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Monday Morning

February 16, 2010
By justkidding GOLD, Shelton, Connecticut
justkidding GOLD, Shelton, Connecticut
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“Gross Carolyn,” She said as she swept the pretzel crumbs from the bottom of her locker. She let Carolyn use her locker because she had fourth floor science, right after lunch.
The girl dragged her backpack to her homeroom, which was locked, as usual. Dave stood at his stationary position next to the unlit classroom.
“Morning,” She said, rummaging through her bag for her morning pop tarts fix. Brown hair fell into her face as she looked through the various pockets inside the bag.
“Hey,” Dave replied, shoving his hands into his baggy sweat pants pockets.
She found the pop tarts she’d been looking for, and began abandoning her bag when Dave called, “Hey, Jordan, do you have a boyfriend?”
She turned around, not liking where this was going. “No, but I’m working on it,” She tried, looking away.
“Well, you should go out with me,” Dave said smoothly.
“Haha, sure, ok,” Jordan replied sarcastically before walking away and turning a corner. That was really weird. No one ever asked her out before like that. Was it rude? How he had just asked if she had a boyfriend? She would have to talk to her older brother about this tactic later.
She continued walking, knowing her destination. Lauren’s homeroom. They had a soft albino bunny. Of the random facts Jordan knew, she knew that albino animals had a harder time fitting in with other animals, because of their physical differences. This often led albino animals to going crazy.
As Jordan walked in, Lauren automatically walked over to the bunny cage and opened it for her. This was a morning ritual.
“Hi bunny,” Jordan said casually, reaching into the cage.
“What’s up?” Lauren asked. They were pretty close friends and didn’t need greetings.
“I think I just got asked out,” Jordan said, rubbing the bunny behind the ears.
“Really?! Who?! What did you say?!” Lauren gushed excitedly, hitting her shoulder and jumping up and down a little. Lauren was and extreme morning person, falling under the stereotype of short and hyper.
“That nice kid Dave in my homeroom. Hes a little short and quiet for my taste so I shook him off. I do feel bad about that,” Jordan replied, petting the bunny’s back.
“Oh Jordy,” Lauren sighed, closing the bunny cage.
“Yeah. I sit next to him in homeroom, so its going to be awkward too,” Jordan said, sticking out her tongue.
Although Lauren was a good friend, she had the attention span of a bunny. She heard the story, comprehended it, and moved on.
“Come downstairs with me, I need to sign up for the spring musical!” Lauren remembered, hooking Jordy’s arm and pulling.
Down two flights of stairs next to the cafeteria led them to the sign up sheet. A bunch of theater brats stood around it, including Max, Jenna, Brett, and Carolyn. Before Jordan could even mention the pretzel mess to Carrie, Max pulled Brett aside and the girls started laughing.
“What’s so funny?” Jordy asked, laughing along.
“Look at Max. He’s giving Brett a pep talk,” Jenna pointed, laughing.
“Pep talk?” Jordy asked.
Carolyn laughed again, and then said, “He’s going to ask you out silly.”
“But she just-“ Lauren began.
Jordan hooked her arm in Laurens and began dragging her.
Grinning, she said, “Sorry, we have to get to the fourth floor. I’ll talk to you later.”
“Its not even homeroom, and look at you!” Lauren said, laughing as they hit the stairwell, a small airtight area with little or no light and many make out couples. Occasionally, seniors throw water balloons from the forth floor on unsuspecting freshman below, but today, the coast was clear.
“I know right? Why can’t someone who’s cute and nice and sweet ask me out?” Jordy complained.
“Got a boy in mind?” Lauren asked, raising her eyebrows as they entered the hallway.
“Someone like… like… Vinny!” Jordan called, waving to a boy next to the water fountain.
“Hey,” He called back, grinning.
“I have to go. Homeroom is in like, five,” Lauren said, slipping off.
Vinny had been in Jordan’s classes since he moved to this district in seventh grade. Jordan had showed him around the school and introduced him to his current best friends. They had always been close friends since then.
Vinny walked over to Jordy and asked, “So how’s your morning so far?”
He shoved a nervous hand into his pocket, wrapping it around the letter he had written for her.
“Pretty messed up. I just got asked out by a couple of guys I don’t even know. It’s been a weird morning,” She replied turning a little red and suddenly self-conscious.
“Oh,” Vinny replied, crumpling the letter in his hand, probably smudging the heart he had drawn next to her name.

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