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Waiting for Morning

February 3, 2010
By YouthfulLight SILVER, Forest Park, Illinois
YouthfulLight SILVER, Forest Park, Illinois
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Kelsey Davis saw the way her classmates averted their eyes when she came within a ten foot radius of her. That, she could handle. The sympathetic glances she got from the people who knew her better were worse. What truly angered Kelsey where the whispers coming from the groups of people she hardly knew that would suddenly stop when she walked past. Kelsey wanted to step in and demand that they talk to her directly about her life, rather than spreading rumors that could very well be lies. Lie after lie after lie…why couldn’t they mind their own business? Kelsey bit her tongue and just walked by, pretending not to notice the whispers. The rage inside her boiled on.

Already, three teachers had approached her and told her how sorry they were for her loss. Kelsey knew the proper way to respond would be to smile and nod and thank them for their concern. But Kelsey could only manage a dull, dead look. When she met their eyes, they would smile sympathetically and walk away. Off to their own business, to get on with their own lives. Kelsey envied them. She couldn’t walk away without the torture of the loss always trailing behind her like footprints in snow.

She continued to walk on down the hall, people blurring past her in a rush of their own lives and their own activities. Nobody saw her. Nobody cared.

Not that she was surprised.

People were cruel and always had been, especially to a social outcast like Kelsey Davis. Her friends had abandoned her long before freshman year when they got caught up in the glamorous crowd of popularity. Not the she was surprised. They had always been dense.

Kelsey sat alone, more alone than ever, at the small lunch table in the corner of the room. She dreamed about what her life could've been if she hadn't seen her mother lying on the kitchen floor, dead at 42 from a heart attack. The last person on earth that loved Kelsey, and she was gone.

She was now living in a foster home, with people who didn't care if she lived or died.

Of course they wouldn't.

Nobody did.

Kelsey sat alone;
Waiting for morning.

The author's comments:
Waiting for morning means you're waiting to get out of the dark, cold times you're going through in your life.

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