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Cowboy Redemption

September 7, 2023
By Anonymous

Arthur tells his brother John to leave and to be,’’a god damn man’’;Arthur was a outlaw who robbed, killed and murdered in cold blood all his life since a young boy but he was also a robin hood type figure. Till one day the time for people like him and his gang was over it had been 1899 the era of the dying west;Arthur caught tuberculosis beating a man to death for owing his gang money. Realizing his life has went to waste he decided to become a better man because in his eyes it wasn't too late.’’Arthur keep pushing! C’mon we don't have ti-’’, says John,’’ Nope, (spits blood) I've pushed all i can now go you've got a family.’’ says Arthur,’’Arthur!’’ says John,( arthur spitting more blood),’’ We both know we both aint gonna make it now get the hell outta here and be a goddamn man!.’’

 Arthur knew how it felt to lose a family his son and wife were found murdered for 6$ in their own home. Arthur gave john his hat and belongings. John, filled with worry and adrenaline takes off while arthur heads up top the mountain to distract the pinkertons from finding john. While fighting for his life ready to pass away for his brother john .Micah comes and tackles Arthur from behind knocking the wind out of him.,’’you rat!’’ says Arthur,’’Im a survivor black lung theres only winning and losing.’’

 Arthur then pulls Micah off of him and throws both of each other down the cliff. A sickly Arthur tries to pull his punches but after so much fighting and shooting, the tuberculosis finally caught up to him he was going to die the same way he caught the disease. Arthur half way dead attempts to reach for Micah revolver but out of nowhere Dutch steps on Arthur hand as soon as he grabbed it.’’It is over now. Arthur.’’ Arthur beaten to a bloody pulp tells dutch in his last few breathes says,’’ Hes a rat Dutch you know it and I know it. Not John not sean hell not even mrs.o’shea.’’ arthur says in a calm almost happy demeanor.’’Hes lying dutch hes dying he doesnt know what hes saying.’’ says micah,’’ Milton told me dutch all them years. I gave you all I had.’’ Dutch realizing how he let his son down he walks away staring at both of them thinking about how he let a man he met 6 months ago kill his son.’’C’mon Dutch don't leave we’re rich, Dutch I never Sni-!. Arghh!.’’ Micah then walks off the cliff not wanting to kill arthur because deep down he knew arthur was better than him morally. A dying arthur slowly crawls to the end of the cliff facing the sun and lays down facing the sunrise coming arise. Facing west but passing away so far east they couldn't run away anymore arthur breathes his last breath while staring at the sunrise he knew after everything he did wrong in his life he would be the one in control of his own peace.

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Im a teenager at Pasadena Memorial High School. I like burgers

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