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I Want to Like You

January 19, 2012
By Jamers_smile GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Jamers_smile GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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I want to like you.

Really I do. Don’t believe me? No of course you don’t. You’re a man. All you believe in is Call of Duty, guns, sex, and more sex. I know. How do I know? Because I’m a woman.
What does being a woman have to do with anything you ask? Easy. All woman are the same. Sure our waist bands are bigger, our feet are smaller, our hands are bigger, our breasts are bigger. But we’re all the same. We all know men. We all went through the sick lies that everyone of your kind told us. Unlike men. We tell secrets, and even though we promise to keep them, we don’t.
Of course I want to like you. You’re just what the doctor ordered, so to speak. Tall, short brown hair, brown eyes, a nice smile, a cute guy, a nice guy. I want to like you. Really I do. I just can’t get myself to.
You see. There is this other guy. No he’s not like you. He’s actually around my height. 5” 5’. I know you’re that superman kind of height. 6” 3’ is really tall. Maybe too tall. Maybe that’s why I won’t like you.
What’s he have that you don’t? I’m not even sure. We don’t even talk that much to be honest. It’s just a sport we play together. Yes. I play on a boy’s team. Don’t be a sexist jerk, would you?
So what’s he have? I don’t know. Maybe I like his hair better. It’s black. I usually like brown hair. Why do I like his? I don’t know. Maybe because it’s curly. He’s a curly haired freak like me. I like his smile. I like yours too. And he has braces. I don’t think braces are that gross. Have I ever had them? No, I guess I’m just lucky.
What sport do we play together? Hockey. Yeah hockey, don’t look at me like that. He plays defense. And sometimes he’ll play offence. We’re on the same line sometimes. My coach never puts me out though. Sexist bastard.
Do I think he’s cute? Yeah I do. Of course I can like someone if they’re not that attractive. Yeah. You’re cute too. Cuter? Well, I’ll have to think about that.
Would I date him? Yeah. I probably would. Date you? Not sure. I feel like your only here for sex, and I’m not even putting out. You say you like me. And I’m trying to like you. Really I am.
What about him do I like? I have to think about this. He’s funny. That quiet kind of funny, where people make witty remarks. He doesn’t try to get laughs. He just gets them.
I told you something bad happened yesterday in practice? I don’t remember telling you. I guess I did. What happened? Well, the team found out who I like. And they told everyone. They even sang that kid song. “Jamie and Tony sitting in a tree. K-i-s-s-i-n-g.” They didn’t sing it, actually. They screamed it. Worst of all, he was there.
You wanted to know. Not my fault you asked.
What did he say about it? Apparently he asked one of the guys if I really liked him, and his face was all red. I understand. I was embarrassed to.
You think he likes me? I don’t.
Why wouldn’t he… I could give you a list of reasons of why he wouldn’t. No I’m not just being modest. I’m sure he’s got a lot of prettier girls he could like. That’s why I’m trying to like you.
I want to like you. You’re almost perfect. He’s perfect.
I want to like you. Really, I do. I just can’t.
In love with him? Don’t be crazy. You can’t love someone you barely talk to. Can you? Don’t say you love me. You’re only here for sex, and I’m not even putting out.
I don’t love him. Do I? Love is a big word. I’m so young.
I am too young. You are too, so don’t say it unless you mean it. Do I mean it? I don’t know. Maybe.
I want to like you.
Really I do. I just can’t. why? Because I love him.

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