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The Lovely Couple

August 7, 2010
By Nevah GOLD, Horseheads, New York
Nevah GOLD, Horseheads, New York
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She inhaled the morning’s glow.
“You’re breath stinks.”
“Yeah, so does yours.”
“Why are you still here smelling it then?”
“Cause, I don’t really mind that much.”
They brush their teeth.
She makes coffee.
He makes eggs.
“Your coffee sucks.”
“So do your eggs.”
“Why keep drinking the coffee?”
“I don’t really mind that much.”
“Thanks.” They say.
He drives to work.
She drives to work.
Their butts hurt from sitting so long.
They can feel themselves become the drones of a company, and society.
They numb themselves and get to work on carpal tunnel.
They suck up to their lazy boss.
They talk to co-workers they don’t really like.
But they don’t mind that much.
He comes home.
She comes home.
“Hey.” They say.
She makes dinner.
He sets the table.
She gets her plate.
He gets his plate.
The clock ticks away.
The table alights with only its ticking conversation.
But the silence between each second,
They don’t mind that much.
He brushes his teeth.
She brushes her teeth.
They strip down.
They have sex.
“Don’t bite my ear again.” She says after.
“I bit it several times but you didn’t say anything.”
“I didn’t mind that much.”
She lies down.
He lies down.
“This is boring.”
“Being married to you is boring.”
“We’ve been married ten years and you didn’t say anything.”
“Do you want a divorce?”
“No, I don’t mind that much.”
“You don’t really care at all, do you?”
“Neither do you.”
“I guess, but our life sucks.”
“Then why do we keep living?”
“I guess we don’t mind that much.”

The author's comments:
There are a lot of people living witout purpose, and not aiming for anything. They just settle for things.

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