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This Life

February 7, 2012
By Sarah1311 DIAMOND, Clackamas, Oregon
Sarah1311 DIAMOND, Clackamas, Oregon
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"To the world you may not be someone, but to someone you may be the world" and "Never frown because you never know who's fallen in love with your smile" <3

Jonathon changed everything.

He came here from Idaho to live with his dad, I met him because of a friend of mine, they were step brothers.

He was cute.

Long brown hair, dark blue eyes, and muscular.

I didn’t have a chance.

At least that’s what I thought.

I mean, I’ve never been ugly. I’m just not overly attractive, pretty average honestly, but as the weeks went on Jonathon and I couldn’t stop flirting.

We started getting more intimate, not kissing, but touching.

Obviously he wanted more then I did.

But I didn’t stop, he gave me a rush. You know, that feeling when you do something wrong, but it feels so darn good right?

I never let it go to far though, I still had boundaries, well until I could anyway.

Jonathon got tired of my boundaries, decided to see how far he could push me.

He would push, automatically I said no. He kept pushing, I kept telling him to stop, still pushing, forcing. I smacked him.

He smacked me back.

Shocked I gave up, still saying no, but Jonathon was no longer listening.

He got what he wanted.

We were at his house along, he was in the bathroom, he was done with me.

I walked home.

I cried for nights afterward.

No one ever found out.

Jonathon left town.

I began to isolate myself.

My friends disappeared. The gave up on me, but who could blame them? They offered help but I refused to take it.

I was alone.

I was planning.

For revenge.

For death.

I searched for months to find where Jonathon moved to, until finally, I found the address.

He was in Beaverton.

I wrote down the address, grabbed my keys, and took my car.

Today was my day.

The drive was long, but as I sat in front of his house, I felt pleases with what I was about to do.

I walked up to the door confidently.

I knocked.

He answered.

He looked confused.

“What are you doing here?”

“I couldn’t forget you baby, take me again, I’m all yours.” I tried not to gag on my words.

We did it., and as he laid there I jumped up.

“Oh no! I must go, I’m late!”

“Whatever.” He replied as he closed his eyes again.

Goodbye, I thought. Goodbye for good.

I walked through the house quietly disabling his fire alarms..

Then I did it..

I started a huge fire, leading straight to his bedroom.

I heard his screams as I walked out the door and a few seconds later I was at my car and the house was fully lit. The taste of smoke intoxicating, and the smell of death was in the air.

I smiled to myself and drove off.

Then I saw the red and blue lights behind me, the sound of the siren deafening.

I floored it.

The bridge wasn’t far away but at that point I had about three cop cars on my tail.

The bridge came into view, and I pushed to the side looking for an opening.

I stopped the car abruptly as the cops passed.

I jumped out and made my way to the railing.

The cops veered around and aimed at me.

Aimed with guns.

They shot.

I jumped.

The author's comments:
Wrote a flash fiction piece for my English class, I'm actually pretty proud of this story. Tell me what you think.

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