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A New Revelution

April 4, 2009
By WolfAngel BRONZE, Wilton, California
WolfAngel BRONZE, Wilton, California
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The year is 2050. America is ruled by a dictator who contains both the horrible

and destructive ways of Hitler and the determination of Napoleon…Emperor Onwon.

Because of him, America is no longer the land of promise but a land of demise. The sky

is covered by dark clouds coming from Onwon’s continually working factory called the

Laboratory. Most of the population is either ill or dying. The people who can still survive

under these conditions have been genetically engineered with special abilities given by

painful experimentation. But there is still hope. Collin, a genetically enhanced,

seventeen-year old girl and a small band of rebels have been recruiting men, women, and

even teenagers to bring about a Revolution, one that will bring back the ideals of the Old

Age and the wonderful visions of a better future.

“Everybody be quiet!” Collin nearly shouted. Everyone was accounted for. Her

First-in-Command, Blaze Conner, sat to her left followed by the leaders of his squad,

Daniel and Avery. To Collin’s right was her Second-in-Command, Lucka Entien and his

leaders Rayne and Alexis. Blaze and Lucka were Collin’s finest and most elite warriors

and strategists…and her best friends. The rest of the group was made up of Collin’s top

generals: Lorcan Riley of her Spy Division, Lucian Smith of the Mountain Rebels, Briana

Cora for Cavalry, Stella Berano for the Town Warriors, and Violet Black who was

Lorcan’s best spy.

This was to be a very important meeting. Emperor Onwon had ruled for nearly

two decades and it was time for his rule to come to an end. After two years of

preparation, things needed to be set in motion. Army numbers had to be verified along

with location and weaponry. This meeting would confirm that and bring some other very

important information to the table. The room grew silent as Collin continued.

“Lorcan, how’s our status in the castle?” Collin was referring to the twelve spies

Lorcan had infiltrated inside Emperor Onwon’s castle.

“Correen sent a message that the Emperor and his generals met after sunset to

discuss a rumor that all the fires and bad luck is actually an uprising of rebels intent on

overthrowing the king.” Lorcan reported, referring to the spy who served as a slave to the

Emperor’s top general.

Collin’s mouth curved into a smile. “And what does old Onwon make of these


“He says they are nothing more than city rumors and that there is nothing to

worry about. The generals insisted that he let them search the city for such activity but he

refused, saying that it was a waste of time.” Lorcan had a smirk on his face. The Emperor

may be a smart man but was stupid not to listen to his generals.

“Good.” Collin turned to the leader of the city rebels, “Stella, make sure these

stay rumors. We can’t expose the truth just yet.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Lorcan any further news to discuss?” Collin turned her attention back him.

“No but there will be more reports sent later on today.” Lorcan confirmed with a

nod. It was the Emperor’s own thinking that would get him dethroned. Onwon was the

mastermind behind giving people enhanced abilities. Lorcan had only been twelve when

he was taken to the Laboratory to be experimented on. He was there for three years

before he came back with a super sonic sense of hearing and the ability to become

invisible. The Emperor’s scientists had designed him to be a spy and had trained him to

be the best. Lorcan hated what he was while working for the Emperor but as head of the

rebel spies he seemed delighted.

Collin nodded her agreement and moved on to Lucian. “Are the rebels holding

back all the supplies to the city?”

“Yes, all caravans have been stripped of their supplies and sent rolling down a

cliff. Darn those skittish horses and their fear of wild animals.” Lucian said with a laugh.

Lucian was the wild animal. He was designed to be wild and live like that way. He had

been implanted with wolf DNA. His senses were as sharp as his claws and fangs. The

scientists had been experimenting with legends and myths when they were working on

him, making him the first werewolf.

“Perfect. Stella is the city fairing well on supplies or do they need to be

replenished?” Stella was the strongest woman Collin had ever known but she had a heart

of gold that wouldn’t hurt a fly (unless that fly was some evil dictator who was sending

his people into despair). Stella wasn’t an experiment but a mother. Few normal people

are selected to create more children to be experimented on. Stella watched all of her

children disappear behind a door never to be seen again.

“We are fine for the meantime but in a week, we will need more supplies.” Stella

referred to Lucian on this request who nodded his assurance that there would be food in

the city.

“Briana, are the warriors and horses prepared for battle?” Collin referred to the

centaur in the room. Briana had been given horse DNA and had been born half horse, half


“Lucian has been providing us the horses from his expedition and they have

helped remarkably, raising our numbers. My cavalry are camped in the city as of now but

we are prepared.”

“Good. That only leaves the foot soldiers. Blaze, how is training?” Collin turned to her left. Blaze was the trainer of all soldiers other than cavalry. He had been taught to fight hand-on combat along with his other special ability obtained in the Laboratory. With just a single thought, Blaze could set a whole city twenty-five miles long on fire. It’s a good thing he’s too soft hearted to actually do it.
“Progress. Everyone has their own abilities and are using them to our advantage.”

“Will they be ready by tomorrow?” That was the day the rumors would become

fact. The Emperor was going on his annual parade around the city. He would be

vulnerable and it was the perfect time to strike.

“Yes.” Blaze said the magic word. Everything was set. Tomorrow, the Emperor

would be overthrown.

“Perfect.” The side of Collin’s mouth formed an evil smile.

The earpiece buzzed in Collins ear. Blaze confirmed his position. He was at the

gate leading to the castle prepared to confront the Emperor. Collin and around two

hundred foot soldiers were scattered throughout the crowd. When the time is right, she

and her soldiers would attack the guards and send the Emperor fleeing to his safe house

where Blaze and Lucka were prepared. Briana was along the outside of the city waiting

for the first shouts of Revolution to signal them. Stella and a couple of her people were

behind the crowd, prepared to usher them away from the fighting. Lorcan wasn’t a

warrior but he was helping Stella while Lucian and his Mountain Rebels were waiting

with Briana.

Everyone was ready. Adrenaline was pumping through Collin’s system. She was

only seventeen but she had been trained to fight. Collin was supposed to be the greatest

achievement the scientists had ever created. She was super fast, super strong, and super

intelligent. She was twelve when she was taken away to the library and was finally

released when she was seventeen. That had been two years ago. She had stopped aging,

never got sick, and never got hurt. She was downright indestructible. And she

hated every minute of it. She felt pain but never bruised or got scars to remember, she

never aged where everyone was growing up around her, her friends would grow old and

die while she would not. It was downright sad.

Collin wiped away the self pity that had been crowding her eyes. The trumpets

blared louder than before, beginning the chant that signaled the arrival of the soon-to-be-

not Emperor. Onwon was a forty-seven, bald, fat, croon of a man. His glasses were as big

as his pig nose and his horse seemed to stumble under his weight. Overconfidence had

gotten the best of Onwon. Collin hated the man.

Collin waited until Onwon was right in front of her before staggering forward.

“Emperor! Emperor!” She called in an overly excited voice. “Oh My Gosh! It’s

really you!”

Onwon stared down at her and Collin was afraid that he might actually pass her

by. The whole plan was based on her getting close enough. Finally, his face softened and

he beckoned her forward.

“Oh thank-you Emperor.” Collin sighed. “There is something I have always,

always wanted to tell you.”

The Emperor’s eyes widened. “And what might that be?” He asked in a voice that

made Collin want to tear her ears off.

With the brightest smile she could muster, she pulled a long blade out from its

sheath hidden behind her back and pointed it at the Emperor. “I hate you.” With that she

swung her sword at the top general who was now prepared with a blade of his own.

Collin swung without precision, not intending to hurt the general but stun him and get

him to surrender. Collin’s blade was deflected with a hard swing, sending her nearly

falling to the ground. It gave the general enough time to yell at Onwon to get to the

castle, just as planned.

Collin heard the clatter of horse’s shoes as the Emperor’s horse galloped towards

the castle. More commotion erupted farther down in the city as Briana and Lucian

entered the battle. Shouting roared in Collins ears as confusion sent the crowd running in

every direction. Stella and Lorcan had managed to get most under control but there were

still a few who were caught fighting for their lives in the cross fire.

Collin’s ear buzzed again as Blaze verified the Emperor was at the gates. Lucka

had pulled him from his horse and the big oaf was now begging for mercy.

“Surrender!” Collin shouted at the general who was still swinging his sword at


“Never!” He started but abruptly closed his mouth when Collin sent his sword

clattering to the ground.

“Your emperor has fallen, the rest of the guards will soon surrender.” Collin

pushed the tip of her sword against the base of his throat. “Surrender.”

The general looked up at her with eyes filled with hatred but he finally gave in, “I


It had taken two weeks to finally calm down all the riots that had sprouted. Blaze

and Lucka had set out along with Lucian to calm down the rest of the continent. Stella,

Briana, and Lorcan were the only generals left to discuss what the new government

should be.

“So should we have another all time leader or be like the Old Age and have a

President?” Collin began considering the pros and cons of having a government like the

Old Age. It had been corruptible and greedy. France had been under such government

when they had their first Revolution. The king was evil and too self absorbed to pay any

attention to his people. Time had come for change. New ideals had to be put into place.

“I think we should agree on someone who won’t fall to pressure but hold their

own. One who is a born leader.” Briana looked to the others who all nodded their heads.

“We’ve been thinking about who our new leader should be and we have decided that it

should be you, Collin. You were technically designed to take over after Onwon, and we

believe that was one of the best decisions he ever made. So will you do it?” Everyone

looked to Collin. She didn’t expect it. She didn’t want it. Sure she had been designed to

be a leader but she was never too fond of the idea.

“Fine, but I’m not the sole ruler. I think it should stay like it was. Blaze and Lucka

as my first and second in command, and everyone else keeps their positions. Agreed?”

Collin had to admit that she had enjoyed working the rebellion along with her friends.

“Good. Here’s how this new America is going to be then. We keep the old ways

with people’s rights. Everyone is equal. Just because a few of us have been enhanced

doesn’t make us any better.” The group discussed other ideas the rest of the night. Hopes

and dreams would begin to see the light of day again. And that was how it should be.

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