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Self Acceptance and Love

September 8, 2023
By Anonymous

   As a girl who strongly embraced her Christian faith, Kaylee found herself standing at crossroads, torn between her beliefs and the fear of rejection. This internal conflict added a touch of tension to her tale, as she grappled with the decision of whether to reveal her true self to Nate, the guy who had captured her heart. Nate was only then more spiritual than Christian which is why Kaylee was so afraid she might lose the chance to be able to have something with Nate. They spent many good moments in the one class they had together, theater. Since Nate would be the one to come up with the upcoming play, they were in for a lot of acting and working together, so it was the perfect opportunity for Kaylee to see if any feelings would come along. As Kaylee grew closer with Nate, she felt as if they were already together. Kaylee's friends strongly advised her not to be a "Jesus Freak" around Nate, because they believed Nate wouldn't like a girl like that. Kaylee decided to be more like her friends, going out, drinking, and just partying every weekend with Nate to fit into the category of the type of women Nate would want. Kaylee got so caught up on trying to be someone she's not and completely felt like she lost her faith and belief in god. Kaylee navigated the intricate dance of pretending to be someone she wasn't, all the while yearning for the acceptance she deserved. 

   One night, Kaylee had arrived with a few of her friends to another party in hopes to find Nate around. The night went by without a sight of Nate. Kaylee decided to ask around for Nate, and was told that he was indeed at the party, but just haven't been seen for some time. Kaylee searched for Nate in the rooms of where the party was being held, and to her surprise, he was found with one of her closest friends. She was very upset. Kylie jumped as she realized she has been caught with Nate by her friend Kaylee. Instead of apologizing to Kaylee, Kylie was angry with Kaylee and told her that Nate would never want to be with a "Jesus Freak" like her. Nate spoke, and said "You're a Christian?" Kaylee with tears in her eyes responded to Nate with a simple yes. Nate had no words for Kaylee after that, and instantly made Kaylee run out crying. Once Kaylee  came home to her mother, she cried in her arms wondering what was so bad about being Christian. After a long talk with her mom, Kaylee's realization that true love and acceptance come from embracing one's true self brought a sense of resolution. 

The author's comments:

This story is based on true events of a girl named Rachel Scott.

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