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unlocked the front door of my house and to my surprise

August 31, 2011
By Kenniekonglee PLATINUM, Ampang, Other
Kenniekonglee PLATINUM, Ampang, Other
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I unlocked the front door of my house and to my surprise, my dog Lucky was not there to greet me. Usually, it would be standing right behind the door waiting patiently, and when I opened the door he would greet me with two barks as if it was saying: Welcome home! It would be wagging its little furry tail because it was happy to see me. But today it left me in suspense.

“Lucky! Here boy!” I began to call out. Still nothing. I tossed my bag to the sofa and began searching for Lucky. I started looking behind the sofas, under the cushions, in the cabinets, even around the television. There was no sign of Lucky.

Then, I ran to the kitchen, the toilets, my closet, even my bed! I cannot find anything, except for dust bunnies. That moment, I was so worried that I could almost rip off all my hair!

When I got to the backyard, I saw my neighbor Mrs. Trine. She was supposed to help feed lucky while I was at work. I quickly asked her if she knew where lucky was. “I haven’t seen Lucky the whole morning. Usually he would rush here in the speed of lightning when it was lunch time but surprisingly he didn’t come today.” She answered.

I was starting to panic. What if I never see him again? What if he is lost? What if some guy “dognapped” him? What if he is hungry? I began to look like I am hallucinating. I was about to scream to the sky but my cell phone screamed the song of Lady Gaga first.

I answered my call. “Hello, this is Sally calling from Pet Groomers. Your dog is ready for pickup.” The lady said. I have totally forgotten, I dropped Lucky off the pet salon when I was going to work this morning. I am such a forgetful person!

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funny isnt it??

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