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Two Weeks

July 26, 2010
By justkidding GOLD, Shelton, Connecticut
justkidding GOLD, Shelton, Connecticut
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“Uhh, can I sit here?” I asked, biting my lip. She looked up and snapped her gum. I took it as a yes, dropped down next to her, and opened up a Stephen King. Just as I was getting into the first murder, Bubble Gum Girl gasped and started crying.

“You… okay?” I asked, pulling out a tissue. She took it and blew her nose, letting it all out as the Metro stopped at Bridgeport. We had a long way to Grand Central. She gasped, trying to catch her breath.

“He… He… Broke up with me! By text!” she wailed.

“Oh honey,” I said, “I’m so so sorry.”

She snotted again, “I loved him. We were going to move in together.”

“Sorry,” I replied, pulling out more tissues.

“I loved him,” she said again, germing up another tissue. “His name was Will. He worked in finance. We met through a mutual friend. His eyes were…” Bubble Gum paused, looking for an adjective. She gave up, and said, “Pretty.” She took another tissue, and then started on him again, “He was so nice. He’d buy me drinks and we’d go to the park during lunch.”

I awkwardly patted her back as she heaved and cried.

We reached the Stamford stop. ‘C’mon, get me out of here,’ I thought, giving a pleading look to the conductor, who flashed a sympathetic smile. Bubble Gum choked a little and then cried, “I always have bad luck with guys. They always hurt me. Right when we get to the serious point in the relationship, they always bail. Always.” She covered her face with her hands.

“Well how long have you been going out?” I carefully asked.

She looked up, eyes red, nose running, and said, “Two weeks.”

The author's comments:
I'm sick of people who think that they love someone like, the day that they meet them.

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on Aug. 2 2010 at 4:44 am
MiddleOfAnEgg, Madison, Wisconsin
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"Every wall is a door." -R. W. Emerson

hahahah, i love this so much! i'm sick of people telling each other "i love you" when they've JUST started really ruins the meaning of the word in my opinion. great work :)

on Aug. 1 2010 at 3:54 am
LittleMissStrange SILVER, Reno, Nevada
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"Oh, I have a heart to be shot or stabbed in, no doubt, and if it cease to beat I should cease to be, but you know what I mean. I have no softness there, no sympathy, sentiment." -Great Expectations

I absolutely love this! The details and humor fit together. And I totally agree with you.