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August 8, 2015
By Adia16 GOLD, Nampa, Idaho
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I look around in the quiet night to the old barn and play ground that was on his property.  Here we pretended all sorts of time travel since Danny was into that sort of thing. The place I was so familiar with seemed like a different place entirely. The full moon light making the playground seem forbidden with so many bright memories it couldn't seem possible.

He approaches the blue and white tube slide he called it a Transcendence when we were kids we pictured ourselves as time travelers from our 1970 period. We would play in the barn of the Dark Ages to the Wild West. It was our way to escape the wars that blew up during our late childhood. Until things settled down this past year of 1977.  Me and Danny decided to return to the old playground since we graduated from the perils of high school.

Today, being the day we met and earned each other's friendship. We were like siblings inseparable, where we are today. I broke up with my boyfriend a few weeks ago when I found he was cheating. Danny never really liked girls he claimed that they were too dramatic and that they would try to change him since his horrible break up in Middle School. Since then he prided himself in being alone, but never hesitated if I needed help or to hang out or forget everything.

I watch Danny climb up the ladder to the top of the slide. I smile watching him go to the top and look at me it's time to transcend time Lisa.  I smile as the words of the promise escape my lips "On the stars I will ride if you stay by my side."  Danny smiles and replies the same promise back to me the Transcendence taking each word from him.
Danny turned to me as the white and light blue light formed a tunnel. The Transcendence, I couldn't believe it so many people thought it was crazy to go through time. Who could blame them? I was one of them. I loved Danny, but whenever he spoke on the Transcendence's we would be in endless waves of laughter. I was beginning to think it was a joke until now.

Danny's figure in almost complete shadow, turns to me a smile on his face. He says something I can't quite catch. His hand extends out to me, I glance back at the tunnel it seemed like a mirror how things bent around each other in the spiral. Waves of excitement and dread pulse with my unsteady quick heart beat. It climbs to my mouth creating a sweet and sour throbbing taste. I clasped hands with Danny. As his fingers entwined with mine, a force ripped him from me. I suddenly felt like I was being crushed I couldn't breathe. Darkness took over me.

My head aced as I sat up, Was I on a bed? I looked around it was a simple room. A mirror and sink complex caught my eye. I examined my cloths, hands and arms. I stared at them in dismay looking back over to the sink and mirror. Lots of dirt.. nothing like a little soap can't fix. My hands move across feeling smooth sink cold biting into my palms and icing my finger tips. I turn on the facet looking for the soap.

My eyes darted there was only two boxes one was smaller than the other. I moved to the smaller. I wave my hand in front of it  a groaning noise made me jump my arm hit the other box another groaning sound. I looked at each the bigger box had now a brown sheet. My fingers brushed it, tracing over the rough bumpy surface. I angle my head to look at the other box it had a pile of white foam. I moved closer to it. It looked like soap, smiling I waved my hand in front of it catching the white foam in my other hand. I rubbed and massaged it into my arms and hands. I washed it all off. Then started on my face satisfied I turned to the other box grabbing the scratchy paper. I dried my hand and arms. I disposed it in the waste basket.

I fixed my matted hair into its messy up-do. Smiling with satisfaction I turned to the door. Turning the handle, bright light flashed as I stepped out into the chilling hallway. I look around a young man dressed in all blue approached me. I smiled "Excuse me sir can you tell me where I am?"

He blinked at me his voice harsh "Ok. How did you get out?  Never mind." he snapped before I could reply.
My arms were pinned and was lifted off the ground a ways . I start screaming tears flooding down my cheeks. Danny where's Danny?! What did I say or do to deserve this?

I felt like a vacuum had come sucking up the all the air in my room. I scrambled unto my feet, looking behind me I saw the transcendence fade. I ran my vision blurry. I was pushed and shoved. Looking around in a panic I didn't recognize anything the buildings as tall as sky scrapers screens flashing words.  People pushed and shoved past me like I was nothing. Uttering things I couldn't understand their phrases jibbers. My eyes scan each person Danny.....Danny .....Danny.... my heart pounded.

Pain shoves me to the ground. I hold my head which was screaming. I looked at the person who ran into me.
Meg Amari?  I whispered she froze" how do you know me? Wh...Who are you?" I shake my head enable to answer as red seeped down my cheek from my right side.

Meg gasped you need something on that my apartment isn't too far away. "I'm Lisa" I mumbled. Meg smiled my grandmother talked about her best friend Lisa and how she disappeared with her boyfriend one night.
It seemed like a long trek to Meg's apartment. She knocked twice fumbling with her keys. She paused helping me over to a bench. Meg lowered so I could sit down. Meg smiled one moment. She rushed inside.

When a man came out he smelled interesting. He put something on my head it stung a lot. He winced "sorry, just stay with me ok? My name is Cole." I looked at him my vision hardly making him out. He looked a lot like Danny his face soft and hair bright red to Danny's charcoal black hair. He helped me to my feet after wrapping something and gaze around my head. He supported and helped  me into the family room two boys sat watching a black box. I was laid on a coach. All turned black.

I awoke to a dull pain something like a wrap on my head. Meg smiled "Hey I brought you water" She helped me sit up. The cool water snapped me awake. My mind awake. "Lisa is it?"  a young boy turned from the box. His dark hair against his caramel skin with light freckles under his eyes. He wore a dark blue pants and a red shirt.   I smiled to him "Yes, it is."

The boy beamed "You know you talk in your sleep?"

"I ...."  I flush in embarrassment not sure what I did or what this boy knows.

The boy blinked and continued "You asked about Ma and Pa? We have no Pa, he left when Meg was my age. We never knew our mom." I sat up, "so, your father doesn't work? Or your mom doesn't cook? "

"No and no"

Meg hesitated "Chris" she hissed.  he continued as Meg went out in a huff it seemed into a kitchen that was a straight line from the living room. Meg had the same features as Chris beautiful caramel skin dark raven hair and beautiful brown eyes. She seemed to be around thirteen.

"We live with our ant and cousins. You missed dinner but Meg or I wouldn't eat until you awoke. Do you have a Ma and Pa? "I nod making sure I was careful of any potential wounds.  "Yes, my mom stays at home and does the work around the house. My Pa goes to work early in the morning and comes home for dinner."

"Is that how you life is like? Chris pauses to think about it, for a moment then shakes his head. "How awful, I prefer my life here." he commented I smile watching Chris reminded me of my young cousins that I loved so much. Meg came in with three plates, she was calm but hesitant towards me.

"Mac and cheese!" He squealed delight. Meg smiled handing him his plate, instantly the hard emotions melted probably caught by Chris. Who took care of it in his joy for what Meg had made. Meg smiled for a moment the ice returned in her eyes. "Lisa? Would you like a bite to eat?"

I shake my head to dismiss her offer as a rumble sounded, eyes watching little Chris sit down again. Eating in pleasure, He picked up a box with tons of  buttons on it. As he pressed on the TV changed on its own.
"Is that a television?"  Meg handing her a plate she nodded.  The Mac and Cheese seemed like noodles in a weird orange like sauce. I didn't want to show disrespect.  "Thank you very much ."

I bite my lip at the words out of habit left my lips before I could stop it. I don't even know the proper manners here. Meg stopped she smiled "Thank you... it's been a while since I've heard that." I relax knowing I probably should just observe the manner of this time and adapt. Chris turned "Monk is on, Meg." he flipped it again.
Meg taking the remote turns it back to the show "Monk". I take a hesitant bite at the weird noodles it tasted odd but satisfied me instantly.

I stare in horror as the episode progressed How could people be this way? Why would someone kill more than one person for fun?! How could the television show this? Though I did smile at some parts. Well..this Monk guy is pretty funny with all his flaws. As the show continued the pain that the main character felt reminded me of my ex boyfriend John. My eyes tear up as I wipe them fiercely away. I should be done crying. I rub my stomach losing myself into thought. All alone in this new world. Maybe it's a good thing I don't have to face my parents for a while.

"Hey, can we change the channel?"  I freeze realizing I spoke out of turn once again. I chew the inside of my cheek. Hoping they didn't hear me which it took a few moments then Chris put down his meal. Picking up the remote and asked "what you want to watch?" My mind reeled for a long while,  "turn to....  I love Lucy or something like that please.."

Meg paused "Sorry?" she giggles "That hasn't aired in a long time." I flush in complete embarrassment. Of course not, I don't know where I am. Why would they know something or anything I'm related with. Ok....maybe a few similarities but learn to control yourself.

A song sounded from Megs pocket, she reaches in pulling a yet another black box. Sliding her finger up she answered. The strong beat made Lisa's ears hurt but vaguely familiar it seemed like Let's go to the Hop. 
I finish my meal of Mac and Cheese silent as the T.V. stayed on the show it was displaying before. I rub my stomach gently lost in thought. Oh..Danny where are you?

The author's comments:

This is an orginal story of an assignment to show how far we have come in the past years. If someone from the past was here now how they would react. I hope you enjoy! Please note the picture isn't mine along with some referances mentioned in the story. 

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