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Some Things Just Don't Go The Way You Planned

November 10, 2010
By cowfamah12 BRONZE, Limerick, Maine
cowfamah12 BRONZE, Limerick, Maine
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"Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

“GO HAWKS!”, screamed Tommy from the sidelines.
It was the last quarter of the football game and the Hawks were down by four points. They only had a few minutes left to win the game, all they needed was a touchdown to win this game. They knew they could do it. They have done it before. Tommy was the Hawks number one fan. He was the cheerleader on the sidelines. He went to every home game, and almost every away game, except the ones that were too far away.

With only 5 minutes left of the game the Hawks were only down by two points, all they needed now was a field goal and they had it!

“YES! YOU GOT THIS HAWKS!” squealed Tommy, running up and down the sidelines.
They did it. The Hawks had beaten the Tigers, 28-25. The Hawks were now 3-0. Nothing could stop them. Until now.....

Blaine Whitten, the teams star quarterback fumbled the ball in the 4th quarter and it all went downhill from there. He dislocated his left shoulder when the other team piled on top of him, trying to get the ball away from him. Blaine walked off the field holding his shoulder mouthing utter profanities.

It only took a few minutes before Blaine heard the bad news, he’s out for the rest of the season. Blaine’s dad is one of those “sports crazed” people. He’d do anything to have his son in the game, since back in his high school days he was the star quarter back too. He would do anything to make his son follow in his exact footsteps. He knew what he had to do......take it up with Blaine’s football coach. Paul, knew the coach quite well. Coach Frazier is just a scrawny young man, who only played about 4 years of high school football, and claimed he was one of the best athletes in class of 88’.

Coach Frazier was a good football coach when he wanted to be. Some days were better than others. He had his days when he didn’t even show up to the practices because he didn’t feel like it. Then the other days he was just a normal football coach, just trying to coach his team.

“Frazier!” screamed Blaine’s father.

“What do you want now, Whitten?” Coach yelled as he ran from the huddle.

“We need to talk,” said Paul in a hoarse voice.

“Can’t you see I’m busy right now, because I’m sure this can wait”.

“No it cannot wait, I’m in a hurry and we need to talk, now.”

“Boys, I will be back in a minute, don’t hurt anyone.”

“Okay, I’m over here Mr. Whitten, make it snappy.”

“Well, first of all I heard a rumor that my son will be out the rest of the season. Is this statement true or not?”

“Mr. Whitten, I cannot promise you anything, it depends on how hurt your son is. He doesn’t look too bad right now but he will need to go see a physical therapist in a few weeks.

“That didn’t answer my question Frazier, it’s a yes or no question, I don’t need a long explanation. Just a simple answer.


“Just answer my dang question!”

“I honestly do not know right now, he could be out for at least 3-4 weeks.
“Thank you, that’s all I needed to know. Now get back to your measly team.”
“Mr. Whitten, you really need to leave. And if you don’t I will remove your son from the team....completely.”
“Blaine! Let’s go, maybe you don’t want to be on this measly team anyways.”
“Whatever you want Mr. Whitten.”
“Goodbye Frazier, I’ll see you around...maybe.”
“Maybe you will, maybe you won’t.”

“Dad! What the heck happened?” screamed Blaine.
“Oh you know, just a little miss understanding with your coach.” explained Mr. Whitten.
“No, Dad tell me what happened. I know it wasn’t just a ‘little miss understanding’, what did you do!?” yelled Blaine, losing his temper.
“Well, I uh,... nothing.”
“Dad! Whatever, I can’t stand you anymore. I’ll walk home.” said Blaine.
“That’s a far walk”.
“I don’t care, as long as I’m away from you.”
“Thanks, love you too Blaine.” said Mr. Whitten in a sarcastic tone.
“Mhhm, yep, bye dad.”

“Coach, can I talk to you?” asked Blaine in a polite voice.
“I don’t see why not.”
“What did my dad tell you earlier?”
“He was just arguing with my about how long you will be out for.”
“Well, how long is it going to be”?
“Well, I’m still not sure yet, you’ll have to go see a physical therapist, but then you can get right back on that field”.
“Thanks coach, and I’m apologizing for what my dad says in advanced, he doesn’t mean it, he just takes all his anger out on you. He just wants whats best for me I guess”.
“Thanks bud, I’ll see you later.”
“Bye Coach Frazier, I’ll see you in a few weeks!”
“You better!”

“Hey man! What happened out there?’ asked Tommy.
“I fumbled the ball and it all went downhill from there.”
“Well, you better be back soon man, we need you out there!” said Tommy.
“Hey, I’ll be back in as soon as I can Tom”.
“You better be, and don’t just be milkin’ this hole injury thing like you did last year.”
“Tommy, just leave while you’re ahead.”
“Geez! I was just joking around with you man, but I better get going anyways.”
“Good, I got to get home to, then have my dad take me to physical therapy.”
“Good luck!”
“Thanks, Tom.”

“Dad! My appointment is in 15 minutes, we have to get going!”
“Yes Blaine, I’ll be right down.”
“Hurry up!”
“Okay, I’m ready, let’s hit the road!”

“Looks like your son tore his MCL, should be back in the season in a few weeks” said Dr. Louis.”
“Really?! That’s all? said Blaine.
“Yes, but make sure you don’t do too much strain on your leg, you could do serious damage.”
“I won’t! I really want to get back on that field as soon as possible Doc!”
“Well, you go and tell all your buds on when you’ll be back.”
“Oh I will, don’t have to worry ‘bout that!”
“Go back home, get some rest, you’ve been through enough in one day”
“Thanks Doc, I really appreciate it.”
“Good luck son.”

“BOYS! BOYS! Blaine has something he needs to tell you.” said Coach Frazier.
“Well, I tore my MCL and I should be back in a few weeks.”
“That’s great!” yelled the team.
“I just came by to tell you guys that, I have to get home and get some rest.”
“Good luck man! We’ll miss you out there!” said the team.
“Thanks guys, I’ll be back as soon as I can!”

While Blaine was at home resting he got an unsuspected phone call from his football coach. Maybe he was just going to wish him good luck on his recovery. His coach has never called him before when he was out for a few weeks.

“Hello?” said Blaine in an uneasy tone.
“Hello Blaine, It’s coach Frazier, I need to talk to you, it’s very important.”
“Well what is it?.....”
“I had a talk with your dad the other day and I was thinking....”
“Thinking about what coach?”
“Well, your father said he didn’t want you on this measly team, and I’m quoting right from your dad.”
“Coach, what are you trying to say?”
“Your off the team.”
“I don’t understand. Why?”
“I think it’s just better for the team.”
“But coach! You can’t do this!”
“Watch me.”
“I don’t even know what I did!”
“You did nothing wrong Blaine.”
“You’re just off the team for awhile.”
“Thanks coach, Thanks a lot.”

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