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Friendship, Love, Betrayal

August 22, 2010
By Fires SILVER, Eagle Pass, Texas
Fires SILVER, Eagle Pass, Texas
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Two friends who grew up together like brothers trusted each other with their lives. They were always doing things together they would decided on things together they would finish each others sentences. One day everything changed Arcadio got a girlfriend and he forgot about Cleofas. Her name was Petronila but she was different from all the other girls because she was always telling Cleofas how bad Arcadio would treat her that he would hit her, yell at her for no reason and she thought he would kill her if she was left alone with him. What did Cleofas do next? His greatest sin he took his brother’s girlfriend to another state where they got married and lived with nothing just their love. A couple of days later Arcadio and his mom came to Cleofas’s house and told his parents what his brother did to him. Cleofas’s mom called him two weeks later she threaten him by saying his father was in jail and Cleofas confessed what he had done. He was asking for forgiveness and that he really loved her he was sorry for what he had done. Cleofas called his mom again to ask for help because they had no money to buy food, clothes, and other things they needed. She gave him money every time he called. She brought Petronila clothes, jewelry, shoes, and other things. After a couple of years Cleofas and Petronila moved to another state where he got a job in construction. When they got installed in their new house they decided to have kids. They went right to work and after a couple months she couldn’t get pregnant so they decide to go to the doctor to see if they were healthy. The doctor said he was but she couldn’t have kids because she had health problems that she would need treatment to help her. After a year she got pregnant and had a beautiful baby girl named Olivia but they wanted a boy again she got pregnant and had another baby girl named Paige. They were the happiest couple because they had two beautiful baby girls and he got a new job that paid more. Their lives were perfect with kids, money, they were all healthy, and their love was getting stronger. Cleofas was always working late and Petronila was left alone with the girls. She got tired and decides to cheat on Cleofas that weekend she told him she was going out of town to see her family who lived out of town. He said it was okay that he wasn’t going to be home because he had to go out of town to see people who were interested in working with him on a new project he had in mind. That weekend they took their separate ways she took the girls to see their grandparents. She went to see her parents and left the girls there because she was going to see the dentist and she was going to other places. She was gone all day she arrived that night around 9:00pm. She took the girls to her friend’s house to spend the night. She stayed for about two weeks and saw her boyfriend a couple of times on her last night she took the girls to his house and slept there. The girls liked him a lot when they got home they told Cleofas about mommy’s new friend. He didn’t say anything he just forgot about what they said and went back to work. Every month Petronila wanted to go visit her family and she went taking the girls. Every time they got home the girls would tell Cleofas what mommy’s new friend got them and what they did when they were together. Cleofas got tired told Petronila he wanted a divorced and that he was going to take the girls because the girls were seeing things that are inappropriate for their age. Petronila accepted and told Cleofas she was going to end her relationship with her boyfriend. He still wanted a divorced he started all the paper work. The first meeting they went to the judge decide the girls would a week with each other. After about eight months the paper work was ready and they had to sign to be divorced. They went to sign and the judge decided that the girls would live with him because she was the one that committed the problems. She was really mad but she can’t do anything about it she cans only see them on the weekend and when he wants to take them. The girls can decide with whom they want to live when they turn eighteen. The girls got used to living only with daddy and they like it. Their lives took a three hundred and sixty degree turn when they were together stronger than ever. After sixteen years Cleofas went to see Arcadio to ask for his forgiveness but Arcadio told him he would never forgive him because he betrayed him his brother. They are paying for what they did their love wasn’t as strong as they thought. All the pain they caused was for nothing they caused Arcadio pain because he was really in love with Petronila. Cleofas told Arcadio it was better for him because he didn’t have to live with her and he didn’t have to deal with every time she decide to cheat on him. Arcadio never got married he stayed with his mother. He never did anything for himself. All he did was live a life with pain and dreams that never came true. Everyone can betray you no matter how much he or she loves you or how much you trust him or her. People will always look for what’s best for them without thinking who they might hurt. Before you get married know the person who you want to spend the rest of your life with because when you sign that piece of paper you are together until death do you apart. Look for the right person who will make you happy make sure you both want the same thing that you are both looking in the same direction. Love can sometimes be magic. But magic can sometimes... just be an illusion.

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Don't betray the people who love and care about you because they are your real friends.

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