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There are Cookies at my House

March 28, 2010
By nordgirl GOLD, Turlock, California
nordgirl GOLD, Turlock, California
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I stretched my arms out in front of me. “Why?” I asked only half interested.
“He said that his mom told him to.” Will said, shrugging.
“His mom told him to punch his teacher in his face?” I questioned skeptically. “No way would anyone’s mom do that.”
“Just cause your mom can bake cookies without a recipe in front of her doesn’t mean everyone’s moms are perfect.” Will said. He had one eyebrow raised. His eyes were a bright shade of blue. They stood out on his face. His was tan from spending summers work out in the sun. He had dark, almost back hair when his parents were blond.
I rolled my eyes. “She only says she can do that. She has a recipe taped to the inside of the fridge.”
“Why the inside? You would have to open it every couple of seconds to see it.”
“I don’t know.” I admitted. “Maybe she tries to hide it. It would kinda ruin the illusion that she can bake off of memory if the recipe is on the outside of the fridge.”
“Since you brought it up, has your mom baked anything up yet?” Will asked.
I laughed slightly. “You are the one who brought up my mom’s cooking skills.”
“Yes, but you are the one who brought up mothers.”
“No, that was you too.” I corrected him. I was fiddling with the zipper on my jacket. It was freezing outside.
“Still,” Will said, suggestively.
“She was just putting a tray in the oven when I left.” I glanced around. We were in an empty parking lot. Trees surrounded the paved parking lot and the only way out was a dirt road. It gave a feeling of peace, to look around to see a combination of modern and nature. William said he found this place when he first got his license. He drove around on empty roads and happened upon the abandoned parking lot.
“Why do you think they built this parking lot in the middle of nowhere?” I once asked. We were sitting in the back of his truck like we were now.
Will shrugged. “Maybe someone wanted to build a little restaurant or a hotel, but realized after building the parking lot that no one was going to find the place.
“Someone could have found it like you did.” I argued. “Then they would keep coming back.”
“Sarah, I come up here a lot, but I am the only person, besides the people I bring with me, I have ever seen here.”
“So your mom has cookies?” Will hinted, bringing me away from that memory.
“Yes, but for someone who just comes by to mooch…” I trailed off. A pair of head lights had appeared, coming closer up the dirt road.
Will stiffened next to me. The car pulled up. I didn’t know much about cars, but I knew enough to tell that that car wasn’t something that you got working part time.
I man got out of the car in a suit after parking it near Will’s truck. He seemed out of place here, a man in a suit in Will’s secret hideout.
The man walked towards us. “Hello there. I am Mr. Julie.” He said when he got closer.
“Julie?” Will said. I could tell he was mad. “Julie like the girls name, right?”
Mr. Julie nodded. “Are you aware that you are on private property? I’m sorry didn’t catch your name.”
“William.” Will said realizing that the man was going to make us leave
“Sarah.” I said glance between Will and Mr. Julie.
“Are you aware that you are on private property?” Mr. Julie asked again.
“A parking lot isn’t private property.” Will informed him with a cold voice.
“Well, there has been a purchase and this is private property. I’m afraid that means I am going to have to ask you and your girlfriend to leave.”
“This is a parking lot, it can’t be private property, you can’t force us to leave, and Sarah isn’t my girlfriend.”
Mr. Julie looked amused. “Then I will have to call the police.”
“Will, come one. It’s only a parking lot, and there are cookies at my house.” I tried to tell Will.
He shot me a betrayed look. I knew how much he loved this parking lot, but spending a night in jail wasn’t going to allow us to stay here.
“Will.” I said.
He bit his lip, but he moved to get out of the bed of the truck.
“Good choice to listen to your girlfriend.” Mr. Julie said.
Will had to pass him to get into the driver’s seat, so on his way by he had to make his hands into fists to prevent himself from punching Mr. Julie.
I got into the truck and hoped that Will wouldn’t do anything stupid. He sat next to me practically melting me with his angry expression.
He started the truck and backed out of the lot, but not before getting dangerously close to hitting Mr. Julie’s car.
He drove me home, but didn’t stay for cookies.

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