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A Girl, A Drumset, and A Dream

January 11, 2011
By saaaaaaaaaaaav BRONZE, San Diego, California
saaaaaaaaaaaav BRONZE, San Diego, California
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There I was, on stage, front and center. My eyes, blinded by the impossibly bright spotlights. My hands, trembling with nervousness and excitement. My heart, racing and my mind, spinning. This is what I call, performing. I couldn’t feel, couldn’t think, all I could do was play. I clutched onto my drumsticks till I could feel my bones aching, and then, I began. The first beat was like the first step you took on an eighteen mile run. The drumsticks moved at an unreal pace while intense, brooding music filled my ears and took over my mind. I felt it in my heart. Then, I realized, I was creating the sound. This realization boosted me with confidence. My lips pulled back into an enormous smile that I couldn’t fight. My heart controlled the sticks that I pounded even harder to keep the beat going. I didn’t want to stop... I wanted to play my drums for the rest of my life. The crowd cheering, the music quickening, it was all surreal. I moved my arms in different directions and I pounded my foot at certain times in a routine manner. I knew this beat like I knew how to ride a bike. Every next move came like a reflex. I couldn’t remember ever even learning how to play the song, but it came so naturaly. Then, “BEEP, BEEP, BEEP,” my eyes burst open and I threw my hand at the dismiss button on my alarm clock. I sat up in my bed, hair tangled, pajamas twisted and surrounded by several blankets and pillows. I stepped out of my bed while my head rushed from getting up too fast. I stomped both my feet in anger and silently screamed. I was enraged! That was all a dream! The lights, the crowd, the music--it was all a figment of my imagination. Instantly, I sprinted around the corner and down the stairs to the kitchen to find my parents calmly eating breakfast. My mom and dad, surprised by my odd entrance and my hopeful eyes asked, “What is it, honey?”

“Mom, Dad, I want—“ I cut myself off,” I NEED a drum set!” My parents looked puzzled, but I then strutted back up my stairs and entered my room. I plopped back onto my bed and nestled into my already-warm sheets. I shut my eyes and hoped to re-enter the dream that eventually changed my life.

The author's comments:
As long as i can remember i have been dreamnig of playing the drums. During class i couldn't stop tapping my penicl to creates beats. i hope that people can relate to this piece because i am positive almost every teen has had a dream they didn't wan to escape.

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