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Hush Little Baby

February 13, 2011
By lyricist PLATINUM, West Pittston, Pennsylvania
lyricist PLATINUM, West Pittston, Pennsylvania
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She lay in the hospital bed, staring at the ceiling. She had to make the decision she made. Both her and her baby could die if she didn’t.

Jacob laid his head against her stomach. “What are you doing?” “I can here her,” he said. “She’s too little for you to hear her.” He looked up at her from the hunched position. “I’m so sorry.” Tears slid down his cheeks as he looked at her sad eyes. She looked back at him, eyes welling with water. “I’m gonna be ok.” He looked back at her stomach. “ She isn’t.” The tears ran over her soft cheeks, and air choked in her throat. The nurse came in the room, clearing her throat. Both looked up at her. “We’re ready for you.” She smiled lightly up at Jacob. As they were wheeling her out of the room, she grabbed his hand. The squeaky wheels stopped for a moment. “I love you.” But he couldn’t bring himself to say it back.

Sitting in the waiting room his silence haunted him for the next two hours. The elevator opened and out stepped Maria, his girlfriend. “Is she ok? I heard what happened.” Anger flooded his cheeks. “Why are you here?” She walked closer to him. “ For you,” but as she knelt to take his hand, he turned away and strode across the room. “ Go home Maria. You don’t belong here.” Maria looked up at him. “But I “ “Don’t.” She sauntered back to the elevator and the doors closed on her haughty appearance.

The nurse came to find him. “The moment she woke up, she asked for you.” He sprang from the seat and hurried the nurse along the hallway. Laying in the bed, she looked so weak and forlorn. The smile on her face betrayed the tears forming behind her eyes. He rushed over to the bedside. “I love you.” She smiled and laughed, and looked up at him. He kissed her. “I love you too.”

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