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A Necessary Battle

March 23, 2009
By Maureen Dolan SILVER, Palm City, Florida
Maureen Dolan SILVER, Palm City, Florida
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The man looked at the country, his country, with dismay. The havoc wreaked on the once brilliant and proficient land in such a short span of time was repulsive. The deluge of drugs, mobs, and other various crimes reached a catholic level that soon every denizen drowned in felonious actions. The government was full of nefarious and rancid characters; therefore any attempt to cleanse the population of evil was futile. The men, hungry for wealth and for supremecy, gave no second thought to the people. Their fellow compatriots, once considered their kindred, were left nothing but a modicum of necessities: a roof over their head, minimal clothing, and scarse provisions. No money could be "wasted" on these human requirements; this would take money away from the malicious and greedy patrician men who ruled the country.

It festered him so, the impurity of his native country. He looked down from atop the hill and vowed, for all to hear: "I will avenge this! Someone must be an emissary for the people! Do not query me, or doubt my intentions, for I will eradicate the sorrow, the spite. I start a fracas for any who try to stop me, for I will lacerate any who come in my way!"

The man had many hidden talents that even he was unaware of possessing. With his guile he tricked many of the despots to their own destruction. His flagrant hatred for the government and its actions gained him many minions and followers. Before he knew it, he had formed a rebellion. Soon the power of the ruthless government officials palled; it was dulled with the constant resistance of the rebellion. No one had dared stand up to their power before, and now they were afraid. Their fears turned into reality; war was upon the country.
The air was filled with an eerie, martial stench. War had come and passed. The aura of death hung everywhere, from the sewers to the gallows. It was a bloody and gruesome war, but the rebellion had proven victorious. Even with far less numbers and experience, the people had truely desired change, and the thought of being free had led them to their vicory.

Because of the perseverance of the people, they had restored the beautiful country to its genesis. They chose the man who began the revolution to govern their country, full of aplomb that he would not lead them to their doom. Their country was immaculate and beautiful once again.

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