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Revolutionary War letter

September 15, 2011
By CreativeModelSould ELITE, Punta Gorda, Florida
CreativeModelSould ELITE, Punta Gorda, Florida
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Dear my wonderful wife and three beautiful children,

How are things there? I miss you all SO much!! I always have your picture with me and think about you all the time. Just remember that unless I am fighting we would have no hope of freedom. We can’t all ask why can’t the other men fight, why does our dad have to be out there? If we all asked that there would be no one else to fight for us. I still praise God that I am alive and well and you should too.

The last battle I fought in was in Charlestown, Massachusetts on Friday, June 16, 1775. I know that you are all giggling at me right now for putting the year, but when you’re a solider you soon forget the date all together! What a great place Massachusetts was! It probably would have been beautiful if the cloud of death and war hadn’t been hanging over us. We fought hard against Great Britain. They were led by Sir William Howe, but we were led by Dr. Joseph Warren, Israel Putnam, and William Prescott! This battle was called the battle of Bunker Hill which was funny because we didn’t fight on Bunker Hill. It should’ve been called Battle of Breed’s Hill.

The British were going to try to take over Dorchester Heights. This was the END of the rope for us!! There were 2,300 of us and we didn’t get much sleep the night before. General Prescott took us up to the hill so we’d get there before those freedom stealing Brits. Unfortunately, many of the men around me were unintelligent, drunk, and wouldn’t heed many words from our own Generals. In the morning, as soon as the sun hit our eyelids we started fighting the enemy. Gun shots rang on and off. We had a few very short breaks to catch our breath in between. We fought hard.

Every time we tried to ambush they ran up the hill to try and overtake us. They did these four or five times. They came really strong! They did end up taking our hill, but about 1,000 of their men got hurt and only 400-600 of ours got hurt. I’d say that means we won. ? Our courage has been renewed!!! Keep us in your prayers!


Heb. 13:5

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