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Trust in words

August 6, 2010
By shakesbeer GOLD, Middletown, Connecticut
shakesbeer GOLD, Middletown, Connecticut
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There was a covenant between god and the Israelites; he would protect and guide them, and they would spread his love to the gentiles.

This was before Saul, Israel was not ruled by kings,.but prophets ordained by god like Moses, and Joshua guided the people..Elijah the prophet of fire was taken to heaven on a chariot of fire by god and his understudy Elisha was now the prophet of Israel.

Israel was a young nation settled upon the valley of Canon, and her enemies were unnumbered and without out yield in their disgust of her presence. They plotted against her. Elisah was wiry and thin, he stood a great length taller than most men, his bushy wild eyebrows raced to meet each other, and his warm eyes drowned in a pool of weary skin, wrinkled by the worries of a nation. His movements were slow and poised yet graceful, his frail frame was engulfed in a striped cloak and in his maiden hand he held., By virtue of tradition, a shepherd’s staff.

Elisha ’s eyes pierced out over Israel and saw that it was good, under his steady guide Israel had prospered and multiplied, god blessed them with such a great abundance there was not room enough to receive. As their purses filled the jealous anger of there foes increased ten fold. A host of nations grumbled as Israel constructed store houses for its new found wealth, among them were the Philistines and the Babylonians nations with mighty armies.

Elisha sent out missionaries to all the lands to spread the love of god but they were told everywhere they went, that if they dare return their heads would not make the journey home with them.

The opponents of Israel nearly soiled themselves with frustration watching the Jews prosper their eyes doubled over with an ivory glaze, brimming with darkness, and sour with contempt; watching the Israelite feast ever so extravagantly at the expense of their prowess. Jealous and desperately wicked, Israel’s enemies aligned themselves as one and amassed an gargantuan army in Israel’s northern border.

Three hundred thousand warriors among the huddled, horrific, merciless, masses, their eyes glowing a dim red, were mountain ogres with spiked clubs, a Hundred Handers with slingshots, Minotaurs from the east with battle axes forged from metals from a volcanic core, nostrils flaring in utter contempt and mouths watering with a lust for blood. Foot solders bearing the flags of foreign idol worshiping kings, clad with heavy bronze plates, burdened with tactical shields and at their hips were broad swords half the size of a man; fingers itching to draw their swords through Jewish flesh. A mist composed of the army’s stench, drowning the air above them, rose and darkened in the sky.

The march of the mob shook the foundation of the earth and awoke the Israelites, who ran to Elisha screaming, “what will we do, surely the lord our god has forsaken his people we will all die, who must be killed to atone! ”

Elisha was appalled,”is there none among you who remember the covenant of the lord thy god, none will die not a hair will fall from your head in these times, go back to your homes and pry, will tend to affairs.“

Elisha stood on a hillside and spread his arms and cried out to god, whips of fire crackled violently across the sky, the whimpers of little children followed. The threat the armies posed seemed to burden the skies,. “God why have you forsaken your faithful children from you why have you brought doom to our footsteps of Jerusalem, what of the covenant.”

“No, today I will not only solidify our covenant but I will show the world the rue power of god, from this day on you will surely trust in my word, go out to them and stand firm”

at the field of Mageddon on Israel’s northern border the ram horn was blown and the armies of evil marched into Israel. There at the end of the field stood Elisha fearlessly, he raised his staff and said, “stop or you will surely face the wrath of god”

a Black steed shroud in gold strode out from the dark abyss, a stocky bronze skinned warlord with flowing black hair burdened the horse, a scar ran through his left eye rendering it useless and turning the pupil a glaring white. He chuckled saying “Die your people must, remove thine self -- or head I will part from thine very neck, blood enough to quench bazaar’s thirst will be freely spilled on this unholy ground, infidel”

His speech was harsh Hebrew was not his native tongue, Elisha bowed his head “I have tried reason to no avail”

What happened next was a scene so gory and horrific words dare not live up to its true description for fear the reader would faint in terror. The heavens darkened more and a great lion descended on four wings of an eagle, on its back was the angel of death. All need be said is that bits of bone and parcels of flesh only remained so small that the vultures and mice could not be satisfied.

The Jewish missionaries spread the word of god freely now their enemies were removed and there words of a one god was well received because everyone knew what had perspired at Meggadon, so everyone who believed on god prospered.

It is said that the field of Meggadon is cursed to this day by the blood, you may know it as Armageddon.

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