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Miracle in the Dark

November 5, 2015
By Adia16 GOLD, Nampa, Idaho
Adia16 GOLD, Nampa, Idaho
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Power was never allowed to women, it was abnormal.
Except Krysta, she wasn't like the women of her time, she secretly owned the night club known as the Karman.
To the world, the head musician who worked there; Richard would seem to own it. Richard only executed actions under her suggestions.
Krysta gave the night club to her son Adian on his 18th birthday. Through the months of April-September was closed to complete Adian's plan to remodel the aged club . He decided to take the Inn part of the Karman and make a outdoor plaza. They had just finished the outdoor attraction and continued to unpack in their new apartment across the street from Karman in Troy, New York.
Krysta was taking a break from unpacking on the chocolate brown love seat. As Adian unpacks he pauses "Mom..why don't we have any blood relatives? And why didn't you leave here?"
Krysta  flinched at the comment, she had successfully dodged his questions through his childhood. Now he was a young adult and she didn't fathom the questions would return.
There was a long pause Adian stared waiting quietly for an answer. Krysta came to the final conclusion Adian was inheriting the Karman, he should have the ability to know for himself of what he wanted.  
Krysta sighed stating "I guess now would be the best time than any later."
Adian's blue gray eyes nodded his deep brown hair fell in his face as he gave a nod. He almost lost the hat that rested on his head. Matching the gray suit he wore.  His shoulders relaxing his legs shifting from the locked position.
Leaning back smiling at Adian, Krysta's eyes go to a chest by the bookshelf.
Adian following the gaze goes over and picks it up bringing it over and setting the wooden carved chest on the small table before me. Krysta gently open it a statue was to the left of a journal. With tickets to movies and pictures, Krysta studies  the small black book as Aidan sits down next to her.
Krysta listened to the melody of her heartstrings composing a sad sweet melody. She opens the book to the title page of where a picture slips out.  Offer the first to him, Aidan studies the main picture of three boys and two girls.
Waiting for a while she  points out each person starting on the back right talking about each briefly: Aaron, Aiden, Nick, Klarissa, and me. 
Behind the boys was a majestic waterfall. "We called it Legend Falls on the day we discovered it."  Krysta commented as Adian studied everyone; Aaron had a cap on his hands shoved in his pockets with a sly smirk on his face. Aiden , frozen in a leaned in position his right arm around Klarissa' s shoulders and his left  hand on my left shoulder. Krysta gesturing to Aiden in a respectful awe "His smile could turn storms to sunshine."
Klarissa had the common red hair that most of our family shared. Klarissa's smile was a embarrassed delighted kind of look.  Krysta smiled as if she was telling a secret "That's Nick her current crush at the time was behind her. And the only one who returned interest, I was twelve at the time in the picture my blonde hair the most unique though I longed for the red hair, my big brown eyes with the soft heart shape face was the only thing I was proud of. "
Krysta half laughs half cries at the rush of memories from that day.
Krysta bites her lip to stop tears from flowing . "Adian? Since you wanted me to go through these old things, can you read the diary entries you want?"
Adian turns to Krysta eyes full of concern and understanding "Of course." He gently takes the book from my grasp and begins to read aloud his voice echoing the words he wanted to know for so long:
Dairy of Krysta Kaine
Summer of 1921-Autum of 1925
July 9th, 1921
It was a hot sunny day in our small town of Mountain Springs, Vermont. Which technically is at the bottom of the mountain from where we live.  
I spent the day with my siblings. Aidan my oldest brother and Klarissa my twin sister, who were preoccupied with their friends Nick and Aaron. Being the youngest had its charm of being ignored and given the excuse that the games were too complex for a girl like me to join. I took interest else where playing near the forests of where we lived with my constant companion Abby. Abby with deep gray markings with black freckles along her forehead around her eyes and back. Complimenting was a light orange color her brown eyes full of adoration and excitement to the world around her. Abby was given to us by our parents before the mining incident that took them away from us.
Since then, it was just Adian, Klarissa and I.  Abby was a puppy meant for all of us, though we had a tight bound. We were able to communicate by sounds and simple stares.
Today, we decided to play ball with a sky blue one of Abby's favorite. The rhythm of throwing the ball out and her bounding back with it was hypnotic. I didn't recognize the constant stinging in my legs when the ball would bounce back on the bar skin of my legs. Abby barked at me and I decided to kick the ball hard it was a little too hard. I waited for her return but she didn't come back.
I went after that dog in the emerald gold forest that was cool from the intense heat.  The sun's harsh rays making a few patches on the forest floor. After searching and calling for what seemed like hours I was close to quitting.
Abby barked in response  I came across a thick glade, seeing Abby running in circles chasing her tail in the sunlight patch. I called to her attempting to get her to come she goes into the trees bounding after her.
I never would expect to miss a sharp turn on a hikers path the sharp edge of dirt gave way. I turn to my side running my hands against the cliff as my feet dragged to try to stop me. Stinging pain of my hands responded, I looked for a ledge a branch anything to grab. Nothing was there. I hit the water and black took my vision.
Trying to swim against the strong current that rammed me into the rocks on either side. After all I recall is darkness and cold, that took over the world of color.
Consciousness returned with a numbed pain of cold. I was on my left side on the shore my face in the cold shallow waters. Something brushed my back I attempt to move my head to look at it piercing pain shot through me. Then I noticed I was shivering, I heard a familiar whining I whined in response to Abby. Abby licks at the top of my head carefully approaching me to help me sit up. I cry out my leg must be broken...I need a brace. 
In my adventures back home on the cliffs I never fell and never injured myself. Though that was my home and this new land America was all foreign to me. I notice limbs of close by trees.
I signal to Abby to fetch she goes to where I point grabbing hold of a long fallen limb. It takes her a while though she manages to bring it to me. I slip it under my right leg and push the upper part away from me to break in half was the plan. It took several attempts to do what I originally planed to take less than a minute. The sun was going down and I needed something to hold the brace together.  I look down at my dress and pause thinking about the dress it was the last one mom made me. I didn't have the heart to rip it.
Along the shore in a bit of arms reach are reeds that are perfect for weaving they should be fine for my brace. I look to Abby she pads to the fallen branches and gathers them into a pile. Abby seemed to be of a different intelligence that night. Even with my troubled way of communicating she understood exactly what I needed. I grab a reed quickly tie it around the top of my thigh. I repeat it to more times one just under my knee and the last near my ankle. I manage to get handfuls and place them away from the pile. I sit down my left leg outstretched. I take a smaller stick and a larger one and begin to rub it together. Abby lays down by me on my right side. I continue to do it until it catches fire I slip it into the pile and fix it slightly. I blow gently and the fire ignites.
After a while I finish with the weaved reeds for my brace. I replace the flimsy frayed reeds with the stronger braided tightly reeds. Abby once I replace the reeds goes to a area and begins to dig, I look over to the braided leftovers smiling deciding to by braid a collar for Abby.
I call to her to come she looks over coming over a stone in her mouth. I look at it and take it, the thin rock split in my hands. I smile and gently add it into the collar in the middle somehow completing it.  As I begin to slip it around her neck she growls in protest. I sigh the Abby I knew was back, Instead I put it around my own neck as soon as I did a worried angry voice stated my name. I could tell it was Adian. Instead of giving me the usual ear full lecture he made his way down slowly with a trail that led to the shore where I was. He approached and looked at my leg and scooped me up wordlessly and trudged back home. Calling out to the others he found me where I was taken home and given a hot bath and a check up from Nick who was a doctor. He gave me good news that my leg wasn't broken but sprained badly and I needed to stay in bed as I was staying in mom and dad's room the only one that had a fireplace in it.
Wrapped in all the blankets of my bed and their bed.
The following morning I received the lecture from Adian, to my surprise it was simply Next time, take someone who knows this land. Adian meant specifically Nick or Aaron. They were born and raised American, forsaking their real heritage.
June 16th, 1921
It has been a week since my incident. My so thought broken leg me and my family thought earlier was simply a sprain. Nick dashed my hopes of telling me it would have been better  if I had broken my leg. To this statement from the doctor, I was bedridden where I nearly went mad of boredom. Klarissa, gave me some of her books from her library, I read all of them with Abby by my side. I read each book aloud in a whisper so I could preserve my voice. It worked pretty well. I was relieved of bed duty once Adian made a brace and cane for me, he preferred working with wood and his works were amazing. He would place his wood carvings at the shops to be sold.
The remaining five, I helped Klarissa with her work. Klarissa is a very talented seamstress, she started with mom at our home. She would always point out that Klarissa had her beat. I always look at her and see our mom in her. Her heart shaped face, soft features, to her strong and skilled hands with the same fiery personality she possessed.
Adian took back after my father he was shy but strong and dedicated to the important things. Adian's English was the best out of all of us, he could conceal his accent for any possible threats. He had to do this because his job was involved with speaking to people, he was a butcher in the small down near the bottom of the mountain.
I am a mix of the two almost evenly, though I'd give anything to be like Klarissa. Klarissa as she worked had me collect the scraps remaining and set them in a basket that she would use later. She'd give me finished works to iron some remaining areas. Klarissa would go to the town by herself and didn't speak to anyone.
Tall bulky buildings lined both sides of roads. The shop that we were looking for was fourth on the left side. A slab of wood connected to the top told of the shop's name Edward's.
People hustled in and out quickly barely taking notice of us unloading the electric buggy.
Adian met us after by the shop, and told us some exploring was in order to find the perfect picnic spot. Nick and Aaron met up with us at our house and we headed in the direction Abby ran those days ago. We traveled along a hikers path until the forest gave way into a gray stones above us a about a few feet water met the rocks edge. Above us a white spray of a waterfall. Nick and Aaron informed us that they called the waterfall Legend. Aaron and Nick gave us stones as quarts but he gave me a opal stone. Smiling he suggested we follow what I did gesturing to my reed necklace.
We laughed enjoying a meal of home as Nick, Aaron, and Aidan weaved thick bracelets for themselves. Klarissa and I made ourselves necklaces. Nick and Klarissa seemed to be communicating through stares and smiles. I knew their secret they liked each other.
It felt like we were home, as we weaved our jewelry I felt more connected to each other and the magical earth. It was now a place where we can run to. Home, across the oceans where the earth is alive. Mystic Falls those who drink of the falls have great fortune at a cost. We each took our cupped hands and drank. The camera found in the basket was brought out and we quickly found a way to have us all in the photo.
That night was calm and still I couldn't sleep well.  Abby slept at my side nuzzling to me as I stoke her.
Low harsh whispers of a quarrel in the hallway makes me strain my ears. One was Adian the other of Klarissa. I wasn't able to catch what was said. Then a moment of silence stilled did they realize I was listening and awake?  I hold my breath soft crying begins and Adian's voice begins to comfort. Their voices faded away as they moved down the hallway. Flooding questions would keep me awake that night.
August 5th, 1921
The trees bend their heads from the overnight storm,  The sky and air is fresh and pure. Klarissa and Adian were going to the Edward's to drop off wood carvings, quilts and dresses. Due to the storm we were nervous of what it did to our orchard. I was to check on it while they were out, our orchard was located east of our front yard. I turn off the weaving  dirt road to our home on a hill. Abby weaves in between my legs I smile trying my best to avoid her.
Beginning to take the familiar hiking trail and follow it through the trees to the meadow and our orchard. The trees seemed to be enjoying and holding to all the water they took from the sky. Giving themselves what they need and pass it on to other trees, I always found it magical forests thrived together like that. I come to a stop as the trail slopes down a low grassy hill. To the far right I see the orchard.
Our orchard consists of: three nectarine trees, two peach trees, three apple trees. Wild black and raspberries grew around our orchard if we were lucky some years we had huckleberries. Setting the basket down I begin to  separate the dead branches Abby joins in playing with each stick then adding to the pile.  I gently kneel at the nectarine and the peach trees, look at the fruit on the ground  throwing the bad ones into the meadow. I harvest the ones that are ready the storm seemed to blow a few off but not too much damage to either the peach or nectarine trees. I go to the apple trees, same as the others its fine and on tract to be harvested next time. I approached the berries I picked four handfuls of blackberries and raspberries. I admit I had one or two berries, maybe more.
As I was finishing, Abby made a racket and took off towards the home. I sigh and finish with the branches and gathering them and binding them for Adian and hold the bundles in my other arm. The sun was high at noon when I arrived leaving the sun was close to completely being gone.
I took the trail back as soon as I was out of the tree canopy I saw the tower of smoke coming from where our house would be. I take to a run to the house begging that it wasn't our house not the one we all made with mom and dad. I arrived at the driveway and set the basket and bundles down, smoke choking in my throat as the red glow looking like my parents blood destroying their hard work.
Abby is growling and barking down the west hiker trail. Probably after those responsible. No time for them right now. 
I quickly glance back to the fire to  notice that the fire is in the front of the house. Away from my parents room breathing a sigh of relief.  The broken window is the one leading to my room. I take my dress covering my nose and mouth charging into the door grabbing wool blankets and throwing pails of water on the flames.
It roars brushing by my side burning a can't help but let out a scream of pained rage as I continue to wrestle with the fire. I run over to the back room dialing the firehouse quickly telling them where I am, I quickly hang up and continue the battle with the flames. Loud shouts seem like relief to me as they join me in the fight. Taking our joined forces under twenty minutes to put it out. 
Adian and Klarissa got out of the car, Klarissa seeing her library and her materials gone turned on me her eyes full of disgust. A fight began to break out between us before Adian pushed us apart.  I stormed off to Abby the words searing across my mind. Abby barks and whines her side bleeding favoring her back left paw. Abby leans against my left calf, bending down I scoop her into my arms.

October 25th, 1921
Adian's skills with wood was put to the test as the front entrance rooms needed to be rebuilt. Aaron and Nick helping with every step. Abby had a scar on her leg but she pulled through well. This time, it was my turn to look after her as she did as I sprained my leg. The weeks went by and Abby became healthy with barely a limp. The front of the house coming together accept the left side of the entrance of the house needs the last wall the skeleton of the foundation there. Adian stayed at Nick's and Aaron's house as me and Klarissa stayed in the back rooms. We refused to speak  to each other or look at each other. I wore a white dress with a blue belt and matching ribbon one of mom's favorites. Both of us armed with bows that we familiar with. Aaron and Nick held the wall in place as Adian supports it from the front.
I decided to get the supplies needed to finish the wall stroking Abby gently as I left. Returning with the car the house is torn and a crisp. Looking over I hear something as a party, following the sound I find myself in the east woods close to the waterfall Legend.
With every step, I hear the parties that continue to boom, surrounding  around my passed family and friends. Lots of people celebrating. The deaths, no one mourns, not even those who were close to us.  I had been worried and  went to check on them. To my dismay, the people I held most dear were gone! 
I knew this for I recognized Klarissa, Aaron, Nick and Aidan wearing their reed jewelry we made.
A tear ran down my face I instinctly clutched my necklace. The small round opal stone brushing the top of my rib cage. I looked around at people I thought I knew they were laughing and smiling, having a great time, taking no notice of the terrible sight. It made me sick I couldn't stand it!
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw them waiting outside the crowd. I looked to my left desperately seeing it was open and unguarded, I took my chances and ran.
I stopped to take a breath. Fresh and warm tears flood from my brown hazel eyes. As I turn to glance behind me to see the Klux in pursuit after me., armed with their knives and torches. Their shapes twist and change into shadows.  "Demons!"  my mind screams.
I  had come here for freedom and to be safe from those who hunted me. Instead the Klux now  join the shadows who haunt me.
Their shouts of excitement of curses and calling out, " Kill the curses that taint the land!" Or  "Kill the un-American!"
Each shout is a knife stabbing my broken heart. The trees suddenly stop and my feet rest on a dirt road. I hear a piercing howl penetrate the still night. My mind reels of how they had dogs. My life flashing through the years I have. I barely hear shouts of pain in response. A gunshot snaps me from the noise of my surroundings and my mind. Once again the night returns to a few moments of the eerie silence. I glance behind me, the glow of fire makes me run faster and harder.                                                                                         
My eyes scan the horizon lights in the distance. I know it's the small town at the base of the mountain that she knew very well.  Hope sparks in me I take from a run to a mid sprint.
Once arriving to the town, I quickly decided to find an alley and hide. Probably should choose one that is hard to reach.
I stopped by Edward's taking: a quilt, a engraved wood suitcase, statue, and a few dresses. The sun's rays chasing me from the scene to hide. I find a place by the restaurant and bank. I gather newspapers together seeing in the headlines Irish poses as butcher is taught the lesson that he and his family ignored. I read the story of how a so called gentlemen caught my brother's accent during their quarrel. That this gentlemen was doing the community a favor by what would be done and asked for volunteers. I stare at it completely sick to myself. I cast it aside and lay down on my news paper bed.
I look at my" new" white dress its now black, red, and brown splotches everywhere. My teal ribbon was gone. No that was my mother's! My mind screamed.
Tears blurred my vision as I gathered newspapers together seeing in the headlines Immigrant Deceives Town. I read the story, Irish immigrant poses as butcher is taught the final lesson that he and his family ignored. Anger flowed through me but I couldn't stop reading.  It continued of how a so called gentlemen caught my brother's accent during their quarrel. That this gentlemen was doing the community a favor by what would be done and asked for volunteers. I stare at it completely sick to myself. I cast it aside and lay down on my news paper bed. I slept for a while when I woke it was dark once again I assumed that I slept through the day. Counting my money on me I had... maybe enough to get out of this place.
I approach a rumored bus station nearby. I was familiar with the term my parents needed to take one to get their jobs. It was a longer car, with a open back with plenty of seats and windows. The word Crossroad's on either side of the car.  Passengers came and left by the trunk door  I observed for the few days. I change into one of my clean dresses. The driver looked at me as he nodded to me to get in. We exchanged conversation through slips of paper and with a start I left the small town of Mountain Springs, Vermont. Going to the furthest destination the bus could go, Tony New York.
December 8th, 1921
I ran out of money as soon as I came here, I wasn't going to sell any item on me. Resulting in me being homeless and starving for a while.
I am able to survive on scraps offered by the two restaurants I'm between.   I nestle in my usual spot in the  alley with my quilt wrapped around me. I never thought I'd be like this.  Tears stream  I'm sorry Klarissa, Aidan, Aaron and Nick. I burry my face into the quilt and wails escaped my lips shaking me to my core.
I didn’t take notice that I sat down in an alley and someone was coming towards me.   My wails quieted. I didn't know how long I cried.
I shook as I felt something brush my shoulder I looked up.  A young man was kneeling before me. A box to the side that read Fresh Produce. 
He had chocolate brown hair so dark it could have been black. His eyes  a deep blue gray reflected  the stars as they twinkled in the sky. He humbly begged my pardon and asked me to come with him. Telling me how he has seen me for days and nights crying. Offering a bath change of clothes and a job offer. I wasn't going to let him hand me a job, if that was even his intention. Seeing my hesitation he offered his name as a establishment of trust and gave me his word he meant well. Something in his eyes comforted me and urged me to trust him. He helped me up and carried the box into an entrance through the metal door I stayed by. Entering through that door seemed as if I walked straight into heaven. Lights and shades of color made the white Victorian like building come alive. Karman it was called to the far left a counter and bar.  To the center was a stage with a empty seats for a live band. All I could do was stare in awe and wonder taking it all in.
As if he read her thoughts he explained" It's kind of like an inn or pub. Don't worry no one will hurt you.  Mason took my hand and led me up a few flights of stairs stopping at a wall  and knocked lightly four times. To my astonishment, a click and light sprung from a hallway as the hidden door opened fully.
A girl stood there with deep shade of brown but nowhere near Mason's color. Her slightly tan skin and freckles around her eyes and cheeks drew you to her sea blue green eyes. She wore black pearls around her neck complimenting a red dress with black trim and accessories. Mason introduced this girl to me as Sophie. Who warmly bid me hello by a huge embrace in that I feared my spine would snap in half. Sophie treated me kindly, helping me wash up and offered a dress of hers as she let my two now clean dresses dry.  Sophie made a bed for me, as she was doing it.
The door opened with a slam A girl with a lit cigarette strong accent entered. No matter how hard I tried I didn't recognize her accent.  Her dress was a bit shorter than Sophie's but she matched the colors of the dress. Though her dress had nice frills instead of Sophie's black lace. Her red hair was up in ringlet curls and a feather headpiece. Black shimmering threads lined her cheeks and her forehead in half circles. Her hazel eyes looked me up and down as I starred she reminded me of my sister Klarissa. The girl introduced herself as Anita.

The couch begins to bounce slightly. Krysta looks to Adian his right leg tapping the floor and snapping back up in a quick matter as his left hand taps to the same movement of his leg on the couch arm. Tears sting his eyes as he closes it harshly as he does something sticks out. He pulls at it slightly it fluttered into his lap.
Adian had a new picture fall into his lap this one of a couple at a table. The woman had a dark low cut dress that went to her knees tights underneath with a complimenting black skirt underneath. She was in the arms of a handsome man with a friendly smile dark hair white tux with a rose tucked in his pocket.
After a long period of silence Adian looks at it "This is my Dad." It seemed like a question at first then a confirmation. After regaining himself from a long break of unpacking in silence he sat down again and continued to read.

December 15th, 1921
I promised myself I was only staying the night. But it ended up that one night meant one week . In Mason's offer if I didn't cause any trouble I could stay a week. Once that week was up I had the decision to stay and work at Karman or find another job. I formed a relationship with Anita who is the best dancer on the at Karman. And made a close friend with Sophie it seemed that I had new sisters looking out for me. It was clear to me I wanted to stay as I watched Anita's team practice their performance. I observed from the bar  back to the counter, Anita approaches me telling me I had nice legs and took me over to her team. Anita smiled as she watched me and exclaimed I was a natural. That I could easily have a pace on the dance team. I grinned feeling a part of something. Sophie who was laughing smiled as I exclaimed I'd like to stay at Karman and work there.  Sophie went out to get some things as I practiced with the team. Sophie returned and told me to follow her. She took me to our room and told me I needed to change my hair color,  a way of protection and healing. Sophie boiled the contents in the jar and poured the velvet liquid into a copper bowl. Sophie poured water over my hair and asked me to wash my hair in the sink. I did until the water was cleansed from any velvet taint.
Kneeling on the  hard floor, Sophie began to cut. I saw my long  now light brown hair falls to the floor.  My head felt extremely light Sophie told me I wasn't able to look at myself until I changed into my work uniform . In the bag was a beautiful burgundy wine dress with black accents. I finished putting on the last of my uniform and looked at myself. There was a completely different me. My hair was a light brown red falling just below my cheek bones. I had bangs and my hair curled in.  The dress a beautiful fit of a sweetheart scoop neck with my black jewelry.
Sophie exclaimed that I'd be the talk of the Karman for years. Smiling I told Mason the good news, and performed with the dance team I never felt so alive.

August 31, 1925
In the three years that passed, I became the second best dancer to Anita. I knew everyone on  the staff everyone was my family. Me and Mason grew close together through him showing me how to tend the bar.  When the band played low soft songs he'd slip me out and dance with me.  Days of this and dates later we were married in the spring of last year. I rub my stomach as I sit up, I haven't told Mason yet. That he was going to be a father I run my fingers through my hair thinking about it. I get ready quickly excited for the long peaceful night to come where I'd be behind the bar with him.
Going downstairs Anita and the team was rehearsing with the band. Setting everything up the decorations and the stock ready we opened our doors at noon. I decided to surprise Mason and tell him as he asked me to a slow dance which played past midnight.
Mason came in a bit late about seven  though it was slow with the early comers I could handle them with what they requested a light conversation and possibly a game of poker. I am pretty good if I do say so myself.
The night went on as people filled Karman I was able to enjoy myself with Mason. My table of sixteen filled. I assumed they were my friends who knew me by the name of Karman.
I smiled and took the bottle he held. It was cold against my fingers. He gave me a peck on the cheek . Mason's tease of not getting lost followed me.  I just shook my head my black feather bobbing.
I moved around tables until I faced the table second to last by the door or table sixteen. I stopped. Those weren't my usual friends.... they were I glanced at their clothes. Not Klux's,  I sighed with relief. Mason taught me what to look for to determine if I needed to conceal my accent or not. Knowing that I needed to make them feel at home I introduced myself offering the wine to the one who ordered it in the cheeriest voice I could muster. 
One of them looked up. He had a mustard colored hat on, he didn't seem to have any hair other than the hat. The suit and overcoat he insisted on wearing distracted by playing a game of cards.  Gesturing that he did. I shuffled over to him. I set the bottle on the table asking his pleasure in a bottle or glass refilling the cigars on the table.
He looked into my eyes and smiled informing me he'd only take the wine and pay if I stayed with him a bit. Offering me in on the game, I pulled up a chair sitting next to him, handing him the bottle. We talked for only a few minutes. All I got to know was his name, Al.
To this day, I don't know how it happened exactly. I remembered that heard guns shots and screams. I ran toward the ruckus, seeing two black cars speeding off, and there in the road my Mason laid still. I ran to him, familiar pain rushed to me. I had failed to protect him, the one I cared for most.
My mind screamed. I shook  him and begged him to come back.  Though I knew he was long gone. I cradled him sobbing kissing his cheeks and lips. Telling him in a low whisper about our child.
My Mason, was a miracle on the darkest night of my life. He is and always will be my miracle in the dark. 
A note was left under the last passage of the small dairy. Aiden Mason Kaine,  I promise you my child that you will find your own miracle in the dark .
Adian closes the small black book placing it back in the engraved wood case. His eyes clouded making them look like an oncoming thunderstorm over a churning sea. Emotions as fast as the choppy waves come and leave in seconds. Understanding why he grew up at the Karman in Tony, New York.  The only connection he would have had with his father. Who cared for the Karman. The peace he felt finally satisfied a infinite scenarios and curiosity the yearning for a direct answer.

The author's comments:

A historcial fiction, I wrote in highschool. I really enjoied editing the story. Image isn't my own but perfectly fits the main character's past story. 

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