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You Worth to Be Loved

April 27, 2021
By Ulleehn GOLD, Lititz, Pennsylvania
Ulleehn GOLD, Lititz, Pennsylvania
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“You will die but the words you speak or spoke, will live forever.” — Auliq Ice

Soapy stood up without consideration and went directly to a local bank at a corner of Fifth Avenue Street, where a cash truck was stopping at the front gate. It was just in time. As he arrived there, his accomplices were rushing towards him, from ten meters away, wearing torn, old, and smelly clothes with black textile on faces as usual. Their plan was proceeding as expected. However, when it came to his turn to detonate the device, he failed for no reason. The truck was there as it had been, and the surrounding residents had fallen in their dreams instead of being disturbed, lights in theaters had been still on like thousands of past nights, and Soapy stood still, in the same way, ten seconds ago.

The world was peaceful, by accident.

They were arrested. While two policemen interrogated Soapy about what should happen last night, he explained that the moment he lit the fuse, he noticed a back view of a woman with white, fluffy, and messy hair, riding a bike on the other side of the street, who looked like his mother, his adoptive mother.

Soapy was abandoned when he was only a baby. Twenty years ago, a woman brought him home, which consisted of merely a marriage in poverty. His father was sick seriously, lying in bed all year round. Mother always got up early, not until the sunrise, and returned home the time when he had already been sleeping, no matter the weather outside, the season right now, or how tired she was. Their lives were dependent on money from collected garbage in any rubbish bins surrounding the wealthy neighborhoods.

However, Soapy grew to be a strong, vigorous, and young boy just from this family. He considered himself the most fortunate boy in the world. Although he could not see his mother very often when he was awake, he knew she kissed him every night again and again when she was back, she was proud to be his mother, and her love would never be blown away like the sand. While Soapy was communicating with his father, he often wore a sweet smile on his face, made funny jokes to obtain Soapy’s endless laughs, and hugged his son warmly in his bony shoulders. Soapy’s small world in his heart was filled with love, confidence, and brightness.

By the time Soapy attended school, dramatic changes had taken place.

Soapy soon noticed the differences between him and some of his classmates. While some others wore colorful, comfortable, and expensive furry coats on cold days, he could only put on the same papery jacket every day. When they had meat for every lunch, he stared at theirs, strongly hoping that he would be as lucky as them, and quickly finished his own meal unwillingly. By the time he got back home, the mere way to spend the time was looking at his father’s pale face, listening to the roaring winds outside, and feeling cold air staying through his whole body, instead of reading, watching TV, or drawing like most of his peers.

He realized it was a shame staying with his incapable, undesirable, and redundant father, at the same time watching his dirty, unfashionable, and emaciated mother being as an aimless bee. In order to express his dissatisfaction about his milieu, anger about his destiny, and depression from reality, he decided to break the laws, such as stealing, robbing, and fighting. Maybe in this way, God would remember his existence and take action to compensate for these years’ negligence.

Once, some friends and Soapy were caught as they robbed money from a farmer in a park. After a few days in the prison, they were all allowed to return home. On the way home, Soapy imagined his mother’s disappointing face, his father’s words in anger, and their tears falling onto the ground. Then, he believed if this family disgusted him just a little bit, he would hide at a corner far away from where nobody could find him and never came out.

Even though Soapy had thought it was unfair to live in this family, he felt sorry because of his misbehaviors. He walked more quickly in order to remove this feeling deep in his mind. However, no matter how fast he walked or ran, he felt a piece of his heart had lost.

The light was on at his destination.

His mother was unusually at home, and soon night fell upon the earth. When he knocked on the door, she opened with a smile, whisked away the dust on his face, and said, “welcome home my dear.” He could not believe his ears as he guessed to be berated. He went in. The home was unfamiliar to him, especially the dying bed. He noticed his mother’s slightly red eyes and understood why.

The author's comments:

I am an international student. The inspiration for this story comes from the day when I arrived home on winter vacation. As soon as I got out of the car, I saw the back view of my grandmother waiting anxiously outside the door. It was very cold that day. Her white hair tangled with the unmelted snow. At that moment, I was acutely aware that my grandmother was getting old. Like Soapy, at that moment, a small part of my heart was lost. So, I wrote down my mixed feelings in the hope that this story will remind you of someone you love, someone who will always love you.

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