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The Hour That Killed Him

November 27, 2011
By AmbientAuthor GOLD, Mclean, Virginia
AmbientAuthor GOLD, Mclean, Virginia
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It would be over in an hour, Jamie thought.
Only an hour.
All his pain and heartbreak throughout the last six weeks would end. He could get his revenge. Across the row of tress in the courtyard Ana sat with Melissa trying to figure out what to do. Her fingers ran over the blue lunch table touching the numerous holes on the top. “You just have to come out and say it. Be honest with him,” counseled Melissa. Here he comes. Please don’t sit here; I don’t want to tell you, she subconsciously begged him. “Hey girls!” Sam said happily, taking a seat next to Ana. She looked nervous and grasped Melissa’s hand for support. “S-Sam,” she began. “There is something I need to explain.” Sam listened intently, unsure of the words she was about to speak. “Sam do you remember that night a while back?” Of course he remembered. That’s when all the drama started. How could he forget? He rubbed his purple vans on the orange clay floor of the courtyard and listened as Ana explained what might befall him that day. Melissa had heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it from Jamie’s mouth. She didn’t want to tell anyone in case it was untrue but she thought Ana had a right to know. As she watched Jamie sitting alone on the wooden bench underneath the staircase she felt the tension between him and Sam. He might do it, Melissa though. But Jamie wouldn’t hurt a fly. So why would he beat up poor little Sam who is a head shorter than him and thirty pounds lighter? Ana knew why. Jamie stared at on of the cream color concrete pillars next to the other table. He looked at Sam too. He wanted to hurt him so badly. He had ruined his life, Sam had. He had taken away the only thing he’d ever loved. And he was going to pay. He remembered that night too. He remembered it so well it made him sick. Six weeks ago.
Sam had heard the rumor as well. He didn’t want to get beat up; he hadn’t done anything wrong! He nibbled on his apple carefully taking time to savor the richness.
“Sam, I’m pregnant.” Ana finally lets out. Melissa sighed. Finally, she thought. “What?! I thought you and Jamie were taking time off after what happened?” Sam asked worriedly. “I guess it happened before…I don’t know, never mind that. All that matters is that Jamie thinks you knocked me up. Not him.” I thought he knew, Sam thought. Melissa grabbed his hand, “We all thought he knew Sam but he…doesn’t I guess.”
Sam took a deep breath and closed his eyes. “I thought everyone knew.” He said his voice slowing. Ten minutes left thought Jamie. Lunch will be over in ten minutes.
“But wait why does he think I’m the dad? EVERYONE knows! How can he not?”
Ana looked him straight in the eye. “Do you remember like six weeks ago at Ashley’s party?” she asked. “Yeah, of course. You ripped your dress, which was totally adorable by the way, so we ran to my car to get my mini sewing kit…” Sam started.
“Go on.” Melissa encouraged.
“Then he caught us. Me, sewing up your dress.” Sam remembered.
“Well he got the wrong idea. And now he wants to beat you up.” Ana said quietly. “Sam, I’m so sorry! This is all my fault and I wish I could fix it. You can hate me know if you want.”
Sam hesitated, “It shouldn’t be that bad, I’ve been beaten up before.” He tried to laugh and make a joke out of it. Ana hugged him. “Oh Sam I’m SO sorry!” she started to cry, the tears smearing her mascara under her eyes. “Honey where is your makeup bag? You’re going to look horrible in a few minutes with all that gunk under your eyes!” Sam tried to act happy and smile. I’m so nervous, he thought. I just hope Jamie doesn’t knock out my teeth when he punches me. Ana giggled and grabbed her purse from under the table. The three of them spent the last few minutes of lunch ignoring Ana’s baby and Jamie’s rage for a while as they spoke about unimportant things like which color liner looks best on blue eyes. Jamie slowly got up from the table. With his hands in his pockets he sauntered over to behind the pillar next to her lunch table. This is it, he thought. As if on cue, the lunch dismissal bell rang. The student cluttered around walking through the hallways, out of the court yard and up and down the stairs. No one saw him coming. He was two feet behind him. It’s now or never, he thought. Before he could change his mind Jamie whipped out the pistol and pulled the trigger. Time stopped. The loud, crowded social area was deathly silent. Then there came the screams.
“SAM!” Melanie and Ana both shouted in unison. Jamie froze, unable to move. He dropped the gun to the floor, echoing throughout the campus. What had he done? A huge multitude of students surrounded the dying body of their beloved friend Sam. After the shock had fled, the realization came to everyone that someone had murdered him. Ana and Melanie turned to Jamie.
“W-why,” Ana asked her voice breaking. “WHY?!” School security grabbed Jamie and twisted his arms around his back.
“You cheated on me with him Ana! He got you pregnant! I loved you and he completely destroyed everything we had!” The guards were sending out an urgent message on their walkie-talkies. They began to storm away with Jamie in there grasp, leaving the pistol lying upon the concrete.

Ana’s tears continued, “Jamie, this is your baby.” His eyes widened and he struggled to move back towards the girl he loved. But he was across the courtyard now and security wasn’t letting him go anytime soon. “HE IS GAY JAMIE…. SAM IS GAY.” She shouted to him as she kneel and petted Sam’s cold face, staining her fingertips in the red.

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