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You Only Live Once

May 31, 2011
By cowfamah12 BRONZE, Limerick, Maine
cowfamah12 BRONZE, Limerick, Maine
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"Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

“C’mon Jeremy!” yelled Adam rooting for his teammate.

Running. It’s all he ever wants to do. He puts his heart and soul into every single track meet, every cross country meet, and anything that has to do with running along the way.

Jeremy Moore was an all around talented guy. He excelled in sports and academics, and was part of many after school programs. He was energetic, determined, a real leader, and was dedicated to everything that he did. He was one of the best athletes, and student that his high school has ever seen.

“You got this Jeremy!” screamed all of his teammates. Even though they already knew he was going to win this. He never loses. He always tries his best and always succeeds. He’d do anything just to be on the track or trails.

“Coming in first place is....Jeremy Moore!” said the announcer at the finish line.
You could see the sweat pouring right off his face. But smiling, like always, you could tell he was proud of himself. And so was everyone else, especially his teammates. He loved what he did and he wouldn’t change it for anything.

“Guys, I have to leave soon, I have to be at my church for youth group in about an hour.” said Jeremy trying to rush.

“Alright Jer, good run out there today! You were unstoppable!” said Coach Johnson.

“Thanks Coach! That means a lot.”

“You better get moving! You don’t wanna be late for your youth group!”

“Bye Coach! See you tomorrow!”

“See ya!”

Driving along to the tunes on the radio he was on his way to his youth group which was every Tuesday night. He always looked forward to having them because it was a chance to make and meet friends. Pretty much everywhere he went someone knew him. He was a great guy, who had many friends, and always treated everyone the same, even if they were different.

Finally arriving, a few minutes early, he walked into the church, sat down, waiting for everyone else to get there. He was always early for everything. Never a minute late. He liked being the first one there.

Now that he was there for a few minutes the people started to roll in. He always liked youth group. He gets a chance to play games with his friends from church. Even though it took up a lot of his time during the week he enjoyed it very much.

After youth group was over he said bye to his friends then got into his car and headed home. It was getting late and he had homework to finish.

The next morning he was up bright and early and was ready for school. He liked school. He excelled in academics, and he enrolled in the national honors society. Now that he had a car to drive himself anywheres, he was all for driving to school. No more taking the bus for him!

The bell had just rung and he was already for his first class, unlike some of his friends who don’t bother to do their homework because they think they’re “too cool for school.” Which they really aren’t.

“Jeremy!” said Gavin excitedly.

“Hey bud, I haven’t talked to you in forever! Or at least that’s what it seems like!”

“Yeah, man, I know! Wanna hang out tonight? Like play some Xbox or something?” asked Gavin.

“Gav, I would, but I have that cross country banquet tonight.”

“Oh, yeah, well what about tomorrow? How does that sound”?

“Sounds pretty darn good to me!”

“Alright man, I’ll talk to you later and see how that banquet went!”

“Alright! Bye Gav, I’ll talk to ya later!”
Driving home, Jeremy realized how much homework he had to get done before his banquet started at 7. And he had to get it all done way earlier since he and his mom were the ones setting up the banquet.


“What Jer?” asked his mom.

“We have to get going! I finished all my homework, we need to get there and set up all the stuff.”

“Alright sweetheart. Get the car keys and we’ll be out the door!”
Pulling up to the high school gym, he noticed there were other people there setting up too. He started setting up things when he noticed he forgot his mom’s laptop at his house. Great, he thought, another 30 minute drive back home to get some stinkin’ laptop.

“Mom! I need to go back home to get your laptop, we forgot it at home.”

“Alright sweetheart, drive safely!”

“I will mom! Don’t worry!”
Driving home with the radio blaring, which he doesn’t usually do since there’s usually someone else in the car with him. But not now! This was his first year actually driving on his own, actually having his license. He didn’t know every little detail about how to drive yet, but he was pretty darn good at it!

“MaryAnn, I don’t think it takes this long just to go home and get a laptop does it?” asked one of his friends.

“No it doesn’t. I’ll call his Dad and see if he’s still home, and check on everything.” said MaryAnn.

“Paul? Where’s Jeremy?” asked MaryAnn.

“I thought he was with you setting up for the banquet...?”

“He was, he came back home because we forgot to bring the laptop with us.”

“I see that, it’s right here on the kitchen table.”

“What do you mean it’s still there?”

“It’s sitting right here next to the salt shakers.”

“But Jeremy left over an hour ago, I thought he’d be back by now.”

“Should I go and look for him...?” said Paul in a quiet tone.

“Please. I’m starting to get a little worried.”

“MaryAnn? This is the Farmington Rescue calling about your son Jeremy.”

“Rescue?! What happened to my son?!?!”

“I’m so sorry, your son was killed in a head on collision.”
The other end of the line was dead silent. She couldn’t believe the news she just heard. She didn’t believe it. Well, she didn’t want to believe it. She couldn’t imagine her life without her son.

Everything in her mind was twisting and turning, every little thing that happened made her cry. She didn’t feel good. She needed to lie down for awhile so she could soak up everything she just heard.

How could this happen?! Why did this happen!? I just don’t understand. She said to herself, trying not to let her feelings show. Which was very difficult since it was her son that passed away.

Everyone was in some kind of shock. Heads spinning, hearts racing, stomachs turning. Everything. How could this happen to someone so perfect, someone who achieved everything in life? It wasn’t his time to go. But according to was.

“Everything happens for a reason right?” asked his sister Sarah.

“Yes.” said MaryAnn.

“Then why did something so traumatic, so heart breaking, have to happen to my brother?” asked Sarah, who was in college while this took place. But as soon as she heard the news, she came back home immediately.

“No one really knows Sarah, you just have to live with the consequences life throws at you.” said MaryAnn calmly.

“Well this is how I understand it. I take it as Jeremy succeeded in life, and was committed to everything he did so maybe God took him cause he had bigger things planned for him.

“That’s right, Sweetie. Jeremy’s in a better place now.” said MaryAnn in an easy tone.


“Yes, Sweetie?”

“I miss him.”

“We all do, Sweetheart.”

The author's comments:
A few months ago, a 16 year old junior was killed in a car accident. It was very sad. We still miss him very much. RIP Bud.

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