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No Parking

March 1, 2012
By A_Journey GOLD, Tampa, Florida
A_Journey GOLD, Tampa, Florida
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Her hands grip the steering wheel, her knuckles bleached an unsightly color of white. Tears stream from her dark blue eyes and pour over her smooth, round face. She pulls her hand away from the steering wheel and pushes her tear-soaked dirty blond hair back onto her head. Nothing ever goes right for her.
She can't ever go shopping at the supermarket without going through hell. The lump in her throat grows bigger as she is reminded of all the screaming, and her dad's accusing remarks and suspicious about her whereabouts and intentions. She gulps and her eyes swim, making her irises look like oceans. She scans the parking lot.
She had arrived at the market, amid all the yelling and accusations, and she was no better off for it.
The parking lot was full, crowded with cars belonging to caring fathers who loved their little girls. S he struggles to hold back the fresh onslaught of tears as this though hits her. She fails, and her vision blurs with an alarming rate.
She snakes along the parking lot, searching for an open space.
Suddenly, she spots an empty space. It is devoid of any car belonging to a father who will always love his daughter; it is tailored to someone like her. She speeds forward, heading to the space. She turns into it and parks.
She pulls her hands off the steering wheel and wipes away her tears with the palm of her hands. She ties her dirty blond hair back. The lump in her throat finally dissipates, and her vision clears. She looks up.
The lump returns. In all its glory, a diamond-shaped fluorescent yellow sign with black block letters proclaims 'No Parking'.

The author's comments:
I got the idea for this story after I saw a--wouldn't you know it-- 'No Parking' sign.

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