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The Unforgotten Promise

January 26, 2010
By heather_marie PLATINUM, Deshler, Ohio
heather_marie PLATINUM, Deshler, Ohio
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\\\"Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control

Clarissa hugs her coat closely to her skin as the snow crunches underneath her feet. her exausted legs take her to a clearing out of the woods. Clarissa spots her destination and walks to it. she wipes the excess snow ffrom the black hard surface of the rock. with a few puffs of air she jumps on it. Clarissa comes here when theres a problem worth comforting.
this place to her is closer to God than anywhere else. she looks back at her life when she first came here. Clarissa was 13 when she lost her family in a car crash, so this was a comfort place to her. Now 17 this place is a second place to her. Clarissa sits there and starts to cry. "Why God do I feel so alone! I can't stand it! God I need someone to love me to hold me in his arms and whisper things in my ear. Please God help me sooth my pain. "Dear child I will bring someone to ease your pain." Three years have gone by and still she waits. After she graduated from highschool she came back to the rock. "God you lied to me. I still feel so alone." "I haven't lied to you child he will come." two years in colledge Clarissa grew depressed. she had it with being alone. She was sick of not having someone to go to. Her family is gone, her friends living other lives, leaving her behind without a sec. glance. Clarisssa decided that she was going to die with a broken heart. As she was walking to her dorm all her stuff fell when she tripped on the sidewalk. A guy came and helped her up andhelped her with her things. He asked her name and she said, "Clarissa. What's yours?" "Seth" As Seth looked at her more and more she grew more and more familiar to him.He asked what school did she went to and it was the same school he went to. Now he remembers her! This was the girl that he always adored back in highschool, but was too afriad to say anything to her. He loved the way she always had a book to put her nose into and how she was to shy to say anything to anyone exccept her two friends, or how she would swipe her golden brown hair away from her baby blue eyes. After that they went to a cafe to get some coffee. they sat there for a while in a deep discussion about God. As the years went by they became good friends. There was a dance that night and everyone was in their dorms exidedly getting ready. Everyone exccept Clarissa. She stood in front of the mirror hopelessly puting makup on her face. As she put on her pale yellow gown she was thinking over and over that this was going to be a lonely night. as she came into the gym, people were already dancing. She sat at a table far back into a corner and watched. Clarissa looked at the couples dancing with gleam in their eyes. She wished over and over that she had something like that. Clarissa was about to leave when she saw Seth staring at her on the other side of the dance floor. With a gentel smile he walked his way between the dancers towards her. Hwen he got there he smiled more and said, " you look beautiful." Clarissa was dumfounded and stumbled out the words, " Thank you." Then to her astonishment he held out his hand and asked "would you like to dance?" She couldn't believe it! Clarissa smiled and said, "Yes." She danced with Seth all the while looking into his muddy brown eyes. When they looked at each other everything seemed to melt away. Then on they grew unseparetable. at graduation Clarissa told Seth if he wouldn't of helped her that day that she wouldn't know where she would be. Seth said " God had it planned." Clarissa asked what plan?" A plan to end your suffering." Tears stung her eyes as he knelt down on one knee and asked five words that she never thought she would ever hear. "Will you marry me CLarissa?" He opened a little blcak box and sadi that he alwasys adored her from the begining of highschool, but never had the guts to say anything to her. As she looked at him she said the one word that made him smile "yes." He jumped up and took her in his arms and kissed her hard and passionatly. They graduated and a year after they had their wedding at the rock. before she said "I do", she looked at the rock and silently told God that she was thankful that God never forgot his promise and that God stayed with her. as Clarissa heard the words she said "I do" the priest pronounced them husband and wife. Then Seth and Clarissa looked at each other and kissed.

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