Loretta put the notes down on the table and sat there in silence with Asher for a minute. Asher asked her “Is there someone else that could be of help?”. She thought of it deeply and suddenly realized something. She said “The Thinker” loud and proud. Asher’s eyes glowed up & Loretta took him by the hand on their way to The Thinker’s home. 

 When they got there, they thought they went to the wrong house because it looked abandoned. They knocked on the door and waited for a few minutes. As soon as they took one step away, he opened the door and said the name “Loretta?”. The Thinker invited them inside his home & asked to sit down. Loretta explained to him about their plan to send Asher back to 1942 & why they needed his help. The Thinker stopped thinking and concluded that he could help but with a risk. The risk was that if Asher went back to his era, he could change history. He thought about ways to not change history but it was the only way their plan could work. Loretta and Asher concluded that they will take the risk. Meanwhile The Thinker started to build the teleporter, Asher started to train and steal armor since he had no money.

 A year has passed by and The Thinker had built the teleporter and was ready to go. Before Asher even stepped in, the teleporter malfunctioned at the last minute. The Thinker did not know what was wrong with it, but after he saw the battery was low, he needed to charge it or it would not work. There was wind outside of where he teleported so it was hard to do anything. Asher was timed because the other teleporter in Germany had to be opened at the same time. There were two minutes left before the other teleporter closed and there was 90% charge. One minute passed and it was 100% so he just needed to step in the teleporter. He was so sad to leave because he will miss everything in California. He thanked both of them and looked at Loretta one last time, then he stepped in.

 Asher let out his anger on the Nazis when he got there and started to shoot his weapon that blew heavy air. It took the Nazis by surprise so they were not prepared to shoot. When he was done with that wave of Nazis another army came prepared with tanks, airplanes, and bombs. All of their bombs and bullets hit Asher at once until he was covered in smoke that you could not see him. There was silence for a second and then they saw him come out of the smoke undamaged. Asher took out his electric weapon and shot one Nazi, followed by another, & another one until every Nazi present was electrocuted. The only survivor left was Hitler himself only with a pistol. Adolf shot Asher until his ammo ran out but all of those bullets reflected him thanks to the invisible armor that he bought. After he was done, he let all of the innocent people free and was later called “The Lone Ranger”. Before Hitler shot himself, Asher told him that he teleported the wrong person.

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