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December 28, 2010
By Ashley Warwick BRONZE, Fresno, California
Ashley Warwick BRONZE, Fresno, California
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It was dark, my parents were asleep and my baby brother Nikko was laying awake in his crib awaiting sleep and its power to envelope him. I decided tonight was the night I would try. Mom told me I wasn’t old enough, but I just knew I was ready. I walked into the bathroom, slipper-less, the old cold linoleum sticking to my bony bare feet. I didn’t know where to start. I’d never actually seen anyone do it. I knew I’d need that foamy stuff, whatever it was called. I pulled back the shower curtain in search for the can I knew contained that white fluffy foam straight from the sea. As I searched it occurred to me that I would need to take off my pajama pants. This was embarrassing because I was growing and still self conscious of my body. “Oh well” I thought. I was going to have to suck it up. I found the foam next to the shampoo. Ceremoniously I picked up the can and squirted a mountain of that snow into my right hand. It was then that I realized I hadn’t taken off my purple princess pajama pants. In my rush to pull them down I forgot about the light foam in my hand and consequently got the whole mess of it smeared down my right leg of the pants. This would be hard to hide in the morning. Mom would surely notice the smell of it sticking to bottoms, and that would be the end of it for me.
Quickly I ran to the sink and hosed my pajama bottoms down with ice cold water. The arctic freeze coming from the faucet reminded me of the wintry mountain that originally got me into this situation. It was then that I realized that the sound of the water rushing down was quite loud, and as the bathroom was right next door to the room my parents slept in, I panicked and shut of the water completely… a bit violently at that. I would sneak my pajama bottoms into the dryer in the morning, for at night the burglar alarm went on, and I was still too short to reach the pad onto which I would enter my birthday as a code. Little did I know that when I would grow older, I would abuse my heights power and sneak out of the house every Friday to meet my boyfriend in the park across the street.

Soggy pants in hand, and every hope of shaving seeping out of my body one atom at a time, I returned to my room, half embarrassed because I was only in my Wednesday underwear and white tank top, and half thrilled at what almost happened. I almost shaved, what a magical night. Despite my discouragement and the embarrassment I felt at my failure and Wednesday underwear, I felt a twinge of excitement. This night, I would celebrate with chocolate milk and a dry pair of pants, and tomorrow night I may just try it again.

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