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Fruit-Shaped Soap

May 31, 2010
By HelloLover BRONZE, Houston, Texas
HelloLover BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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She was like everything you every dreamed of, everyone you ever knew, everything you ever wanted.

You left me alone, I crawled out of the drain, your dirt clinging from me that smelt of yesterday, headed towards the light, but it was just another paint smudge-like burn to smear on my pallette.

I kept things going, but I got a little lost. I found your way, but it was just another maze with no walls.

She was violence personified (a punch in the face). A black rose (stereotypical, misunderstood). Untrained babies crying (delicate, sensitive). The dog that never stops barking (annoying, questionable). A diamond in the dust (precious, shallow).

It was the octopus lollipop that saved me: just another one of my freaky inventions you wouldn't "get", just another word, shaped like a jewel, to go on my silent necklace.

I want to fill the cups with tea made of flowers that never die and sip them forever.

She was: Miss Lazy, brain's hazy, love is just so "phase-y", picked me like a daisy/ to go in her garden of lost efforts.

I'm another drop of water that falls into the clouds
That you won't understand.

Another star
That you'll never reach.

Another place
That you'll never be.

My cellophane lips that block out the sun never saw yours.

I know what I'm doing.

She is like a fruit shaped soap. You know it's soap, but you're really hungry, so you think if you stare at it long enough, it will turn into a fruit. So, you stare for a very long time (One and a half years) and it's still soap. It smells like fruit, looks like it, and you taste it, it's just soap. You knew it, but you wanted to stay in denial.

She will be the coccoon that I left behind, through waiting for two years.

The author's comments:
A poem written to purge feelings.

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