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The Battle

September 14, 2011
By CreativeModelSould ELITE, Punta Gorda, Florida
CreativeModelSould ELITE, Punta Gorda, Florida
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There I stood. I was a face amongst a throng of men. I felt the flat, cold concrete of gray beneath my iron shoes. There we were, all dressed in the same outfit. We looked like clones that had come out in different sizes due to some DNA transfer malfunction. I sat on the wooden bench with my back sweating against the wall awaiting my demise. I felt it coming. I looked up at the clouds and saw the tornado forming that no one else seems to ever notice. They called my name and I chose my weapon of wood. It wasn’t too heavy for my square shoulders and broad, buff arms and chest. The adrenaline and rage surged through my veins up to my hands as I wrapped them tightly around the handle. I watched my knuckles turn into the first fall of winter snow. The warden stood right behind me trying to anticipate what would happen next. Does he really think he’s a fortune teller? I knew he couldn’t see any more of the future then I could. Finally, my enemy threw the flaming ball of torment my way. I knew I wasn’t prepared for this. If I didn’t deflect this weapon all of my captive friends would be extinguished! Their souls were just bugs to be squashed under the toes of those who seem so much taller.

The sun was not on our side as it slowly beat us down with its hammering rays. I watched the perspiration slide down my face, one droplet at a time, as though my body had invented some kind of original Chinese water torture to punish me for standing in harm’s very obvious way. I failed and I watched all of my companions’ faces writhe in unforgettable pain. Yet, the enemy was cruel and relentless! They wanted to see us all fall to our knees in surrender! The enemy threw yet another shining, white sphere. I went crossed eyed trying to follow the speed. I tried to hit it as I saw the dire need in my gang leader’s eyes. The enemy cannon shot one last orb my way and I braced myself for the foreseen explosion. I retaliated and swung my weapon of wood with every atom in my body. I was no longer a puppet to my fear! The bang that shattered my club was music to my ears! I watched as my brothers bent their knees and jumped in surprised relief.

I was only distracted momentarily by the commotion of them all shouting my name and telling me to run! I knew that they had been set free in their lying minds, but I could still feel the hot breath of the enemy racing up my spine. I ran. My feet spread wings and flew me as I continued to stealthily race past the enemy lines. I stole every diamond that they possessed then finally ended back at my home. I was back to headquarters and sat down on the wooden bench to pats on the back and hoo-rahs! I knew that the defeated foe would return, but I knew that I would defeat them again in victory. I am a baseball player, after all, and I fight with my brothers.

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