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planet or plastic? you decide

February 6, 2019
By thegirllostinhermind BRONZE, Sierra Vista, Arizona
thegirllostinhermind BRONZE, Sierra Vista, Arizona
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i think the better question is, did you feel the ground rumble when i crawl from the depths?

“Plastic has been polluting the oceans for a long time. Its been hurting the fish in the water. Turtles get caught in plastic shopping bags, preventing them from breathing and seeing where they are going. Seagulls and Penguins get caught in plastic soda and  Gatorade rings, choking them to death. But did you know plastic in the ocean hurts you, and your children?”

“When you go to the beach, what’s the first thing you want to do? Take off your shoes, right? Well the plastic polluting the ocean often times get pushed onto the beach by the waves. And if anything had taken a bite taken out of it, it would likely have sharp edges. Imagine stepping on that.”

“And then there are the dangers of it inside the water. If your surfing, swimming, or even just standing at the shallow end of the tide, if a big wave comes in for a landing, watch out. Did you know that the incoming tide can go up to 9 knots, which is nearly 10 miles per hour? Though most currents only come in at 3 knots, or a little over 3 MPH, it could still really hurt if a piece of plastic were to come at you. Ouch!”

“If you have a choice, stay away from plastics. They can hurt everyone, you, your children, your neighbor. I mean, who hasn't swallowed water when swimming in the ocean. Imagine if a sharp piece of plastic floated in with that water? Then either they will end up cutting their throat, or it will cut their intestines from the inside. The hospital bills, loss of blood, and possible death, all for the cheaper alternative to metal and other stuff.”

“If you have a choice, stay away from plastics. If you can’t, be sure to dispose of it properly. It saves all of us unnecessary troubles. This is Lilis Waters, signing off.”

Lilis turned the camera off with a sigh. She hoped she would manage to get on the cover, or in the magazine, and inform everyone. She finished uploading the video to her computer. Then she uploaded it to the teen ink website. She sighed again, closed her laptop, and buried it in a box in the sand, along with the camera. Then she started home and jumped into the water.

The author's comments:

i enjoyed writting this. i had originally written this for a National Geographic writing contest on wattpad, but i really loved how it came out. i changed a little of it so it would fit this cite better, but not much. this is almost all true, except for the last paragraph, which makes the thing more interesting.

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