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Assassins duty sneak peek 1

November 18, 2009
By tomtamtimmy GOLD, Sydney, Other
tomtamtimmy GOLD, Sydney, Other
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Jerusalem 140 A.D.

A secret assassin school is teaching new assassins from the age of 15. they learn how to climb, fight, run, pick pockets and stealthy attack and kill a set target. How to fall, hide and weld blades. This is the black lion assassin clan, that stretches all across the holy land and now are moving into Venice. This story is based on one student In particular. Tyson mane. An expert on agility and speed. One sunny afternoon Tyson was practicing in the fields with his friends. They were playing a game called hit and run. One person is the target with 2 bodyguards. In this case Tyson’s best friend elixir phantom was the target. And everyone else was the assassin. Whoever ends the targets turn has to point there assassin blade at the targets throat and shouts ‘yield’ becomes the target. The assassins blade is a blade that is strapped to the wrist and once the lock is shook the blade produces over the wearers knuckles. It is a lethal stabbing weapon used for assassination. Until they are a full assassin it is blunt. the target normally has a sword while the guards have swords or bows. All weapons are blunt until they become full assassins. They wear white flowing robes with a hood that hides their face in shadow. They are not allowed to have lovers let alone wives. Ok lets get on with the story…..

The sound of crunching grass was easily heard all around as 3 young assassins step into the afternoon sun. their robes flowing in the breeze. The paddocks surrounding the one in which they were standing had grain stalks level with their heads, like a wall of swaying grass.
‘Elixir what should we do’ said the one on the right to the assassin in the middle. Elixir stood for a while thinking. The long grass is a good spot for an enemy to hide. And we won’t know until it’s too late.
‘we will move forward. I am getting bored with the game anyway’ said Elixir in a bored tone of voice ‘lets- whoaaaa! Oh oh oh d---!’
He had taken a step into a trap that dragged him towards the grain stalks and into the next paddock. a couple of seconds later a giggle ridden ‘yield’ was heard amongst the grain near where Elixir was sucked into. This then turned into hysterical laughter.
‘not funny ty. don’t ever do that again. Not funny’ said Elixir from behind the wall of grain. More laughing.
‘not funny’ said Elixir again
‘want me to pull the line again’ said someone in hysterical laughter
‘ no what the heck is wrong with you Tyson’
Then out came two young assassins from the grain. The one on the right was the assassin Elixir, on the left was the assassin Tyson.
‘that wasn’t funny ty’ said Elixir
‘yes it was’ laughed Tyson.
They all flicked their hoods down so there facial features were revealed. Including the assassins guarding Elixir. Tyson had brown hair with white skin. Not pale but a good healthy color. He had emerald green eyes and a slim healthy body. He was very handsome except for the large scar across his left eye. Elixir had black coarse hair, beautiful blue eyes with broad shoulders and a muscular body that was a bit shorter than Tyson’s.
‘good work oatmeal’ said Tyson to one of Elixirs mock body guards. Oatmeal’s real name is wolf but due to his oatmeal colored hair he was given the name oatmeal. He is tall with brown eyes and had very long limbs. He looks like he hasn’t gotten enough food to eat but he is as strong as a rhino and even more lethal. His hand to hand combat teacher had first called him that, and the name stuck like dried blood to a shirt.
‘smart one ty’ said another fake bodyguard. His name was jira. he had black soft hair, deep blue eyes and dark colored skin, And extremely tall. He said that when he first started it was hard to find a robe to his size. He is the best archer anyone knows.
‘hey guys, guys!’ shouted Elixir
‘’what’ shouted every one else
‘look’ said Elixir.
the black lion assassin training center was on fire.

The author's comments:
its part of a book that i am writing and hoping to publish so i am not going to show all the book.

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