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The Sarah Elaine Diary

April 6, 2010
By LawRawrBelle SILVER, Sherwood, Arkansas
LawRawrBelle SILVER, Sherwood, Arkansas
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Favorite Quote:
My makers made one mistake in a perfect me, they gave me my own mind.

Scene 1

Location: Funeral, Inside elegant Church.

(At the podium stands James. His eyes are shining but no tears escape them. Next to him is a cherry coffin. All characters are present. Everyone is dressed in black and a choir sings softly in the back ground. Yellow orange and white daffodils flood the church.)

James: (Holding a tattered elegant black book in his trembling hands he holds it high above is head for all to see. Slowly bringing it back down he opens it and begins to read from the book softly at first and with grate emotion then begins to find is voice) "I can't believe she did it. She was my best friend. She meant the world..." (voice fades slowly from 'meant the world'.)

Scene 2

Location: Sophies house, around 8:30 PM.

(Sarah and Sophie are watching movies together. Sophie is acting very strangely. Sarah senses it and is trying to cheer her up. The door bell rings and Sophie jumps. Sarah looks at Sophie strangely then gets up running out of the room.")

Sarah: (Yelling) "I'll get it Sope, its probably just the pizza man."

(Sophie quickly drags a chair to the middle of the room trying to make as little noise as possible. She pulls a rope from under her bed and stand on the chair then she ties it around the fan and into a noose)

Sarah: (Yelling from the kitchen) "Sope it was just the pizza man like I said! What do you want to drink?"

Sophie: (Shakishly and Yelling) " Coke please!"

Sarah: (Yelling) "Hun you okay?"

Sophie: (Steady Voice, Still Yelling) "Yea I'm fine, Hey get some whip cream could ya? Its out back in the shed!"

Sarah: (Yelling) "Sure!"

(Sophie gets down from the chair and walks over to a desk and writes something on a piece of paper. She pulls a silver flask from her desk drawer and pours the liquid on to her - it is gasoline. She quickly gets on the chair, places the noose around her neck, pulls a match from her pocket and ignites herself. She begins to scream in pain, her struggling causes the chair to fall. Sarah runs into the room to find Sophie's fire engulfed unconscious body hanging lifelessly from the ceiling fan. In Sarah's panic she tried to pat the fire out with her hands. The flame reaches the rope, the weight of the body causes the rope to break and Sophie's body falls. Sarah runs out of the house and calls 911. The Ambulance, Police and Fire department show up)

Scene 3

Location: Sophies front lawn after the incident.

(Sarah is sitting on the back of an ambulance. A paramedic tends to the wounds on Sarah's hands. Sophie's body is rolled away in a black bag)

Police Man: "What Happened?"

Sarah: (Yelling at the police man with tears in her eyes) "I don't know! She was just..." (Voice trails off)

Paramedic: "Shes in shock. Shes not ready to be questioned"

Scene 4

Location: Funeral, Inside Church.

(James is still standing at the podium. People stand and sing to 'What if God was one of us?" which is playing in the background. Five males walk from different areas in the church to the coffin. James places the book down and walks over to them and they all place their right hand on the coffin then bow their heads and pray. After the prayer the men lift the coffin slowly. It is becoming cloudy and looks like rain.)

James: My dearest cousin came to me the day their house flooded and crumbled. She had a glassy look in her eyes. Thats the last time I saw her cry for a very long time... (Voice fades from "for a very long time")

Scene 5

(Lynn is finishing by a river alone. A second fishing pole is propped up by a few rocks and sticks. Its a cloudy day. The second fishing pole bobs up and down)

Lynn: (Raised voice but not a complete shout, excitement) "Sarah, come quick! Your rod! Its moving!"

Sarah: (Running out from behind a tree while pulling her pants up) "Lynn get it!" (Sarah trips) "Ow!"

(Lynn bursts into laughter while reaching for the pole. Pulling the line taught Lynn reals in a large fish. Sarah finally reaches Lynn. Sarah holds out a net (that was hung on a tree limb) for Lynn to place the fish in. Both girls are smiling)

Lynn: "Did you have a nice trip?"

Sarah: "Not funny"

Lynn: "Jesus! Look at that fish! Its huge! You think we'll win?"

(Sarah doesn't answer. She just smiles and nods. Scene fades)

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