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the nazis spy

October 6, 2010
By ladykate100 SILVER, Nunda, New York
ladykate100 SILVER, Nunda, New York
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I hesitate not wanting to be seen. I need to leave I know that no one will be out in this down pour but I don't trust my appearance from my vivid blue eyes to my fiery red hair, but most of all the bright Star of David sown bright against my dark faded clothes. I shrink back scared. I can see a man silhouetted against the light from a nearby street light. "Sara. Sara please come out." My heart leaps with joy at his voice. Its only Mark and I know with him I will always be safe. "I'm over here." I call quietly through the rain as I step in to the chill water toward him. He rushes over. "Oh good I found you!
I was worried I wouldn't get a chance to say goodbye." I hug him close to my body "I wouldn’t leave you without saying so." Thunder booms in the distance covering foot falls. Sensing the danger knowing it is time "I need to go." I whisper “I know and his lips brush mine as he speaks. His warm hands slide down to the small of my back as our kiss deepens and his warmth fills me. I know no matter how far away I have to run this kiss will always be burned into my memory. I break the kiss slowly not wanting to cause him any more pain "please stay, I'm sure I can find a place safe enough to hide you." I shake my head "No l-l can't I don't want her to find me!" he nodes finally understand him like I knew he would." Goodbye" I whisper my voice hoarse as I chock back tears. I turn and run into the rain cold now that I am without his warmth. I think I heard him call but I don't look back. If I do I will never be able to leave.
I watch with glee as Sara leaves this is what I have wanted for the past year and a half I knew if she stayed hidden long enough she would crack "weak little girl." l muttered to myself now I can have Mark all to myself this is how it should be her running from the Nazis while I cuddle with Mark. It was not hard to get to the leader of a nearby camp. With my blonde hair and blue eyes I am the type Hitler loves most and more important to his cause, I have information.

As I watch her leave the rain hides the tears that trickle slowly down my face. "Sara!" I yell but she doesn't answer she just keeps running we used to do that together. We would run through fields of flowers till we fell and rolled laughing on to the cool grass. I smiled at the memory. "Mark" a piercing voice cuts the air interrupting my thoughts. Selene. The young woman that made me lose Sara. I turn eyes flaring in rage through my tears.

"What do you want!?" l say gruffly pulling a gun from the inmost pocket of my coat, "well what are you going to do now that Sara is gone? Hmm Mark." Selene said undeterred by the gone pointed at her chest. "It is none of your business what I do with my life. Selene"
I sneer as I say her name "now I would leave before I get a little more trigger happy than I am right now!” “Oh come on Mark you won’t shoot me. You know that down you love me." "Never!" and I cock the gun "Mark" she whines. Bam!! I couldn't take it anymore. This snake made my love have to run and many others. She was dead before she hit the ground. I turn and walk away, people die every day here. No one will notice another dead body.

The author's comments:
this is about a 3 people the 2 girls both love the boy mark but he only has eyes for sara so selene goes to the nazis to getrid of sara

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