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April 18, 2010
By justkidding GOLD, Shelton, Connecticut
justkidding GOLD, Shelton, Connecticut
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“Come to my locker with me,” she demanded, grabbing my hand and pulling me around the corner. She was older than me, a junior, which was why I was suprized she had taken an intrest in me; a sophomore. Of course, we weren’t officially dating either. I had never asked her out, although she was dropping hints that she liked me left and right, including the holding hand thing. Her hair was like any other girl’s; long, and straight, with bangs that swept to the side. Her name? Becky. Overall she was an average junior who had taken liking in me.
“You’re in front of my locker, freshman,” she complained, pushing through a girl to get to her locker.
“Sorry, Becky. I’m just looking for something. Hey, Chris,” She said. She was in my Biology class.
“Hi Jena,” I replied. I liked this freshman. There was something different about her. Maybe it was that she didn’t have side bangs, or that she never grossed out when we dissected things in bio. I just liked her.
“So what were you looking for?” I asked her, losing myself in her brown eyes.
“Stupid freshmen. Always losing their notebooks. Come on Chris, lets go,” Becky laughed, grabbing my shoulder. However, I did not move. I was still looking at Jena, waiting for a response. Becky either sighed, or snorted in disgust, I couldn’t tell which, and stormed off. I didn’t flinch. Jena looked awkwardly at the situation, hoping she hadn’t gotten me in trouble before she replied.
“Actually, I’m looking for a button,” She said, grabbing a spot on her sweater without one. I stepped closer to her so I could see better. She smiled a little.
“Oh, that’s too bad. Those are nice buttons too. You couldn’t just replace it with a plain white one,” I babbled on, looking stupidly at the silver spherical buttons with the floral design on them. She was making me tongue tied.
“Yeah. If you see it, let me know?” She asked.
“I will,” I promised, smiling, “So what class do you have now?” I didn’t want the conversation to end.
“Spanish,” she said, pointing to a class across the hall. “You?”
“French,” I replied, pointing to the classroom we stood in front of. The bell rang.
“See yuh,” She said, going into her class.
“Ladies,” My French teacher said. The first thing I’ve heard her say in English for a while. “I found a button in the hallway. Check your sweaters, see if it’s yours.” She held out a spherical button; silver, with a floral design on it. I raised my hand.
“I know whose it is. I’ll give it to her after class,” I promised.
“Chris lost a button off his sweater,” a boy in the front laughed. A few others joined in. My French teacher ignored them and asked, “Girlfriend?”
My French teacher loved gossip. Especially when the class did it in French. Although she was not my girlfriend, half of me wanted to reply yes. Instead of saying anything, I just shrugged. My French teacher gave me the button and winked.
I caught up with her about half way down the hall. “Jena!” I called. She spun around and smiled.
“I have something for you,” I said, holding out the button. She carefully picked it out of my hand and checked to make sure it was right. It was.
“Oh Chris,” She said, pulling me into a warm hug. “Thank you,” she whispered in my ear. “That made my day.”
“What are you doing?” Becky almost yelled. Startled, Jena and I both pulled away. Becky. Uhg. She was already mad at me from before, and now she was steaming, looking at us for an explanation.
“He found my button,” Jena said innocently.
“Well that doesn’t mean you need to hug him,” Becky said, stepping forward, asking Jena to challenge her.
Jena didn’t want a fight. “Sorry,” She said, walking away. This was my fault. I should have never led Becky on. I hadn’t meant too. I hadn’t even realized she thought we were dating until this moment. I messed up big.
“Stupid freshman,” Becky said, satisfied. She then grabbed my hand and began pulling me to her next class. I shook her off and ran to see if I could catch Jena before she made it to the stair well.

The author's comments:
I like a guy. I lose my buttons a lot. I'm worried about the flow in this story, but I don't know how to fix it...so...

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