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Letter to the Editor

October 7, 2012
By inkblot13 PLATINUM, Auburn, New York
inkblot13 PLATINUM, Auburn, New York
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My Dear Editor,

In this great year of 1850, the territory of California wishes to enter statehood in these United States. However, the matter troubling Congress is not one of statehood, for California would make a great and welcome addition, but if the territory shall be a slave state or a free state. Senator Clay has brought up a proposal that would admit California as a free state, but pass the Fugitive Slave Act. This act would require all citizens of these states, young and old, to report fugitive slaves and would practically bride commissioners into returning the slave or captured freeman to a slave holder.

I ask you, and the rest of the nation this, how can we pass this Fugitive Slave Act? Even more important, how can this great nation we live in that is based on liberty and justice for all, continue on with the crime of slavery? Those in favor of slavery often point to religion and history to say that holding people in bondage is a natural part of life. The Bible reads that Abraham had slaves and Paul returned Philemon to his master, but these men were not perfect; it’s human nature to make mistakes and misjudgments. And Editor, though the South looks to the Bible to condone slavery, they conveniently forget that Genesis 1:27 reads man is created in God’s own image. Therefore, by holding people to a status of slavery, the South is holding God’s creation made in His own image in bondage.

Those who defend slavery will also say that slavery has existed throughout history; the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians all had slaves. In fact, take your pick of any ancient empire and evidence will show that they most likely had slaves. While this is all true, is history not subject to change? And do we not learn of these old world powers to ensure that history will not repeat itself?

To borrow an abolitionist argument, slavery is anti-American and rather hypocritical. Our Declaration of Independence states that every man has the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” among other inalienable rights. These men, women, and children held in the bondage of slavery living in our nation deserve the same rights to life that we ourselves hold so dear.

The Revolution was fought because when these states were colonies ruled over by Great Britain, our Founding Fathers felt the colonists had very limited rights that were diminishing rapidly. War was not their first choice; they had hoped that the sword of the father would never be stained with his children’s blood. But war did occur, and if war is the result of emancipating the slaves in these United States, so be it.

Editor, I’ll leave you with these two final thoughts; have you ever noticed those who are against abolishing slavery, aren’t slaves? And have you ever meet a slave or freeman who is begging for bondage?
Sincerely yours,

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