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Josie and the 6 Suggestions

August 1, 2009
By ZebraGirl BRONZE, North Syracuse, New York
ZebraGirl BRONZE, North Syracuse, New York
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A girl named Josie used to play on Webkinz World all the time. But then when she had no more money to buy Webkinz she had to stop. She wasn't very sad though, because Webkinz World never added anything new. She wanted the Wheel of Wow to give her more than 20 Kinzcash each time. Her mom told her that Webkinz World would eventually change. The thing Josie didn't understand was why Webkinz World didn't change right now. Josie got an idea for how she could get Webkinz World to change faster. She needed help from her best friend Sophia. Josie's friend Sophia was wealthy and could still afford Webkinz. Josie told Sphia to make sure she kept playing on her account. Josie's plan was to send in a bunch of suggestions. She wasn't just going to send them in once, but she was going to send them in 1,000 times each. Webkinz World would have to believe her then. Josie asked everyone she knew if they still had theiraccounts. No one else could still afford it, but that didn't affect their plan. Josie put up a poster that asked anyone who had a suggestion to give it to her. People immediatley started giving her suggestions. Finally Sophia and Josie narrowed it down to 6 suggestions. These are the ones they chose.

Top 6

1. Give people one free Webkinz code a year.
2. Make the plush toys less expensive.
3. Have themed parties in certain rooms at the Clubhouse.
4. Webkinz should have the characters come to the Clubhouse, but in a different room each time.
5. Webkinz World should create a character for the children. This character should only come back every once in a while.
6. Have a design contest for the newest room in the Clubhouse.

Josie went over to Sophia's house on Friday. They started typing away. They typed each suggestion 100 times. Now they only had 900 left. Sophia told Josie to come over on the next Friday so they could finish them.

Three months later when Josie was in the store, she saw that Webkinz were only $10. Her mom told her that she could buy one. After Josie signed on to Webkinz she called up Sophia. Their plan had worked. Webkinz used all of their ideas.

The author's comments:
Try hard and you can accomplish anything.

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izz123 GOLD said...
on Dec. 4 2009 at 3:35 pm
izz123 GOLD, Gaithersburg, Maryland
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This is an interesting article. I know you are trying to say if you try hard you will succeed, but via webkinz was a very interesting way to do it. :)