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October 3, 2009
By Sarah♥ SILVER, Milford, Connecticut
Sarah♥ SILVER, Milford, Connecticut
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He spotted her from across the room. Her dark hair curled around her face like vines on a wall. He noted her warm hazel eyes, darting nervously around the room. Looking for him? But he couldn’t be sure. Not yet anyway. Not completely. He kept his eyes down, hoping she wouldn’t notice him peeking at her.

She noticed the boy staring at her. Well, not a boy, really. He looked about 18, which would be right. She pretended she didn’t realize he was looking at her, because she could tell he didn’t want her to. But at the same time, she was staring at him, trying to figure out… Then she saw his eyes. They were light green, with specks of blue and yellow. She gasped softly. Her head shot up.
He jumped, startled at her seemingly sudden awareness of his presence.

She walked over to him, and as she came closer, tears began to stream down her face. It had been so many years since they’d seen each other, almost….seventeen? Their separation was hard for her to recall, it had been so painful, and so long ago. “A-Adam?” she managed to ask through her sobs. “Is it really you?”

He looked at her with wide eyes.


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